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I have been pleading that the NHS should not be used as a political football for about 20 years.

The plan I urged was this -

The NHS would be kept away from the government of the day. Instead it would be led by a scrupulously chosen National Executive peopled by experts in all relevant fields and with evident wisdom in health and other fields.  They would be responsible in all respects.

It would report to parliament every six months via the Health Select Committee. That report would include progress, unmet needs, future plans etc

The Treasury would agree a budget based on GDP and population.

The National Executive would distribute funds to each local health authority based on population, and age/social dependency. The local health authority would have to do its best. It could not do everything.

Simplicity would be of the essence.

Today - 6th February 2015, the King's Fund has slated the Health and Social Care Act of April 1st 2012 which was vehemently opposed by many, including myself (see previous essays). 'Damaging and distracting' were two of the words used. The Richter Scale 10 earthquake has cost 'billions of pounds'. The Coalition government should resign today. However, New Labour is responsible for a good portion of the great difficulties facing OUR NHS.

This 1100 word article was published in the Western Morning News in the centre page 2 weeks ago.

It contains a lot of truth.