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Dr David Kelly

Office of the Attorney General 16  February 2011

Mr Kevin McGinty
20, Victoria Street

From:-  David Halpin FRCS, Kiln Shotts, Haytor, Newton Abbot, TQ13 9XR

Insufficiency of inquiry

Dear Kevin,

I present in the following pages further evidence of insufficiency of inquiry.   I have sent two previous letters as you know that are dated 28 November 2010 and 6 December 2010.  I have also emphasised the importance in the evidence of our 'Opinion as to the likelihood that the death of David Kelly CMG DSc was the direct result of haemorrhage due to transection of his left ulnar artery'.

Dr David KellyMarried with 3 adult daughters. Bacteriologist by training. Acting head of Porton Down UK 10 years – UK's germ and chemical warfare defence research centre. Member of UNSCOM – visiting Iraq 36 times between 1991 and 1998 when the team was evacuated before the bombing in Operation Desert Fox. Top security clearance with US and UK SIS.

May 29 2003 BBC radio broadcast – Gilligan spoke of a source indicating that the 'dossier' used by Blair as a pretext for bombardment and invasion of Iraq had been enhanced.

Many citizens already knew that. The 'government' made sure that Kelly's name was identified – against all protocol for an employee of the security services (FCO and MoD). There were probably two other sources. There remains doubt as to whether Kelly was a source but there was great anger in Whitehall.

n this exclusive interview, Dr. David Halpin, a retired orthopedic surgeon and one of a group of doctors who has been campaigning for a coroner’s inquest into the mysterious death of Dr. David Kelly joins The Corbett Report to discuss his appeal for a judicial review of UK Attorney General Dominic Grieve’s decision earlier this year to deny such an inquest. We discuss the medical anomalies that lead Dr. Halpin and other doctors to conclude that Dr. Kelly did not commit suicide, the history of the government cover-up about the case, and The Dr. David Kelly Inquest Fund through which people can help to cover the legal cost of the upcoming review.

Dear Citizen,

You will know something about this man, his death and the lack of an inquest into it.  A few of us doctors first voiced our concerns in January 2004.  We did not believe the first cause of death - haemorrhage from a transected ulnar artery was feasible, or that suicide had been proved beyond reasonable doubt, or the intent to commit it.  We saw that due process of law had been subverted.  Instead of an inquest first and an inquiry into the political and media storm surrounding the death second, my Lord Falconer appointed my Lord Hutton on the same day Dr Kelly was found.  That is while his body was still cooling.  You will not be able to recall such alacrity in setting up any inquiry in the UK.  Chilcot - announced 6 years + after the onset of Shock and Awe.

The 'inquest' that was subsumed into the Hutton Inquiry consumed only one half of one day, whereas the whole took twenty days.  I could spend another 100 pages relating the omissions, the lies, the gross insufficiency in inquiry and more.

To cut a long story short, we engaged Leigh Day solicitors three years ago, with Frances Swaine in the lead and all working pro bono.  Our colleague, Dr Michael Powers, was our barrister and also served pro bono.  He has served as an assistant coroner and coronial law is one of his specialisms.

In the matter of an application for permission for judicial review of the decision by the Attorney General Mr Dominic Grieve QC MP, to refuse the plea of Dr Stephen Frost et al for an inquest into the unnatural death of Dr David Kelly CMG DSc.

Witness Statement of Dr David Sydney Halpin FRCS

Application For Permission to Bring Judicial Review Proceedings