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 Open letter to Dame Clare Marx DBE DL, FRCS SFFMLM, Chairman of the General Medical Council of GB, and Mr Matthew Statham – legal adviser to the GMC in the case of Mr Mohammad Iqbal Adil FRCS Ed (Case numbers C1-2743335318 and C1-2689071882 (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) and to Mr Ryan Simpson. To be posted on

Dear Madame,

I wrote to you as a fellow doctor and senior surgeon about a friend, a tyre fitter, who had been severely injured by inoculation of the Astra Zeneca ‘vaccine’ on March 10 th . Although he knew I advised against this as being unnecessary, untried and likely harmful, he dearly wanted to see his father in the care home who he knows has not long to live. He had several symptoms, and signs I recorded later, indicating the well defined ‘inflammation’ of the vascular endothelium. This partly involves ‘consumption’ of platelets as you will know and is expressed in the oft reported thrombocytopenia. The general practitioner whom he ‘phoned would not see him about the rash in particular and dismissed any connection with the ‘vaccine’. You may also know that some victims exhibiting his symptoms and signs have gone on to suffer organ failure and death. The D dimer test in these has shown active pathological thrombosis – as in those suffering sagittal sinus thrombosis with stroke etc. He has recovered almost  ompletely over the six months as I was very glad to find when he repaired a puncture in a tractor tyre last Thursday.

This is the letter which was sent to the London office of the GMC and collected from the mail centre (due to Covid_19 prescriptions) and signed for with a scrawl. I have not had the courtesy of a reply.

I will deal briefly with the highlights of the GMC actions against my friend, a competent general surgeon with a particular skill in laparoscopic surgery, who has served in OUR NHS for 30 years without recorded fault and with warm testimonials by colleagues in hospitals where he often served for months at a time. He had, prior to locum tenens work, held a substantive post at Milton Keynes for 8 years.

A. That he brought the distal ie wrong end, of the colon out when asked to relieve the obstruction in a moribund patient with a rectal cancer which had spread to the mesenteric nodes and liver, and where there was a ‘frozen’ pelvis. The tumour was not ‘resectable’. He was on the roster for emergencies at the time. The surgeon under whom the patient had been admitted, and another I recall, had asked him to do this. First question. Has the GMC asked that surgeon why he did not undertake the procedure himself. Consultant surgeons are not 9 to 5ers? If I was the admitting surgeon and relief of the obstruction was urgent, I would have dealt with it myself. I speak for many surgeons. Second question. Did the patient suffer from a well known error in the few days before correction? I image he was sedated and there was already delirium if ‘moribund’ was an accurate description. So one error in a trawl as described by a defending barrister was found at Chesterfield Hospital.

I could find the link but I looked at the constitution of the Medical Practitioner’s Tribunal Service (MPTS) which deliberated in the case and advised the GMC that he should be removed from theregister for a year. I imagined it would be several senior doctors and surgeons, familiar with the pressures in OUR NHS and the frequent ‘cutting of corners’. Instead there was a barrister chairman, two lay persons and a retired paediatrician. I think the latter was long retired and importantly not on the Medical Register!

The vindictive and utterly unjust nature of this prosecution – and I paraphrase, is shown by this. Mr Adil was given 4 days notice of the ‘hearing’, and he was given over 247 pages to read in 90 minutes before he appeared over the www before this ‘tribunal’. This was a hearing over a Skype conference on 1st June 2020. There were two further ‘hearings’ of the GMC over Skype in November 2020 and April 2021 but his suspension was maintained . Furthermore, and this condemns the GMC without any  reservation - he was not given the medical notes of this patient beforehand. And he had to request these notes THREE times before receiving them in June 2021 with ‘apologies’ both verbal and written. The GMC officer alleged that Chesterfield Hospital had delayed in furnishing the notes. On this fact alone the case should be struck out.

Mr Adil has commented re this below -


“This reference letter by Mr KS is dated 13/12/2019 and was provided to me long after the case of Mr KWS for which I had been referred to the MPTS.” And “I learned a good lesson to be careful of this in future. It is unlikely that such an incident would happen again.” (edited)

B. Then there is the second justification for the ‘crucifixion’ of Mr Adil and his further suspension from the Medical Register for a further year after the kangaroo court and ‘virtual hearing’ in the Manchester High Court on the 26 th of June 2021. This was the accusation that by questioning the HMG response to the Covid_19 epidemic Mr Adil had brought the medical profession into disrepute. (I paraphrase). Everything was unjust and unlawful in this. Both Mr Adil and myself, as his McKenzie friend, had opposed a virtual hearing. Mo/uhammad wanted for every good reason to face his accusers in open court, especially because the anonymous lay accusers regarding his broadcast views was via hearsay. There were no affidavits laid before the court. The hearing as rammed through. Communication with Mohammad who was in Pakistan (securing some income from letting given no income over a year from NHS locum tenens work), and with me here in Devon, was incomplete at the very least just before and on the day of the hearing. I never received the code number nor password for the virtual hearing and Justice Stephen Davies ‘excluded’ me from the ‘virtual’ court. He did read my address which I had wished to present to him (attached) and possibly my 19 page detailed response to the claim made to the court by the GMC. I have since asked the court for a copy of the e-mail informing me of the code and password, but had no reply. I have not seen the transcript of this so called administration of justice and recall a fee was being asked for – outrageously. I remind you madam that Britain pretends to a democracy.

Like Mohammad, I have opposed almost all the mixture of advice, ‘rules’ and statutes spewing daily out of HMG. See the 53 references but I am free, within limits, as a senior doctor and surgeon. I had the best education at St Mary’s W2 1958 - 64, served as House Physician to the Professorial Medical Unit and served the best I could until full retirement in 2005. Right up to now, I have maintained an energetic interest in medicine, as well as contributing to efforts towards stopping the bombing of other peoples with the destruction of their nations – by plan.

My current maxim - ‘No mother and child should be in the least harmed anywhere in our still beautiful world’.

The medical services in general – whilst the GMC presides over preservation of standards of care etc.

There is universal disgust in the British public with the responses, or lack of, from general practices throughout the isles. People, often very poor, and via expensive cell ‘phone connection, wait many minutes after a weekend when they only have 111 or 999 (often used inappropriately due to distress and inadequate appreciation of medical priorities) to be told they are ‘fourth in line’ or whatever. When they eventually speak to a human, they are told as in the case of Derek Hopkins, that they will not be seen face to face by a doctor, but will receive a telephone call. In that inadequate and potentially negligent ‘consultation’ the doctor will not see the face of a very depressed patient, nor the lemon yellow facies of the widow with a macrocytic anaemia for instance. If there is a skin symptom, they will be asked to send a photograph. Negligence again. How does an amelanotic melanoma be distinguished easily from the many benign skin lesions?

The fact is this. Millions are suffering third rate care as a result of HMG diktats to the public and to our profession. There are over 300,000 patients with potential or actual symptoms of cancerwaiting for investigation, diagnosis and possible treatment. Many will advance to a stage where treatment is more complex and less likely to achieve cure. There are millions now waiting for elective surgery and you know well how many could have been helped in our specialism with operations that are well defined and encompassed in under 2 hours at the most.

And the GMC is quiet on all this. Incidentally I asked this GMC via the FOI statute. I dealt with <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.> and confirmed this title ‘ General advice issued to the GMC relating to coronavirus by government or its many outsourched agencies’. She later replied, kindly, that a search revealed 66,000 such communications! and was thus much too expensive under the rules. I have not had the time nor the health to refine this request. (Suffered an acute viraemia six weeks ago, defining  tself as herpes zoster affecting eventually the R L5, S1 and L4, and L L4 dermatomes in that order, accompanied by gross subcutaneous oedema in these segments, and complicated by a vicious cellulitis of my R leg based on a nidus of a surgical scar behind the medial malleolus which healed by second intention 45 years ago. I had had an incompetent sapheno-femoral valve tied flush and the long saphenous vein stripped in my first year as a consultant in orthopaedic and trauma surgery after 11 years of training. Unfortunately my saphenous nerve was either ligated or stripped as well. When I mentioned quietly that I had no feeling down the medial side of my lower leg, after a few weeks of neuralgia provoked by knee extension, the surgeon, a friend, did not absorb this fact. I am well on the way to full recovery I believe.)

Specific failures in care, and absent GMC surveillance and action in the face of this.

I could list many more but recorded and presented these 8 cases of negligent care to the medical directors of Torbay Hospital ‘Trust’ and the Royal Devon and Exeter ‘Trust’.

Long but please read the whole. And this follow up -

I have not had time to update these officers with a third letter but highlight the case of our eldest grandchild. It has emerged that at the second party she attended with her steady boyfriend, ketamine was present and obviously being used with malign intent. I read up this drug which I remember being used for short anaesthesia in children. The margin between the serum levels found in unconsciousness caused by this drug, and death from it is narrow. Will the doctor in the A&E be examined by the GMC for writing without good evidence ‘alcoholic intoxication’?


The induction of national insanity and the extinction in many of common sense has been long in the making. The most terrible main stream media is central, as is the Behavioural Insights Team lead by David Halpern PhD – formerly within No 10. OUR NHS has been brought even lower and back logs are unlikely to be surmounted.

The censorship of all dissenting voices, often very expert as for instance with Professors Knut Wittkowski and John Ioaniddis in the US, has been ruthless and usually immediate from the usual ‘social’ platforms.

The ‘MSM’ has made no reference to the multitude of adverse effects of the inoculations pressed upon an ignorant public in every minute. And those adverse effects are not reported fully due to a passive and totally inadequate ‘Yellow Card’ ‘system’ which I spoke against as a young doctor. Do read this last post by me -

Quote – Astra Zeneca adverse effects via MHRA

NB - Some of these diagnoses will be 'under reported'

Immune thrombocytopenia 212 Fatal 1 Thrombocytopenia 851 F 5

Guillain-Barre syndrome 372 Fatal 2 (and some will be fatal later)

Noninfectious myocarditis Myocarditis 82 Fatal 1

Noninfectious pericarditis – Pericarditis 1400

Pericardial disorders NEC Cardiac tamponade1 Fatal 1

Pericardial effusion25 0 Pericardial haemorrhage 5 Fatal 2

The 70% + of the adult population that has been pressed to be ‘vaccinated’ were not involved in informed consent – both an ethical need and a legal duty. (GMC to note both) Neither were the victims encouraged to report those adverse effects for those who were to follow, should they be suffered. And all those I have spoken with knew nothing of a yellow card. Disgusting and unlawful.

And as to Her Majesty’s Government with its wide open corruption and gross dishonesty. The original title of the Bill was ‘The 2019 /2020 Corona Virus Bill’. This clearly shows that a most complex and draconian bill of 340 pages, requiring some dozens of drafting lawyers, was being constructed before the Wuhan epidemic was announced 12-12-2019. That it was passed by both houses on the nod ie without scrutiny, in just over 48 hours confirms that our GB democracy is an illusion.

And where is the General Medical Council in all this? It was pinioning Mr Adil in June of 2020 pour encourager les autres. It was making sure that any independent thinking medical practitioner would not dare for risk of contract and family income to speak in common sense about a likely engineered virus derived probably from the 2003 variety.

It is obvious that in justice and humanity madam chairman that the GMC should cease its persecution of Mohammad Adil, and compensate him fully – for his lost income, for thousands of pounds paid to a devious solicitor, and the rest.

Finally, there is every reason for a House of Commons Inquiry into the GMC which was founded by parliament. It needs to be re-built from its impoverished foundations. The cases of Dr HadizaBawa-Garba and Mr Karim are but the tip of large icebergs of prejudice and abuse of process and principle.

for truth, reason and justice

David Halpin MB BS FRCS

This is a photo of Mohammad and his family taken a little while ago, before he was removed from
service in our NHS as a locum tenens general surgeon -



Dear Clare,

As a friend of Mohammad, and as a fellow surgeon with him and yourself, I am asking for more.  That the two actions against this surgeon should cease immediately.

I am very aware that this is a high profile case, shown for instance by the illegal interruption of essential e-mails between us and legal advisers.  Firstly it shows the statutory regulator in a bad light within our profession, and more widely.  Secondly it shows the basis for HMG diktats and the logic of 'vaccination' are being called into question.

Be that as it may.  I see that the GMC has dug itself into a very deep hole.

I am asking you to extricate it and to call off the hounds from chasing Mohammad Aqbil Adil FRCS Ed - with great respect.

for truth, reason and justice

David (Halpin FRCS MB BS)