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Correspondence With Politicians

I omitted to say this re the Astra Zeneca toxic mix inoculated into those made obedient by fear, and with carrots such as being able to see your old Dad in his care home.

Thrombocytopenia (lack of these small cells without nuclei and which are essential in the wonderful cascade of clotting) is a risk after one dose.  I imagine that the lack is do with so called consumption coagulopathy - clotting within blood vessels.  This is probably happening because the lining of the blood vessels, the intima, normally slippery has been altered by the injected mixture.  There were reports from the USA earlier where the Pfizer and ModeRNA 'vaccines' were predominant of thrombocytopenia there.  eg A dramatic case of a fit scuba diving physician - c.50 who died after the 'jab' with ? multiple haemorrhages.  In the UK there were earlier about 70 cases of sagittal sinus thrombosis with strokes and a few deaths.  I had never heard that diagnosis before though pathology is one of my loves.

Many of the diagnoses listed in these lists of adverse effects are incidental.  They are gathered by an outsourced outfit using 'artificial intelligence'!  Tenders were invited because the vaccine manufacturers expected numbers.  Up to the 12th of May the numbers were -
Immune thrombocytopenia159  fatal 1Thrombocytopenia583fatal 5  

'Public Health England' played this down - much reassurance - rare etc.  And there are many other adverse effects, particularly on the nervous system.

Facts -
a. There has been very little risk of death from the C19 virus but instead fear has been used to drive vaccination by gross exaggeration.  Mostly done by equating the 'flip a coin' RT-PCR test with 'cases' - often on the BBC around 40,000 per day. NOT clinically diagnosed disease. The aim to cause fear could be deduced from SAGE minutes.
b.  The 'roll out' of 'vaccines' was justified by HMG from the 'modeling' of 'Professor Neal Ferguson etc - hence 3000 Nightingale Beds at the Excel centre with the use of 47!
c.  The testing was very brief, not on the frail and the usual third phase trial is on the 30 million Mrs Churchill is so jubilant about.
d.  Illegally, HMG has indemnified the drug companies from liability to damages

For the doctors especially, the birds are coming home to roost - tragically.

The banning by the US FDA of Irwinase.

Dear Mr Stride,

I refer you to this post on my website  1st May.  Now 6 weeks ago.

As our representative of the citizens of Central Devon I respectfully ask you these five questions.  There are many more of course -

ONE  Do you believe it is right either morally or in law for Public Health England to be the sole owner of a small 'pharmaceutical' company.?

TWO  Why did PHE set up this company, and in this field in 2014?

His 75% share in Porton Biopharma Ltd. Open letter to Mel Stride MP for Central Devon 30-04-2020

A friend via the net, has found that the Secretary of State for Health has a 75% stake in Porton Biopharm.  (Later - in fact a 100% stake!) This is a so called pharmaceutical company that has its facilities in a 'science park' adjoining the top secret biological and chemical weapons laboratory on Porton Down, Wiltshire.  Its web site trumpets that it produces an anthrax vaccine for the UK's armed forces.  This is of interest since germ warfare is banned internationally.

Investigation via Companies House showsthat this company was set up by a Mr Michael Brodie and registered 27-11-2014.  Proposed register office address -  1, Park Row, Leeds UK  LS1 5AB   Service address - Wellington House, 133-155 Waterloo Road, London SE1 8UG


Dear Lord Chancellor,

We hear today that there is great concern about the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on our crowded prisons in the UK. Staffing is short in ‘thousands’ and prisoners are being confined for long hours in their cells. We understand that you are concerned about the 50 pregnant women prisoners. Further, that you are considering the release of 8000 prisoners on remand.

We have written as doctors in great concern about the journalist Julian Assange who is one of those prisoners on remand. There is all evidence that his physical and mental health is in the lowest state.

We have feared that he will die in the Belmarsh high security prison. That risk is now made more certain with the likely presence of the Covid-19 virus within the prison, especially given his current association with other inmates.

We ask in humanity and for the law of our dear country, that he be released forthwith into the care of a fellow doctor’s family where he will be nourished in mind and body, and made ready for the May hearings of the US request for extradition.

yours sincerely

David Halpin MB BS FRCS


Date:     Mon, 6 Apr 2020 21:23:35 +0100

Dear Mr Stride,

Thank you. I am encouraged that you have contacted the Lord Chancellor, Robert Buckland MP QC.  I am copying this to my six doctor colleagues/signatories.  I should be grateful to hear his response as soon as possible.

yours sincerely

David Halpin

On 06/04/2020 11:54 am, STRIDE, Mel wrote:

Dear Mr Halpin,

Thank you for your e-mails.

You should have received an auto-response to your earlier e-mail, which was not diverted to junk.  My apologies that this did not come through.

I have shared the text of your original e-mail on Mr Assange with the Lord Chancellor and will let you know when I have a response.

Thank you again.
With best wishes,



URGENT  Mel Stride  MP - Central Devon

Dear Mr Stride,

I have had no reply to this, not even an 'automatic' one.  I have had automatic responses from Mr Buckland, and the four other MPs of my doctor colleagues.

I 'phoned your HOC office - 'not manned at present.'  Your Devon office - no ringing.  Just silence.

Under the FOI statute I ask this question - 'Are e-mail's from this address being diverted/filtered into a junk box.?'

The public has heard no more re the possible release of 8000 remand prisoners.  We had pleaded that Julian Assange should be among them - the risk of Covid-19 being very great in him given his very poor physical and mental state as induced by deliberate HMG policy.

We have heard of several thousands of convicted prisoners being released - possibly.

Please inform me, and through me my senior medical colleagues, what is the policy and the actions of the MoJ in this.  If Julian Assange should contract this virus in Belmarsh whilst he is on remand for skipping bail the guilty party will be the MoJ and HMG, and not the 'justice' system.

David Halpin FRCS