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The banning by the US FDA of Irwinase.

Dear Mr Stride,

I refer you to this post on my website  1st May.  Now 6 weeks ago.

As our representative of the citizens of Central Devon I respectfully ask you these five questions.  There are many more of course -

ONE  Do you believe it is right either morally or in law for Public Health England to be the sole owner of a small 'pharmaceutical' company.?

TWO  Why did PHE set up this company, and in this field in 2014?

THREE  Its Erwinase product, used in the treatment of dire, malignant disorders of the blood, was found to be so deficient in quality and dangerous that the FDA banned its importation in 2016,  We do not know via the net whether it continued production of this enzyme and whether importation into the US was restored.  However, this extraordinary collection of production faults surely reflected on Public Health England.  Do you agree?

FOUR  Why is an anthrax vaccine being produced by Porton Biopharm (PB) for our armed forces when there has been an international ban on germ warfare?

FIVE  What percentage of the men and women in the navy, army and RAF have received this 'vaccine'?  What has been the total sum paid to PB by the MOD since it first started providing it to the forces.

kind regards

David Halpin MB BS FRCS