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To Mr Mel Stride MP Central Devon, member of the Conservative Party of GB, and citizen of the same sovereign government.  Sending 5.02  23-10-19

Dear Mr Stride,

Thank you

I refer to my three e-mails to you - gathered in the attached document and sent yesterday 22-10-19  at 9.56, 10.24, and 10.44 .  You replied to them at 7.09 pm - below.  The latter being prompt, is exceptional.  You have never replied to over 30 e-mails to you without there being an initial 'automatic' reply by e-m.  Almost all have been about breaches of international law by HMG.  Your responses have usually required urging by me, and have not been substantive.  There are 15 records on my web site of correspondence with you.  This is the second most recent

You, with a large majority in the 'House', have agreed to aggressive wars as proscribed by the Charter of the UN, and as incorporated in the Nuremberg Protocols.  A few MPs and Peers have stood firmly against such unlawfulness and gross cruelty, involving the destruction of sovereign nations and their people.  I pick out John Baron MP, who has served in the forces and knows too well of the horror of war, and of the conspiracies leading to it.  The late true Labour MP Paul Flynn was another even though surrounded by 'Blairites' ie supporters of the paramount psychopath and war criminal.  I recall the late Lord Onslow.  He was the only one who reacted in horror at the evidence given by Craig Murray at the Joint Intelligence Committee.  (Watch the video.)

The crimes of the UK. the US, NATO and through its soft arm, the EU, are many.  Some of the German High Command were hung for such.  Hitler's invasion of Poland, as usual on the pretext of a false flag, was little different to Cameron's bombardment of Libya, with the French, Italian and US allies.  The pretext then was the 'responsibility to protect' of Blair.  The putative victims were the 'royalist rebels' in Benghazi.  Blair's theme is NOT bound into international law, for several good reasons.  The draconian sanctions against Iran, Syria, Venezuela etc are acts of war too and there is no moral or 'defence' justification for any of it.

You have either connived with these crimes in your voting, or been complicit in them by your silence.

I am looking for a barrister of substance.  This will not be easy since no lawyer has sought to bring Blair and his sofa cabinet to the bar.  None have come forward to bring Israel to the ICC for shooting dead over 300 civilians across the 'borders' of Gaza or for maiming many thousands for life by targeting the knee by a variety of bullets fired at high velocity.  Only one lawyer came forward to join a very small group of doctors who said that Dr David Kelly would not have died of exsanguination from simple section of his left ulnar artery at the wrist.  Fortunately, he is a well qualified doctor and a respected QC, Mr Michael Powers.  The main charge by this small group was that the due process of law had been completely subverted in this 'unnatural death' as directed by Mr Blair QC.  It was no surprise for them when another lawyer, Dominic Grieve QC PC, changed his opinion whilst in opposition from 'you have a good case' to that when he was the Attorney General.  In that he refused to instigate an inquest, which in this particular case, had never been subject to an inquest - uniquely.  A High Court plea by myself, on behalf of a large number of people, to achieve permission to judicially review the AG on this decision failed.  Justice Roper made this judgment in a 19 page document which must have been prepared before the hearing of about 5 hours ie from the papers - I believe. 

The essence of the charge is 'failure to report a crime' under  S5(1) of the Criminal Law Act 1967  I will keep you informed. I am sorry that I omitted to give the link to the long account of the hearing of the 20th October - and now in the attached

David Halpin MB BS FRCS   'Do your best to heal, and not to harm'.  DSH - adapted from a surgical maxim  



HeaderJulian Assange EXTREME URGENCY Evidence from the Westminster Magistrate's Court of yesterday. C Murray. The law of GB on trial. Sent 9.56, 10.24 and 10.44 22-10-19


3. Latest in -

To be seen on BBC '''''NEWS'''' tonight ?????


Dear Mr Murray,

I have just read your most harrowing account of the long continued torture of this fine truth teller, and the subjugation of our rotten 'legal' system to a foreign and malevolent foreign power.  I have not been subjected to mind control having always retained a scepticism necessary in a proper doctor and surgeon.  I have said for some years that we now exist in a totalitarian state - attached - quotes from Milton Mayer.  Mr Mel Stride, formerly a political adviser to a 'yet to be indicted' war criminal David Cameron - for 9 years I recall, is noted for neglect of his duties to this constituent.  This is documented, in small part, on my web site

I am copying this to friends and acquaintances, some of whom have been active in Westminster benignly waving blue flags or illegally barring other citizens in their work or enjoyment.  I do not 'do' ''social media'' although I must have been 'profiled' already.  These people I am asking to propagate the link to your current report from inside Gulag Britain, with my 'take' as well if they wish.

for truth, justice, reason and those 2 billion dear children in our 'still beautiful world'

David Halpin MB BS FRCS

The law of GB on trial.  GB 'humanity' on trial.  The free world on trial.  Do not speak of gulags.

To Mel Stride MP for Central Devon.  Lately leader of the 'house', and previously Secretary to the UK Treasury.

Dear Mel Stride MP,

I wish you to read this account by a former HM Ambassador to Uzbekistan - urgently.

I do not want an automatic response and the need to remind you three weeks hence that no reply has been received from you - as has happened with myself dozens of times.  If I do not hear from you before the end of office hours today, I will start legal proceedings against you.  This links 
                                                            S5(1) of the Criminal Law Act 1967

You might recall he was 'cashiered' for informing the FCO and the AG that torture was being used in Uzbekistan on ardent Muslims at the behest of the CIA.  The torture involved boiling oil, and the terror increased by having the boiled corpses delivered to the mothers.  Murray's 'crime' was that he showed the ''''evidence'''' was relayed by the CIA to MI6, thus making the country of my birth 14-04-40 entirely complicit, including its Mother of Parliaments.  You are asked not to 'look from the side'  Amira Hass, a fine Israeli journalist. 


What happened next was very instructive. There were five representatives of the US government present (initially three, and two more arrived in the course of the hearing), seated at desks behind the lawyers in court. The prosecution lawyers immediately went into huddle with the US representatives, then went outside the courtroom with them, to decide how to respond on the dates.

This is a conspiracy to torture and to kill a man, and with him, the truth about more recent holocausts, especially the destruction of Iraq, over a million of its citizens and the maiming of many more.  A state that had been systematically disarmed and many thousands of its children brought to premature deaths by draconian sanctions from 2002 onwards.  (Halliday and Von Sponek)  Sanctions imposed by the US and the UK, with France, the latter withdrawing later.  There will be evidence that this prolonged holocaust was set in place at the behest of Israel.  Circumstantial evidence is linked here - the tract for decimation of ALL Arab entities written in Hebrew by Oded Yinon, and translated into English by Israel Shahak. › greater-israel-the-zionist-plan-for-the-middle-east/5324815


Plainly the authorities were disconcerted by the hundreds of good people who had turned up to support Julian. They hope that far fewer will get to the much less accessible Belmarsh. I am fairly certain (and recall I had a long career as a diplomat) that the two extra American government officials who arrived halfway through proceedings were armed security personnel, brought in because of alarm at the number of protestors around a hearing in which were present senior US officials. The move to Belmarsh may be an American initiative.


What we had was a naked demonstration of the power of the state, and a naked dictation of proceedings by the Americans.

AND - DSH, the absence of due process as in the case of the assassination of Dr David Kelly
Prosecuting barrister    Searched this 'Assange' - NO MENTION.  Ashamed Mr Lewis, or just simple concealment?

yours sincerely

David Halpin MB BS FRCS  Retired orthopaedic and trauma surgeon - NHS.

'No mother and child should be in the least harmed anywhere in our still beautiful world.'  DSH

CC to the above, and copies later to friends active in XR and ''Remain''

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