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I was to be one of eleven speakers at the Conference, 3 doctors and one dental surgeon among them.  Freedom of speech in the land of Magna Carta (but hear lawyer Anna De Buisseret with Prof Dolores Cahill in Part 2 on this) is only happening in groups and via these new platforms like Brand New Tube.

Dr Stephen Hopwood, the engine for this meeting, booked it for Totnes Town Hall. Stopped by Totnes Town Council after a petition - c.130.  One vote for the meeting - Councillor George Mitchell.  Then tried Dartington - no go.  Then the Toorak Hotel Torquay - an ideal venue.  The manager - a good man, had calls from Public 'Health' England and Torbay Council demanding that he refuse to host the conference.  Dependent re licence etc he had to kow-tow.

This chill some. but for most it is 'water off a duck's back'.  'Dear, I am on the 'pooter'.  What would you like from Morrison's home delivery tomorrow?  The smoked duck breast sounds tasty'.

Find time to dip into the talks, especially the interview - off camera, of my new young doctor friend.  This comes after my 29 minutes - 1.03 hrs to 1.32

For truth, and for the revolution of the mind and a turning away from global serfdom


Part 1  My 31 minute contribution is from 1.03 hours to 1.32 hrs.

Part 2

(Meeting at the Toorak hotel in Torquay cancelled by Public ‘Health’ England and Torbay Council so planned march in Totnes +www will suffice)

I am pleased to speak of OUR NHS. With the poverty between WW1 and 2, and the hardest slog for freedom from Nazi domination, a bankrupt Britain decided that ‘loving thy neighbour’ was the essence of our humanity. And it happened in 1948 in spite of strong opposition from the British Medical Association and many doctors.

I will give you a very personal account of the NHS because I have seen it and felt it all, ever since I became a medical student aged 18 in 1958 at St Mary’s Paddington, the home of penicillin. I will speak of its lowering under a deeply fascist regime, and speak at the end of my certainty that there will be a renaissance in my calling, in parallel with the rebuilding of OUR NHS.

I must first tell you my definition of fascism. I wrote this before talking to a few hundred in Totnes Town Hall in July of 2010, and in support of Dr Steve Hopwood who was standing in the General Election for Totnes. The title was Zionism, David Kelly and the BBC and I said they were closely related topics. Search ‘halpin frcs website’ - videos ‘NHS Going Going Almost Gone’ - July 2013 43 minutes.

My definition – the subjugation of the individual's will and freedom by an overweening state. Humanity withers, freedom of speech is stifled and the soul dies. Self preservation becomes a dominant drive.

Nothing could be more overweening than the corrupt, psychopathic cabal presently in Westminster. The worst government ever to RULE in the last century in this ‘sceptred isle’. Freedom of speech – the censorship via the Ashkenazim owned platforms has been both draconian and chilling – but the ‘masked’ do not even know that.

I am aware again, just as happened in the month before we steamed off to Gaza from Haldon Pier, a mile down the road here in Torquay, on the 1st of February 2003, of mystical synchronicity. That was the voyage of the Dove and Dolphin to Palestine, a voyage announced 4 weeks before.

Again the synchronicity - Torbay hospital is 2 miles up the road where I served in trauma surgery from 1975 to 1992. 25 miles away at Exeter was the Princess Elizabeth Orthopaedic Hospital where I mostly trained, and was appointed at the same time as an orthopaedic surgeon after 11 years of training. That hospital was bulldozed by the fascists to further hamstring the NHS against a strong fight by its surgeons which I mostly led – with its 120 beds, wonderful esprit de corpsand all the rest. I was a generalist and had the privilege, and great responsibility, of caring for dear infants and children.

Briefly – I qualified in 1964 and within 10 days of finishing a 3 week process of examination, was working as a house physician on the Medical Unit at St Mary’s, which post I had wanted. I shared the ward care of 50 very sick men and women with another house physician. I had very little sleep over 10 days, not returning to our flat once for a meal and a cuddle with Sue whom I married 3 years before. Suddenly – so called hypomania happened, and then the deep, black well of depression, loss of all self esteem and anxiety. I was hospitalised voluntarily and had the best of psychiatric nursing then. I have taught for years that the potential for recovery of mind or body is beyond imagining, and so it was with me. I started again in the same post in that September and served with some distinction ever since. No doubt my suffering deepened my empathy with patients and increased my sensitivity to distress within the mind.

What happened to me is not uncommon in our calling. We are at our most vulnerable as young doctors. Remember with me – Dr Rose Polge. She was serving as a house physician at Torbay Hospital. On the 12thof February 2016, she drove down to Meadfoot Beach and swam out. Her body was recovered on Portland Beach in April. Slide 1 <>

A note apparently mentioning Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt was found in a car close to the scene.” More censorship.

Working in the NHS at a senior level and in two demanding specialisms, I experienced the downside of at least 6 convulsions of management of the service. These were politically driven, often as the ‘parties’ in government changed – sometimes according to the whims of Murdoch as in 1997.

Margaret ThatcherIn 1988 Mrs Thatcher’s government put forward an ‘Internal Market’ for the NHS, believing that competition between hospitals and doctors was the key to efficiency and better standards of care. This was to be instead of co-operation between hospitals and their specialists which was the norm. Slide 2 – Thatcher. She had been influenced by Milton Friedman of the Chicago School – proponents of the so called ‘free market’ ie ‘corporatism’ and ‘monetarism’. Slide 3 I briefed myself on this and attended a staged debate between a man from the BMA and the King’s Fund at Torbay. The ‘idea’ - had come out of the Kaiser Permanante Foundation. I asked the King’s Fund man what the cost of this magic from the US was. He said no one knew!

The regional general manager – Ms Hawkins, an ex-nurse, came down from the South West Regional office with blue Dept of Health slides to a packed consultants’ meeting, to promote this ‘idea’. In discussion I asked, that given the cost of administration was then about 5%, was it not likely that it would at least double to 10%. She swept her hand - ‘7% at the most’. I persisted, and the chairman, a friend, said ‘SIT DOWN’. An arrow in my chest. Alone among at least 70 consultants, including a few of ‘leftist’ stance, I stood and wrote passionately against it. I sensed it was the first move to set up of OUR NHS to fail. The cost of administration was doubled at least. With the total dominance of C19 and all the experimental ‘jabbing’, the cost of ‘admin’ must now be around 20% of the whole budget. The response is yet more funny money in a bankrupt Britain. You might know that net public sector debt is over £2.2 trillion, equalling the UK’s Gross Domestic Product.

An aside. Torbay Hospital was the first to declare ‘trust’ status. I always write trust with inverted commas. Thatcher came down with her allies to the Imperial Hotel one weekend, to celebrate with the the local cronies.

I later summarised the strategy as destabilise>demoralise>dismantle.It has now reached that end point. I am sure this strategy, the 3 d’s was behind this ‘Internal Market’. The propagandare nerowas in essence ‘public bad, private good’ as she with her cabalist cabinet privatised all worthwhile public services and destroyed the mines and our heavy industries. The societal wreckage was vast also and continues to this day.

For detail on OUR NHS, and the conspiracy to hand it over to US insurance megaliths - search ‘Bob Gill’ who is a GP, truthful and passionate for OUR NHS. And watch Sicko – on line – by Michael Moore.

Anyhow, I soldiered on, and even served under a newer regime as clinical director of the trauma service at Torbay, in the hope of improving standards and increasing efficiency. My jobs in both areas of surgery and in the clinics were ever more demanding. Managers were taking control of clinical priorities which I tried to resist. eg Patients for hip replacement were taken off our lists to have operations at the Nuffield hospital in Plymouth and another private hospital in Bristol. I had to repair two disasters from the former.

I was fighting for the life of OUR NHS and also for the Princess Elizabeth – all whilst doing my first job, as well as paid-for surgery outside my NHS timetable. The ‘Princess’ was threatened with closure, and by the chairman especially - of the RD&E – doctor and Dame Margaret Turner-Warwick. I wrote many letters, and we lobbied, setting out the reasons for keeping and enlarging our service. You might imagine – how the patient with pain lines on her face, after replacement of her severely arthritic hip, looked 10 years younger at follow up in 3 months. ‘Orthopaedics’ heals much. I was driving round getting signatures from my 10 surgical colleagues.

I was chairing a meeting of these men as current chairman of our orthopaedic consultant staff committee on the 2ndof February 1992, when I ‘broke down’ for the second time, and again via the euphemistic ‘hypomania’. The dark, deep well was possibly worse; I was attended by a good, kind family doctor and a psychiatrist. After a few months I was advised to go into hospital as a ‘voluntary’ patient. To keep me away from the local medical milieu I was offered a place in Herrison House near Dorchester – a former and then present asylum. Our son drove me and Sue there through dense fog on May 12th. We entered a ward where insane patients were sitting on the corridor floors. The duty psychiatrist came in, smoking his pipe. Very shortly Andrew said ‘we cannot leave you here Dad’, and Sue and I agreed. So home we went.

Later, and whilst distinctly vulnerable I was encouraged, against all rules and morality, to retire on medical grounds.

For some reason I had medical insurance – perhaps because I knew the service was faltering badly. A bed was found 200 miles away at Maidenhead, the Huntercombe Sanatorium. Kindly folk, and a

facility owned by a good American couple. The Italian psychiatrist had blood tests done which should have been done the day after my brain became obviously sick. I was hypothyroid. The older term was ‘myxoedemic madness’ and I knew a good deal about it. I had had physical symptoms associated with hypothyroidism, was good at diagnosing humoural disorders but missed it in myself – as is usual. I add the stimulus of exhaustion from fighting several battles with the ‘other side’ having all the weapons’ as my GP said.

I suffered some heart rhythm problems as a result I think of anti-depressant drugs. The good Torbay physician I saw was an endocrinologist. He said that in his experience it took 2 years for the brain to recover from lack of thyroxine. He was right, and again the potential for recovery was shown to be great. My good health in mind and body returned, and I went back to operating at the RD&E to help my younger colleagues’ waiting lists – mostly knee replacements. And I taught the surgeons in training. I did other useful and rewarding work but could have stayed on the staff, and spent more time in teaching younger surgeons; I love teaching and learned many lessons in my life as a doctor first and surgeon second.

I healed thousands with good teams at my side. I loved it but not that which filled the in-tray from politicians via ‘management’, along with endless ‘meetings’. That healing urge is still very strong within me, so I continue fighting for OUR NHS and within it, - vital things like the community hospitals, many closed to further harm the service.

The NHS is on its knees – long planned, but with Covid_19 and induced insanity, a coup de grace– and intendedI believe. Slide 4 RCH 22 ambulances waiting.

A critical incident has been declared at the Royal Cornwall Hospital, with the facility reportedly at breaking point.” 22 ambulances backed up with patients and crews waiting up to 10 hours to transfer them into the hospital. A whistle blowing paramedic wrote an anonymous article in the Western Morning News saying it was inevitable that some of those waiting in the county, would die or be more severely ill.

I got the spark for the calling from reading Schweitzer aged 12. His motto - ‘Reverence for All Life’ is mine also. I also considered forestry, the merchant marine and civil engineering. Now I see my fellow doctors like automatons driving fellow humans to be inoculated, and actively engaged in injecting the toxic and unnecessary junk.

The fascism now is worse than that of the Third Reich because the history is known and the law – such as the 10 Nuremberg Principles, laid down. The first starting -

The voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential. ……..”

Fascism is a continuum. For the time being Hitler has won – with C19 and via ‘vaccination’ with its certain eugenic purpose towards global serfdom. The baton was handed to the axis of evil - Israel, US and Britain as von Braun and other war criminals from Germany and Japan were absolved, and then absorbed into the evil empire. Consider how many millions of humans, including dear children have been killed, maimed and impoverished since. Bombing over 30 countries since the last ‘war to end war’, in the relative silence of those paying with their taxes, and often with Britain helping, is FASCISM.

But the pendulum will start to swing against the direction of elemental evil, as truth emerges and is realised by a majority of humans. The resolution, ingenuity and courage of the British standing alone as a nation in 1939, will be re-kindled quickly. There will be at the centre, the renaissance of medicine in Britain and a rebuilt NHS – for the good of all, and especially for the children, and all future children. I know very well that there are excellent specialists around GB, sadly silent re C19, but biding their time.

These are mere specks of the elemental evil -

“Raqqa, Syria, endured withering coalition airstrikes and fighting between the Islamic State and the Syrian Democratic Forces.” Ivor Prickett for The New York Times. Read Scott Ritter. Bombing and Reaper drone thermobaric missiles with thousands of US howitzer shells. And ISIS is said to be a CIA creation.

Part of Biden’s $60 millions worth of arms to the Ukraine. Slide 6. The US, with Britain goading all round, whilst Israel shrieks for an overwhelming attack on Iran. I came across this in my searches for this talk -

Quote “Through such acts of remembrance and reflection as that offered by Thomas Merton in this poem, may the will for peace, justice and human fellowship be increasingly realised in the life of a ravaged humanity.”

As for OUR NHS – it is vital that it be taken out of the government of the day, and have an independent leadership which reports to OUR Parliament.

I say that ‘to care is the most important characteristic of any worthwhile society.’

‘Do your best to heal and not to harm’

You will never give up. And the revolution of the global mind will happen, and will win over the Luciferans.

Thank you for listening. David

We Are Human We Are Free flyers are available. Written and designed by Robert Burrowes and Anita in Australia, with help from others.