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Correspondence With Politicians

Dear Mr Stride,

My friends and fellow analysts are aware that you would not forward my last letter to the FCO about Syria and the unlawful actions and words of the UK.  But it is on my web site

I presume you will be in the house tomorrow.

Dear Mr Stride, You and your staff should view a report on BBC News last night if you have not done so already. Two parts - the shooting in the head x2 of a 14 yr old boy by one of the rabbles. He had refused to give him a free cup of coffee unless 'the Prophet returned'. The second part is of flogging with an electric cable x50 (for the ring leader) after a 'hearing' in a 'Sharia court'. These people being allies of Messrs Cameron and Hague means this must be seen by all MPs and others who express support for these fighters for demos - the people, crazy.

Dear Mr Stride,

Today in Helmand on the 'front line' -  Mr Cameron said the political process should mean "those people are prepared to give up the bomb, the bullet, can actually be part of that process, part of that future Afghanistan".  Huffington Post  But the bomb, the bullet, the SAMs, the heavy machine guns, the mortars for the rabbles.

The rank hypocrisy we hear from this nation's leaders causes millions of us to feel the deepest shame for the lack of principle and law in our nation.

The Rt Honourable William J Hague 10 March 2011

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office
King Charles St
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Re: Her Majesty's Ambassador to Israel and the law

Dear Mr Hague,

I wrote to you ** 10 November 2010 with six other citizens, pleading that you sought clemency for Tariq Aziz who had been sentenced to hang by the Iraqi Supreme Criminal Tribunal (ISCT). We observed that tribunal had been set up by the Coalition Provisional Authority after the illegal bombardment and invasion of Iraq and thus the verdict and sentence given by the ISCT were not founded in law. We received an entirely inadequate reply from the FCO about six weeks later.

This letter is open therefore.

This letter concerns very serious matters. I refer you to an article in the Jerusalem Post.

Dear Mr Stride,

I have had no responses from Mr Hague or Mr Burt.

I should be grateful to know

a. whether you conveyed my concerns urgently to HMG having first received them on 24 May? In that letter I said 'We demand that it resists the threatened and armed obstruction of that flotilla in all lawful ways, including the provision of a UK naval escort, as it passes from international waters into those off the 25 mile long Gaza strip.' If HMG had taken a robust line there would not be 19 corpses in morgues and dozens of injured in hospital. As a surgeon and healer I am outraged by the loss of life arising from the subservient silence of the government.

b. Whether any UK subject, or subject with dual UK/Israeli nationality, took part in the assault force?