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David Halpin FRCS

Kiln Shotts


Newton Abbot

TQ13 9XR


25thof May 2021

To your Honour, the justice in the High Court in Manchester in the case of the GMC v Mr Mohammad Iqbal Adil FRCS Ed FRSI

Ref:   CO/1567/2021 Dr Mohammad Iqbal Adil FRCS Ed FRSI  GMC 5183820

"I do solemnly, sincerely and truly declare and affirm that the evidence I shall give shall be the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth."

There is too much paper in this case. I do not want to subject your Honour to more. I hope to be succinct, and direct as well. I reiterate what I said in the previous document of 19 pages, analysing and responding to the claim made by the GMC. That is - I am doing more than the usual McKenzie friend in giving a view because it is in my native tongue.

First there is the ‘incident’ where in Mr Adil’s operation to relieve obstruction by a rectal cancer in a very ill man with secondary cancer in the draining lymph nodes and liver, he brought out the distal ie wrong end of the colon, requiring correction a few days later. This was the one product of a trawl, and it has revealed a ghost of a fish. A copy of the clinical notes has never been put into the defendant’s hands in spite of his asking at least three times. This is unlawful and unjust. Is there something in those notes which are best hidden? I ask that it be struck out.

Second, much is made of Mr Adil’s mental state in the months following his peremptory removal from the medical register. The word ‘delusion’ figures prominently but the subject of this alledged delusion is not clearly recorded. I was always alert to the psyche in patients presenting to me in my fields of orthopaedic and trauma surgery, and sympathetic to distress in any. I observe that he was

seen by three psychiatrists and I believe all at the request of the GMC. One choice was entirely inappropriate – a ‘forensic’ psychiatrist responsible for criminals judged insane and housed near Oxford. My judgement has been stated – that he was under severe duress and understandably frightened, especially for his family. He actually felt ‘terror’ I imagine.

Many doctors, especially in one who had served faultlessly in our NHS for 30 years like him, would have shown similar disturbance of confidence, self-esteem, sleep etc and might have some errors in perception. I ask whether his GP whom he did attend and prescribe for him, was asked to give a report on a man whom he knew, along with his patient’s family in Milton Keynes. What is plain to me is that he was sane when he expressed his concerns about government responses to the ‘pandemic’ and he has the same sanity now. I derive the latter from his writings and from speaking with him on the phone. I am completely certain that after being restored to the register, returning to his dear family and then having a holiday together, he would return to serve as a general surgeon in our NHS to the highest standard, as he was doing before. Such as he are sorely needed. This is in general terms and for the tragic reasons he expressed in a video which I have seen. In the first few minutes he expressed his deep concern for the loss of livelihoods, and for the disastrous effects upon the NHS and its care of patients – both in the general practices and in the hospitals. At one point in the Covid_19 ‘crisis’ there were estimated to be 300,000 patients waiting with symptoms of potential cancer. Some would have cancers of course, which would advance without diagnosis and treatment. The distress in those waiting can be imagined. There were 400,000 patients already waiting for elective ie planned surgery. That number has swelled greatly during the ‘crisis’ and the backlog is being met with manouevres like ‘virtual beds’ in patients’ homes!

Thirdly we have the duty of a medically qualified person. That in the Hippocratic oath of ‘do no harm’ is central. But there is more. Generally the public in GB are poorly informed and much distracted – by TV and ‘electronic noise’ for instance. One who wants to be informed would look to people for whom they have some respect, and not the political class. Doctors would be the first. With some humility I say that I do my best to inform people, often in their bewilderment, through my very active web site. I also give careful advice to people, a few being ex-patients, who feel they are being sent round in circles, a particular feature now. Sometimes concern might be felt in the recipient which I would detect and then discuss. The reaction in the minds of ‘patients’ to material like that projected by Mr Adil would be tempered by respect derived from his clear concern for others and his factual approach. All that he feared has come to pass. I could provide dozens of important examples. One is the destruction of our national economy, shored up by issuing what I call ‘funny money’ to many eg to those ‘furloughed’. This destruction is shown by GB National Debt – admittedly determined in various ways and usually excluding pension and other such debts, being higher than UK Gross Domestic Product! When it comes to the eventual ‘balancing the books’ there are bound to be increased taxes, pension ‘adjustments’ etc.

Fourthly there is the right of free speech which has been held as fundamental in our challenged democracy. This should be inviolate. This British citizen was exercising that right, and in an entirely responsible way. And there are his human rights as defined in several courts. I am certain that your Honour and this court would never accept the way that the USSR enforced its power against ‘dissident’ speech. There are no Gulags in Britain, and neither should there be ‘virtual’ gulags either.

I say on the evidence I have seen, that Mr Adil has no case to answer and plead that the claim by the GMC for a years’s extension be dismissed. Further that your Honour directs appropriate and full compensation for all his losses and distress arising out of a claim that was mischievous at best, and vindictive at worse.

Thank you your Honour.

David Sydney Halpin MB BS London FRCS Eng 1969