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Correspondence With Politicians

Mel Stride  MP for Teignbridge

Dear Mr Stride,

I do not think any plea from me has affected your responses to cries for 'war'.

A general point - your party with its 27% share of the vote, is laying waste to OUR NHS, our police force, our local government and much more.  The moral tenor of Britain plummets led by those in power.  Little works.

Specific -

over 500,000 infants died from diarrhoeal disease and malnutrition in Iraq between 1992 and 2003 as a direct result of US and UK sanctions
(Albright - a price worth paying.)  It is called genocide - as in Nazi Germany.

I have said before that in the massive bombardment and invasion of a sovereign Iraq over a million people were killed, a large majority of which were civilians.  4 million fled their homes and HALF were taken in by Jordan and Dr Bashar Assad's country - with Palestinians from their massive genocide much earlier.

Mr Crispin Blunt  MP for Reigate

Dear Mr Blunt,

I first came across your name when machine gun fire ricocheted around you and your companions at Rafah, Palestine.  They were fired by untouchable 'Israeli' troops.  I see it was in 2004.

My interest.   I am a retired orthopaedic and trauma surgeon.  One of my sayings is 'do your best to heal and not to harm'.  I saw during the unlawful and high altitude bombing of the Afghan people from 32,000 feet, planned since July 2001, that Palestine was the 'hinge of our humanity'.  The chaos of UK creation was unresolved, and the native people were suffering more than ever.  Millions in the 'diaspora' were forbidden to return by the cuckoo we settled there.  I learned of doctors being stopped by the 'Israelis' from carrying antibiotics for children into the remnants of Palestine.  In outrage I decided to take a ship so big that publicity would cause the entity to allow free passage.  My wife and I chartered the MV Barbara with its excellent and brave Danish crew.  The Voyage of the Dove and the Dolphin began at Torquay on the Ist February 2003 and ended in Ashdod on the 16th.  We had 50 tons of very good food in the hold.  It was a speck but it was a sign of our common humanity.

Ms Eve Samson
Secretary to the Standards and Privileges Committee of the House of Commons
New Ref:  Burt/Bashar/Bayonet

Dear Ms Samson,

I received your four sentences yesterday.  Scanned and attached - for my web site since this is a very important matter of public importance.  This is a brief and preliminary response.  You need to know that I am a man who is not deflected re. an MP who was earning £1,250 per hour from Circle Health for 'strategic advice' on 'health'.  40 hours per annum.  Failed to declare his 'pecuniary' interest twice.  Resolved with an apology to the House but with no pecuniary loss or legal action.

20th January 2014

Sir Kevin Barron PC
Chairman of the Standards and Privileges Committee
House of Commons  UK
Dear Sir Kevin,

I sent this letter below by e-mail to the Committee for Standards in Public Life.  One of its clerical staff told me that Ms Hudson, Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards, should deal with it.  Mr Prawer in that office says that Ms Hudson cannot deal with this and suggested I approach your committee.  As a retired doctor, surgeon and senior citizen, I do not take easily to the game of 'pass the parcel'.  I regard this as a most important matter and will be sticking with it.

Dear Mr Stride,

My friends and fellow analysts are aware that you would not forward my last letter to the FCO about Syria and the unlawful actions and words of the UK.  But it is on my web site

I presume you will be in the house tomorrow.