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Correspondence With Politicians

3rd December, 2001

Dear Mr Younger-Ross,

You will share with me great sadness and apprehension about the escalating terror in Palestine. You might now agree that I was right in pleading against the bombing of Afghanistan and instead for the insertion of a peacekeeping force in Palestine, however difficult that might have been. I have been pleased to see that Menzies Campbell has spoken against extending the bombing war to other countries, particularly to Iraq, but it is very regrettable that the Liberal Democrats did not come out against the bombing of Afghanistan because of some ill-placed sense of so-called patriotism.

5th October, 2001

Dear Mr Younger-Ross,

I have phoned your office three times urging that Parliament be recalled quickly and permanently. On the last occasion (Monday 1st October) I spoke for the second time to Miss Becky Howard, your secretary. I told her that this government had steadily eroded the power of our Parliament and the failure to recall it properly is the last straw. I said that I had never felt so powerless and disenfranchised.

She replied, and of course I paraphrase ...