Dear Mr Stride,

My friends and fellow analysts are aware that you would not forward my last letter to the FCO about Syria and the unlawful actions and words of the UK.  But it is on my web site

I presume you will be in the house tomorrow.


  1. If the house votes by a majority to attack one Syrian human that does not provide one iota of lawfulness.  You know the rules the victors set after WW2.  They preclude aggressive war.
  2. The current pretext, as with Libya and Kosovo, is humanitarian intervention à la Blair.  This is not recognised in international law.  Humanitarian intervention and the Cruise missile - especially the 'Combined Effects Bomb' ie powerful cluster bombs as used by our owner in Afghanistan (below), is an oxymoron.  As I have said to you previously, independent observers put the Libyan civilian death toll at 50,000; such is humanitarianism British political style.
  3. You know the facts about the 'gas' attacks are cloudy and some facts obscene eg a Lebanese outlet reporting the attack a day before it actually happened.
  4. Nothing is separating our nation, as led by grossly dishonest people who serve another body, from the Third Reich.  The 'big lie' of Hitler has never been bigger, and is being amplified in unison by primitive media lead by the BBC.
  5. If you vote for this proposed action you will be an accessory. Whilst I live I will do my best to get you before the ICC along with your so called leaders, Hague being in prime position.  We are aware that Blair has escaped so far, whilst he calls down more fire on a nation state, but his time will come.

Think of the little ones Mr Stride.  You have three children do you not?  You would not want them 'Cruised' would you?

David Halpin  MB BS FRCS

ps  I remind you that I know a good amount about modern weapons having seen the rich spectrum of injury caused by the 'Israeli' Occupation Force in Gaza - on dear children.