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Correspondence With Politicians

 Dear Mr Stride,

I have read the FCO letter with interest.  The last paragraph is especially disingenuous.  The correspondence is recorded on my web site - easily linked by 'googling'   david halpin   or

I asked this - 

Please confirm or deny whether these two entities (Saudi Arabia and Israel) are allies of the UK - via the FCO please.  And, if they are formal allies, has the current HMG plans to revise this status in the face of international law and ordinary humanity. Neither question is answered

And tell me the total value of arms sales to each entity within the last 5 years    Not given, but I know that UK arms sales to Saudi Arabia has been worth c. £5 billion.

Julian Assange Likely to die in Bellmarsh Prison


Dear Mr Stride,

I assume that you have not read the account by Craig Murray when he attended the Westminster Magistrate's Court 21-10-19

You and the very large majority of MPs who are silent in this matter, are complicit in his unlawful detention and torture.

yours sincerely

David Halpin FRCS

To Mr Mel Stride MP Central Devon, member of the Conservative Party of GB, and citizen of the same sovereign government.  Sending 5.02  23-10-19

Dear Mr Stride,

Thank you

I refer to my three e-mails to you - gathered in the attached document and sent yesterday 22-10-19  at 9.56, 10.24, and 10.44 .  You replied to them at 7.09 pm - below.  The latter being prompt, is exceptional.  You have never replied to over 30 e-mails to you without there being an initial 'automatic' reply by e-m.  Almost all have been about breaches of international law by HMG.  Your responses have usually required urging by me, and have not been substantive.  There are 15 records on my web site of correspondence with you.  This is the second most recent

You, with a large majority in the 'House', have agreed to aggressive wars as proscribed by the Charter of the UN, and as incorporated in the Nuremberg Protocols.  A few MPs and Peers have stood firmly against such unlawfulness and gross cruelty, involving the destruction of sovereign nations and their people.  I pick out John Baron MP, who has served in the forces and knows too well of the horror of war, and of the conspiracies leading to it.  The late true Labour MP Paul Flynn was another even though surrounded by 'Blairites' ie supporters of the paramount psychopath and war criminal.  I recall the late Lord Onslow.  He was the only one who reacted in horror at the evidence given by Craig Murray at the Joint Intelligence Committee.  (Watch the video.)


MP for Central Devon

Dear Mr Stride,

I copied a letter to you which was addressed to Mr Corbyn who has been speaking about law and above the catcalls.  Your response was automatic, which given the threatening environment of lies and the blackest of propaganda from HMG/BBC/'media' was inadequate.  That letter is second below.  Against HMG and BBC claims of 'democracy' I often receive no responses from you.

This letter immediately below is from Craig Murray, our former ambassador in Uzbekistan.  He crossed our much vaunted democracy by revealing how Islamic 'dissidents' were being tortured to death, the corpses dumped on their loved ones and the ''''intelligence'''' sent to the CIA and thence to MI6.  READ IT and attempt to serve our benighted country better.  He provides evidence from the horses mouth (ex-Porton) and receives information from experts it seems.

Mel Stride  MP for Teignbridge

Dear Mr Stride,

I do not think any plea from me has affected your responses to cries for 'war'.

A general point - your party with its 27% share of the vote, is laying waste to OUR NHS, our police force, our local government and much more.  The moral tenor of Britain plummets led by those in power.  Little works.

Specific -

over 500,000 infants died from diarrhoeal disease and malnutrition in Iraq between 1992 and 2003 as a direct result of US and UK sanctions
(Albright - a price worth paying.)  It is called genocide - as in Nazi Germany.

I have said before that in the massive bombardment and invasion of a sovereign Iraq over a million people were killed, a large majority of which were civilians.  4 million fled their homes and HALF were taken in by Jordan and Dr Bashar Assad's country - with Palestinians from their massive genocide much earlier.