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Correspondence With Politicians


E-mail 2 March 2010

Dear Ms Mayhew,

Thank you for this proforma letter of reply. This e-mail is delayed because, like many, I am constantly responding to the cries within the chaos that is Palestine. That such suffering exists 61 years after 80% of the Palestinian population (800,000 humans) were driven from their homes, their land and their living by Zionist terror and force of arms reflects with the greatest shame on the three parties. That these resilient people have lost more lives, more limbs and more land as year has followed year 63 years after the Nuremberg trials shows the dominance of Zionist power in the Houses of Lords and Commons and the grotesque partisanship of the three parties. I note your mantra 'with security for Israel and a viable state for Palestinians'. It is very familiar; it trips off the tongues of Miliband and Lewis, whose partisanship is more plain than that of the Lib Dems. You need to read UNGA 194 if you have not. This was passed in November 1948 and it required that the Palestinians be allowed to return to their homes - though about 500 villages had been flattened by the Zionists in another genocidal convulsion. Israel was not to be recognised until it observed UNGA 194. But the UN was dominated by pro-Zionist nations. No change since.

The honourable Member of Parliament for Teignbridge gives his final reply in defence of invasion and occupation of Afghanistan and in response to the 'rant' of David Halpin.
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To back the campaign and help spread the word, see my website: Nobody can put a price on the sacrifices our troops make on our behalf - but we can start rewarding them properly.

Best regards,
Nick Clegg
Leader of the Liberal Democrats
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By David Halpin
David Halpin takes to task British Foreign Secretary David Miliband for refusing visas to a team of Palestinian footballers due to play a series of matches in England, a refusal which stands in marked contrast to the welcome given to the Israeli national team.

To: David Miliband MP, Secretary of State, Foreign Foreign & Commonwealth, United Kingdom

Copy: Richard Younger-Ross, MP for Teignbridge

Dear Mr Miliband,

Three thousand and one hundred miles by sea from where I write in Devon there is a "Warsaw" ghetto in Gaza. There are other ghettos in the ineptly name West Bank and in the Arab states about. There are three times as many people imprisoned within Gaza as there were in the ghetto constructed by the Third Reich. That existed between 1941 and 1943. The Gaza ghetto and those others filled with Palestinians, were populated by the 80 per cent of the Palestinian people who were driven by terror and force of arms from there homes, their land and thus their living in 1948. In all 750,000 men, women and children were driven north, east, south and some into the sea in boats.

Dear Richard,

I heard you speak in the Anglican Church in Bovey Tracey last night. I attended hoping that the depravity of the onslaught on a broken country was going to be raised, along with that other triumph of the Judaeo-Christian coalition, Palestine. The vicar told me that my submitted question on how each candidate would see resolution 242 being enforced was the only one about Palestine in the forty-two questions submitted. Of course, parochial England cannot contemplate a slow crucifixion of a people which a Christian Lord James Balfour instigated 78 years ago. Better to stick to hunting and rural post offices which latter are being killed off by the neo-liberal policies which your party shares with the two other conservative parties.

3rd December, 2001

Dear Mr Younger-Ross,

You will share with me great sadness and apprehension about the escalating terror in Palestine. You might now agree that I was right in pleading against the bombing of Afghanistan and instead for the insertion of a peacekeeping force in Palestine, however difficult that might have been. I have been pleased to see that Menzies Campbell has spoken against extending the bombing war to other countries, particularly to Iraq, but it is very regrettable that the Liberal Democrats did not come out against the bombing of Afghanistan because of some ill-placed sense of so-called patriotism.