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Mr Crispin Blunt  MP for Reigate

Dear Mr Blunt,

I first came across your name when machine gun fire ricocheted around you and your companions at Rafah, Palestine.  They were fired by untouchable 'Israeli' troops.  I see it was in 2004.

My interest.   I am a retired orthopaedic and trauma surgeon.  One of my sayings is 'do your best to heal and not to harm'.  I saw during the unlawful and high altitude bombing of the Afghan people from 32,000 feet, planned since July 2001, that Palestine was the 'hinge of our humanity'.  The chaos of UK creation was unresolved, and the native people were suffering more than ever.  Millions in the 'diaspora' were forbidden to return by the cuckoo we settled there.  I learned of doctors being stopped by the 'Israelis' from carrying antibiotics for children into the remnants of Palestine.  In outrage I decided to take a ship so big that publicity would cause the entity to allow free passage.  My wife and I chartered the MV Barbara with its excellent and brave Danish crew.  The Voyage of the Dove and the Dolphin began at Torquay on the Ist February 2003 and ended in Ashdod on the 16th.  We had 50 tons of very good food in the hold.  It was a speck but it was a sign of our common humanity.

The voyage was also a cry against the looming 'war' - the bombing and massive invasion of Iraq.  Our ship was overtaken by supply and war ships on passage to the Gulf via Suez.

The £140,000 + we spent on this, and subsequently, in the charity ** that arose out of the voyage came from the 'down sizing' of houses.

Your responses to Krishnan Guru-Murthy  C4 c. 19.30 hrs 24-06-15   He questioned why so many humans from so many nations in the Middle East and Africa were fleeing from their homes and why over 3000 were gathered in Calais intending to join Albion.  He mentioned the bombing of Libya but omitted to say that the actions of the US, UK, Italy, France, UAE etc were outside all international law, and especially the Nuremberg Protocols.  You gave no answers.  Silence is complicity and no contrition.  You admitted no corporate guilt, but see your own voting record below.   You did not admit that the annihilation of Iraq and over one million of its 28 million people, the destruction of Libya and at least 50,000 of its people, and the fomenting of a civil war in Syria with the support ofr damned Cameron of the 'moderate rebels', are the root causes of the maelstrom of humanity that we see suffering terribly now.

I see you batted for Britain in Israel

and assume you are a Conservative Friend of Israel like the alleged other 80% of your party.  The latter fits with your being co-chairman of CAABU, set up by the good Michael Adams who I got to know through the voyage (above).  

You will know of the brief but deadly writing of Oded Yinon, as translated from the Hebrew by the 'universalist', Israel Shahak in 1984

I first read of this via The Hidden History of Zionism written by Ralph Schoenman with whom I have corresponded.   I have written and spoken of Yinon over the last 8 years.  All that has happened in the Middle East since Yinon wrote his chilling words meets his prescription entirely RT Syria etc Autumn 2011

You and your party, and the other two main parties - especially Blair's, have brought hell to earth, in our 'still beautiful world', and with the help of the BBC in particular.

You are contributing nothing but pain and rivers of tears.  You are harming, not healing, but you share that with at least 600 of those present in Pugin's Palace.  I should appreciate a reply and that would be placed on my web site    alongside this e-mail.

For truth

David Halpin MB BS FRCS

** Charity is of little use, but truth and justice are.


On 18 Mar 2003: Crispin Blunt voted against saying that the case for war against Iraq has not yet been established,

On 18 Mar 2003: Crispin Blunt voted that the Government should use all means necessary to ensure the disarmament of Iraq's weapons of mass destruction leading to the UK joining the US invasion of Iraq two days later.

On 9 Sep 2010: Crispin Blunt voted to support the continued deployment of UK armed forces in Afghanistan.

On 21 Mar 2011: Crispin Blunt voted to support the establishment of a no-fly zone in Libya.