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Ms Eve Samson
Secretary to the Standards and Privileges Committee of the House of Commons
New Ref:  Burt/Bashar/Bayonet

Dear Ms Samson,

I received your four sentences yesterday.  Scanned and attached - for my web site since this is a very important matter of public importance.  This is a brief and preliminary response.  You need to know that I am a man who is not deflected re. an MP who was earning £1,250 per hour from Circle Health for 'strategic advice' on 'health'.  40 hours per annum.  Failed to declare his 'pecuniary' interest twice.  Resolved with an apology to the House but with no pecuniary loss or legal action.

I am aware that Mr Burt is protected by privilege when he speaks or writes in the House but it is likely that Mr Bercow would have asked this MP to withdraw his words.  The Speaker asks for this in lesser things.  Outside the House is another matter.

"They have freedom of speech, and of opinion" you say.  I say that a Member of Parliament is in a most responsible position and that he should set an example to the citizenry of this country, and especially to those with murderous impulses as in those who slaughtered Gunner Lee Rigby.  This regime, and former ones, are keen to ram home 'no rights (privileges) without responsibilities'.  I would say that should apply first and foremost to our elected representatives.  Everyone is aware instead that MPs are generally despised because they transgress in many things and 'get away with it.'  One does not have to look further than Mr Burt's words and behaviour as an example.  There are many indications including the turnout post-war and in the last decade.  Mr Burt is aiding this process.

"Members are accountable to the electorate for their views''.  That is a pretence and you know it.  A good example would be another unlawful war before the present - UK support for armed invasion of Syria.  The public was opposed to the bombardment and invasion of Iraq and knew or sensed the pretexts were a pack of lies.  And yet a large majority of MPs voted for it in the face of majority opposition in the electorate.  I could tell you why.  You know too, that the manifestos of the 'parties' are not worth the paper/videotape they are recorded on.  'No top down re-organisation of OUR NHS' were Mr Cameron's words just before the election of a hung parliament.  Yes.

Whilst I study the laws regarding 'hate speech' and the responsibilities in this of the CSPL, PC for 'Standards' and the committee to which I write now, I should be grateful to know -

1.  Was your reply yours alone or did it follow consultation with Sir Kevin?

2.  Or did you consult with the committee at large?

For truth    and with best wishes

David Halpin FRCS


Dear Ms Samson

Dear Ms Eve Samson,

I should be grateful for your passing the attached letter to Sir Kevin.  Thank you.  I have copied it to my MP, Mr Mel Stride.

For truth, reason and justice    and with kind regards

David Halpin FRCS


Standards Ms EveSamson 27-01-14