Manning, Assange and Snowden strive to set us free of the coils by telling the truth.  Thus we MIGHT be set free if we join them, even in humble ways.  This press release by the Hong Kong Government is important in several ways, of course.

To Holocaust Memorial Day

7 January 2010

I hope to attend the Exeter event. I am disturbed however that the killing of thousands upon thousands of Japanese people by US atom bombs at Hiroshima and Nagasaki are not included in the short list of holocausts on your web site. I should like to hear why these two holocausts are not listed for remembrance. I feel similarly about the genocide of the 20 million North American Indians, the Australian aborigines and the Armenian genocide.

For truth and justice

David Halpin FRCS

This is an interview with a remarkably courageous and eloquent lady. Cynthia and myself were amongst sixteen people on our way to Gaza when our vessel the MV Dignity was rammed in darkness 30 December 2008. The captain of the gunboat clearly had orders to drown us. I have kept in touch with her since. Her soul speaks clearly through her wide eyes. As President she would tower over the timid. the corrupt and the killers.

Cynthia McKinney On Leadership
by PAUL CRAIG ROBERTS October 02, 2012

Those who have followed the Republican campaign for the presidential nomination and current contest between Romney and Obama know that the United States has no political leadership in Washington.

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Ms Georgia Hutchinson 22 November 2011

Secretary Committee on Standards in Public Life
1 Horse Guards Road
London SW1A 2HQ

Re: Mark Simmonds MP Boston and Skegness Corrupt practice

Dear Ms Hutchinson,

I have established via the ironically titled 'They Work for You' that this MP is getting £12,500 each quarter from Circle 'Healthcare'.  I have studied Hansard to see if he had declared a conflict of interest where that would be appropriate and especially in any debate on the Health Bill brought forward by Mr Lansley.  You will see in the attached text that he did not.  The details of his receipt of monies is also recorded on the attachment.  This is of course improper at the least and criminal at the worst.  I know we have got used to corruption at the centre of our nation but I know righting that is a central function of the CPSL. The fact that his income from Circle Healthcare was declared in the register of interests does not absolve him. What other MPs and what citizens would know that he was earning £1,250 per hour for his 10 hours per quarter from Circle Healthcare when he stood to support the bill?

I thank the committee for considering this serious complaint.

For truth, reason and justice

David Halpin FRCS

Six Londonderry men and seven teenagers were shot dead by soldiers of the British Parachute Regiment on Sunday 30 January 1972. Five of the wounded were shot in the back. The Widgery Tribunal was convened rapidly. The dead and wounded had been in a march with over 7000 people protesting against internment without trial. The Widgery Tribunal was appointed under the Tribunals of Inquiry (Evidence) Act 1921.

Lord Chief Justice Widgery held a preliminary hearing two weeks after the murders and reported in April. (1) He said that if the march, which had been banned by the British authorities along with all public demonstrations, had not taken place there would not have been any deaths. By the same token, if British army rifles had not been fired there would have been no casualties. Furthermore, he stated 'There is no reason to suppose that the soldiers would have opened fire if they had not been fired upon first," he said. This lie did not run but it limped.

SDLP MP John Hume said his conclusions were a "whitewash" and called for his resignation. The results of the inquiry were rejected by Republican people who began a long campaign for a fresh investigation. In August 1973 an inquest jury returned an open verdict on the 14 people who had died. The coroner, Major Hubert O'Neill, accused the British army of "sheer unadulterated murder". Brave humans tower above the Lilliputian in man's descent. The Saville Inquiry started in 1998 and its very long report is published this week.