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Evidence submitted by David Halpin FRCS in five documents to the Attorney General, Dominic Grieve, as part of a plea with 5 other doctors for a new inquest on Dr David Kelly. Summaries of these four documents were included with other evidence in an Addendum to a Memorial -

on 28 February 2011 to Mr Grieve. A decision about our plea is expected shortly*.


ONE Corpse moved. 5 blood samples taken at PM but only one referred to at Hutton. 28 November 2010 (Download PDF)

TWO Contradictory evidence re. heart disease. Dr Hunt changes his diagnosis of the cause of death. 6 December 2010 (Download PDF)

THREE Insufficiency of inquiry. What clothing. Key witnesses not called. 16 February 2010 (Download PDF)

FOUR Rachel Kelly. Dad deported from Kuwait 19 May. Hutton inquiry did look into this at all. 16 February 2011 (Download PDF)

FIVE Correspondence between coroner and Dept of Constitutional Affairs. Dr Hunt had changed his diagnosis as to cause of death but failed to tell Hutton. 22 February 2011 (Download PDF)