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Dr David Kelly

Dear Lord Hermer

First, I would like to offer my congratulations on your recent appointment to the post of Attorney-General. I write to you in this regard.

On 17 February 2009 you invited me, together with some other doctors, to visit you at Doughty Street chambers to discuss the death of Dr David Kelly. We set out our concerns about the manner in which the state had dealt with this tragedy and explained to you our doubts that it was investigated rigorously. As you know, the coroner’s inquest into Dr Kelly’s death was – uniquely - subsumed into the ad hoc inquiry chaired by Lord Hutton, who concluded that Dr Kelly took his own life in July 2003. This is the only time in British legal history that a coroner's inquest into a single death has been adjourned using Section 17A of the 1988 Coroners Act so that a non-statutory public inquiry could be held instead. The lawful process of the opening of a coroner's inquest did not happen. The cart was put before a well tried and respected horse.

Careful analysis over many years by the group of doctors of which I was a member – plus the work of various lawyers, parliamentarians and investigative journalists - has found how woefully inadequate Lord Hutton’s non-statutory public inquiry was. To name just a handful of its deficiencies: Lord Hutton failed to call key witnesses to give evidence to his inquiry; yet those witnesses who were called were not required to give evidence on oath. We now know that there were no fingerprints on the knife Kelly allegedly used to end his life – even though he wasn’t wearing gloves on the day his body was found. (This was never mentioned at the Hutton Inquiry even though it was known to Thames Valley Police at the time the Hutton Inquiry hearings took place). Lord Hutton spent only half a day of the 24 days on which his inquiry sat examining the medical evidence relating to Dr Kelly’s death. And Lord Hutton failed to consider the crucial matter – incumbent upon every coroner - of whether Dr Kelly intended to commit suicide.

re attempted interview by Crispin Flintoff bcc of Not The Andrew Marr Show

bcc to Jeremy Corbyn in Pugin's Palace

There is proof that we are living in a fascist country all about, Julian Assange a symbol. I weep for him and his family. The anger of Aquinas swells as I write his name.

My attempt, or rather Crispin's - to discuss the multitude of facts - and lies, around the unnatural death of David Kelly CMG DSc this morning, is a speck of the whole.  'They' used every trick - detaching audio from video - putting it out of phase grossly, having my speech echoed etc. Video at Crispin's end blanked intermittently.

And I am very used to it.  For instance, our group - Dr Michael Powers QC  bcc. Miles Goslett - independent journalist bcc, Dr Stephen Frost bcc, the late and very good friend - Dr Chris Burns-Cox bcc to his doctor son, myself   met with Francis Swaine bcc at Leigh Day's by the city walls. LD had done a great deal of work for truth without charge. This meeting July 2011 was to discuss whether we should proceed to challenge the decision of Grieve then Attorney General in his decision not to instigate an inquest this death has never been subjected to by petitioning the High Court. (We did 19-11-2011 see my website. Failed but see     10 minutes  )

The meeting on that Tuesday was recorded. The LD IT person prepared a mini-disc and it was sent out on the Wednesday. I knew my colleagues had received it promptly. I had a note in the post on the Saturday from the 'mail centre' Newton Abbot to say there was a packet for me that was 'postage unpaid'. So I went down. The Jiffy packet had been opened, and the disc was within. The printed 'paid' - had been torn away - hence the charge. I conferred with Miles Goslett who said I should report this - a crime in our dear land. I did so and a detective, who had served in Northern Ireland, took my story and saw the evidence - coolly and well. I had the impression he was in emI5. As I thanked him and bade goodbye - he said he wished me well re Kelly. This was earlier said by another policeman - they know when fish stinks.

The likely assassination of David Kelly CMG DSc shows the lawlessness of the United Kingdom. This man, who was our foremost germ and chemical weapons expert with full MI6 and CIA clearance, was not seen - 'officially', after he left his home at 3pm on the 17th July 2003. The lawlessness is proved in the fact that he has never had an inquest which is bound to follow unnatural death.

Instead the Hutton Inquiry was set up on the request of the then PM, Anthony Charles Lynton Blair QC. This was within three hours of an unidentified body being found in an Oxfordshire wood at Harrowdown Hill.  The inquiry was so called - ad hoc. It had no force in law. Hearings started three weeks after the death, and took place over twenty-one days.  As Dr Michael Powers QC noted, only half of one day was spent on the forensic elements.

The instruction given by Lord Falconer to Lord Hutton (deceased two years ago) on that morning of the 18th of July was as oblique as possible. 'To inquire into the circumstances surrounding the death of David Kelly'.  It concluded by adopting the causes of death as recorded by the young forensic pathologist Nicholas Hunt, who had been on the Home Office list in that function for two years only. That is - the death was suicide due first to bleeding from a cut into the left wrist (via the matchstick thin ulnar artery) and the consumption of coproxamol tablets. These are a combination of dextropropoxyphene and paracetamol.  It was presumed this man had swallowed 29, just one tablet remaining in one of three packs. And an added factor in causing death was coronary artery disease.

 Professor Richard Shepherd BSc MB BS DMJ FRCPath FFFLM
Consultant Forensic Pathologist NW Region UK
Visiting Professor at City University London
Honorary Consultant at The Royal Liverpool Hospital       

22nd of June, 2013

Dear Professor,

Thank you for informing me you had received my letter dated 9thApril 2013 via your card sent on 20th May.  The printed messages were your thanks for my communication and that the contents had been noted.  I am glad we have established direct contact.  However, from my standpoint,  I see that we are no further forward.

I have just read - dated  March 2011

He is a Visiting Professor at City University London, Honorary Consultant at The Royal Liverpool Hospital and a registered UK Home Office Forensic Pathologist.