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Thatcher at WarDear Arthur - independent candidate in this ZBC rigged election for Central Devon, and friends for truth,

My dear friend Alan Horton farming near Camborne, wrote this last evening -

I'm just writing to congratulate you regarding Arthur, something of a gem, as well as a like mind. Certainly a well placed vote.
Its inspired me to checkout locally here also.
I mailed our local Labour yesterday, Piran Moon, son of a GP but uninspiring and very typical. I wanted to tell him why his "leader" is an imposter, a zionist and with no resemblance to socialist  or human values.

and he found a man of like mind -

I've found someone to vote for locally,  now I can sleep!

The vile MSM has smeared the word 'socialist' from way back. It is a simple principle - it is 'about all humanity' and yes, 'loving thy neighbour'. Note how the word 'capitalist' is less current.

I have just read this - every word in its excellent English, by Arthur Scargill. It is most important history - of how fascist elements, woven secretly most often into the power structures of Britain, can find easy traitors to do their dirty work. Happily, I have an elephantine memory and will add a few personal observations below.

The fact is this - 'de-industrialisation' did not start with the surrogate Ukrainian war on Russia to 'balkanise' it. It started with Thatcher and her 'Centre for Policy Studies' - I imagine that SIR Keith Joseph was the chairman. Feeding thepropagandare nero into that would be Milton Friedman of the Chicago School, the wizened economics adviser to the leaderene SIR Alan Walters, and many others with their hands on the levers - say the Confederation of British Industry  ( Re CEO Tony Danker April 2023 and  The CBI website remains down !)

And at the same time the destruction of all public services was set in train, the NHS at the fore - using the 'destabilise>demoralise>dismantle>destroy strategy I write about so often. And that nice John Major followed on.  For instance - separating the wheels of the train from the tracks to meet the EU dogma for 'competition' - private train companies - over 30!, and 'Network Rail'. A dogs dinner which is said to receive 2 and half more government subsidy in real terms (inflation counted) than British Rail received towards its planned death.

Arthur Scargill -  from the website above of the Socialist Labour Party above - a speech at Goldthorpe Colliery on 29th June, 2023 updated yesterday

Some of my recollections. It was shown that two prominent TUC leaders were being 'run' by MI5 - names will come.

Ray Buckton
Quote  Special Branch informer. It was alleged in 2002 by Ken Day, a former Metropolitan Police Special Branch officer, that Ray Buckton was a Special Branch informer who had regularly passed information to the Special Branch industrial division. This information was aired as part of the BBC2 series, True Spies.[2]

And Joe Gormley

As a young consultant I spoke up to my peers in support of this miners strike. There was some disdain. Sue and me sent a donation to the wives.

The NUM were chosen as the target to destroy the trade unions of Britain. Planning to close 90 pits was fed to them to trigger strike action. On the govt side SIR Nicholas Ridley who supervised govt actions/prop/MSM feeds, ran the tactics. It was said that he made sure coal stocks were built up.

I was on a march - probably against the genocidal war on Iraq. As we passed the Savoy Hotel a comrade told me it was where a US citizen had been installed by the Conservative government to run the anti-miner campaign. His name is lost to me. Then we wheeled post the CBI headquarters towards Piccadilly. There were gas lit torches on the surrounding wall. 'Don't Tell Sid!'

for truth and for a fairer Britain and world

David (Halpin MB BS FRCS

Sending at 4.08 pm on 29th July

Dear Arthur,    >

Owner )

Sue bought the MDA this am in Bovey Tracey. Her sight is now poor so she reads the headlines only, unless I recite the articles. You will  the posting on my website re Tindle. However, at least the MDA printed your text bar one typo.  But no links. But you easily found.

I am greatly relieved that I can now vote - and as they say 'people gave their lives for our freedom' whilst we destroy other countries and many humans within them. Each of the published 'parties' support genocide in effect - often by omission. I haven't got the list of candidates from the MDA beside me but I am in complete agreement with you. (Except reference to climate - unlikely to have an anthropogenic cause. One talon of the Globalist Agenda to get dear children believing that they are part of a 'too many' on the planet.  Some taking their lives very tragically.)

Furthermore, I recall that your family have been in Lustleigh for 110 years. I know that Devon born people are very good at seeing who are the shysters. I list some above - ''MPs'' who voted in November in the 'House' against a feeble ceasefire resolution ie for the continued genocide and actual holocaust.  The same sub-humans are using the 'dog whistle' of 'immigrants' when 'they' know very well that without people of good heart from abroad there would be no one to clean their backsides if confined with increasing dementia **.  This in many cases after receiving toxic junk mandated by psychopaths like the Donmeh clansman Johnson, with his brother elevated to the Red House. (Not racist this allusion to a clan that hid themselves in Turkey whilst they pretended a Muslim faith - fact.)

I will support you in any way you wish. I could put a banner on the 12 ft gate by the Bovey-Widecombe road. Many see it - motorists, coach passengers, cyclists and walkers. And if you need some pounds - tell me and Sue   01364 661115  Cannot find my photos of several I have put there. One large of this attached second in the designed 'snap' election of December 2019.

I will be writing Part Eight -   this weekend, focusing on the fascist BBC/ZBC - its long association with Zionism, and on its exclusion with the execrable print media, of the Workers Party - GG bcc, Chris Williamson - , Peter Ford ex-ambassador to Syria, and Andy Budd train driver. (Imagine Starmer, with Sunak on the footplate on the railway Thatcher bombed.) As Galloway said after his 33% of the vote - this is for Gaza. The continuum of fascism - my current definition 'the subhuman who delights in crushing the life out of humans' as in Gaza.

Zionism, David Kelly and the BBC Part 1/5

A speech given at the Totnes Truth Festival in Totnes Civic Hall during the election. The day was centred around the independent candidate for the South Hams constituency, Dr Stephen Hopwood MB BS, who practises acupuncture in this ancient town. David Halpin MB BS FRCS concentrates on the Zionist project with its lust for land and blood. He also deals with the continued absence of an inquest into the unnatural death of Dr David Kelly and the propaganda of the 'main stream media', especially the BBC. Filmed and edited by Scott Hudson.   Not been taken down presently.

Part 2  very relevant    and it flows on to Part 3 ......

The first sentences could not be more apt for the present.

This is FACT. A speck of the genocide and torture - continuing from the end of 1947 in a de facto 'state' ( - read the Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine by Ilan Pappe,) that has never bent to any law   Every addressee must read and absorb this

for truth    and for 'No mother and child should be in the least harmed anywhere in our still beautiful world'.

David Halpin MB BS FRCS  Kiln Shotts, Haytor Newton Abbot TQ13 9XR

TOXIC JUNK - AstraZeneca/'Oxford' against the spike protein of an engineered coronaviridae species, via an ape adenovirus and replicated in a broth of human foetal kidney cells ie from a 'medical' abortion, Pfizer - RNA ie inserted into each 'human' genome, and ModeRNA - similar junk to Pfizer.

Three studies - Japan, South Korea and Latvia but warnings given by Michel Claessens,  and Sennett of MIT in 2020