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Dear John,

Thank you.  I still wish that you had answered those further points.  There is obviously no point in my pursuing these further concerns about the HW election with you.  I feel I am in an impenetrable thicket.  An example below - highlighted.  What is the point in asking for references after the election of candidates?  It is likely none will be negative or even disturbing, and thus causing HW to ask an individual to stand down.  And what would be the 'risk'?  2 hours of a good secretary's time and sixty stamps?  I did not know my 2 referees had not been asked by HW to give references.  I will have to explain the unusual set up to them.

But I am a tyro in these things; my reactions are simple and based on accepted moral principles and law, I believe.

In my outrage with the gerrymandering and the other matters I highlighted, I spoke of taking advice from a barrister.  It is very easy to recall the £45,000 costs in my/our plea to JR the Attorney General in order to get him to call an inquest (which never took place) into the highly probable assassination of Dr David Kelly.  Our share was considerable, but 840 good citizens gave the rest.  But the costs are not the point.  As you know, the law is capricious, often arcane and the parties both in that case and now, are somewhat amorphous.  An example of this is your intimating that HW Devon would soon be a 'business'; who is profiting from who?  The body is difficult to grasp.  Now and again truth wins out, as for the very good folk who fought for Lewisham hospital.  This hospital does very well but a dreaded PFI (lead boots as I call it in my 2 talks on Youtube) in another part of the 'group' sucked money from it.  This is a good example of 'law' in the Britain of 2014 in fact >  Although Hunt has been defeated twice he is now working hard, with the 'coalition', and using the passage of Clause 118, to be able to close down any hospital that is in difficulty, in 40 days.  Evil I call that.

I am surprised you did not accede to my call to halt the election process.  After all, the electorate is hardly more than 300 at a guess.  You would have achieved the 'spread' you wanted without acrimony but perhaps, by recommendation, you wanted a certain type of personality.  Since I have become involved with HW Devon I have asked around.  Firstly very few have heard of it, and when I describe the 'electoral process' there is shock.

I will do my best to attend the AGM.  I should be grateful if the EP is listed on the agenda so that I might make a comment.  IF, if I am elected based on my statement and in being known as a surgeon in the southern half of Devon perhaps, I would serve the patient's voice faithfully as a trustee.  It is likely that no other member of the board has had such a deep and long experience in OUR NHS or the same empathy with those struggling around the county.  A good example of one group is those with cerebral palsy.  I looked after this most 'challenging' group.  In fact about a third of my practice was in the orthopaedic disorders of children.**   I believe I would offer a very independent voice.  You might feel my reactions are too strong.  They are not.  They arise from the known fact that I care greatly about many things, and OUR NHS especially.

for truth, reason and justice     and with best wishes

David (Halpin MB BS FRCS)

ps  Because this is a matter of public importance, and in the vital field of medical and social care, I have been posting germane correspondence on my web site

http://dhalpin.infoaction.org.uk/     The contents are, as they say, eclectic.

**  you probably know the name 'orthopaedic' translates as the 'straight child'.

On 05/03/14 19:42, John Rom wrote:
Hello David
In response to your last enquiry I can confirm that references for new candidates (ie those not recruited initially to the interim board last year) have not been taken up yet. It is intended to await the outcome of the election which, as I am sue you will agree, seems a helpful way to reduce the risk of taking up references unnecessarily.

I was not sure why you had raised the question of the deadline for receipt of votes ie 12 March at 12 noon. It is entirely your own decision if and how you vote.

In the meantime I repeat my offer to discuss the concerns you have raised, but I will not engage in further email correspondence on these issues.

I trust you plan to attend the AGM and look forward to seeing you then .



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