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To Mel Stride MP for Central Devon and Chairman HoC Treasury Select Committee

Dear Mr Stride,

1.  I hope I thanked you for prising the answer re the above cost from Ms Churchill.  The answer in short was £260 million in the months of April and June 2020.  That answer came 15 months after I asked for it via your good self.  I should be grateful for an update ie the total cost to date of all media output re Covid_19/coronavirus.  You know that I am fully aware that HMG was preparing for this epidemic prior to Wuhan 12-12-2019.  I inferred this from the original title of the bill 'The 2019/2020 Corona Virus Bill'.  A most complex and indeed draconian bill which went though on the nod in just over 48 hours.

2.  I heard via Classic FM this am that Messrs Patel and Raab are emphasising their policies to ensure 'law and order' in the UK.  I am all for law as you will know.  Order is less easy to define and there is great irony.  Please read this and forward it with this e-mail to the FCO

HMG, now and of all previous colours, have chosen to ignore the multitude of crimes committed against the native people of Palestine, as well as forgetting in the main, the 700 + servicemen, some of whom fought for freedom in Europe, who were killed by Zionist gangs after WW2.

It is the greatest hypocrisy and irony therefore that these two ministers promise this. ** The greatest threat in British society now, apart from advancing societal disintegration, (note the daily stabbings) is gross impoverishment - mothers unable to buy gas even for cooking, whilst universal benefit - =5 pints of beer, is being cut.

Do please read the link above and ponder, and involve the FCO.  There is no harmony, only empty words.

for truth

David Halpin

** Recall that Ms Patel liaised when in a ministerial position directly with the Israeli Occupation Force, and in detail, without informing the government.  She received a slap on the wrist for this gross breach of ministerial rules.