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NHS Failing in Planned Chaos – 20-06-2022:Erasure of Teignmouth Hospital emblematic

Devon CC – Health and Social Care Scrutiny Committee – 21-06-2022

Set up to fail – when and who by? Rescue?

Post WW2 perception and will in an exhausted and bankrupt Britain. The ‘war spirit’ lasting. The healthy look after the ill. ‘Love thy neighbour’ - Mosaic law

Beveridge and Bevan. NHS opposed by the BMA and a majority of doctors. ‘Cap in hand’ to last.

Bevan saw it through. Its work massive and its triumphs certain. Fear of illness and death, and bankruptcy, through medical bills absent. Compare with the US - two thirds of those going bankrupt are through medical bills.

Key stages in the gradual and now precipitous fall into chaos, injury and possible death.

1. Quote - Rapid Response: Re: The “self funding” NHS patient: thin end of the wedge?

Conservative MPs Oliver Letwin and John Redwood summarised their plan for NHS privatisation in 1988, in "Britain's Biggest Enterprise: ideas for radical reform of the NHS". They now have completed this plan except for the final stages. These are foreshadowed in this news story, and in Shirley Williams' recent endorsement of NHS charges to patients. Lucy Reynolds. ‘Surreptitious’ change the key.

2. The ‘Internal Market’ - Thatcher/Chicago School/Milton Friedman 1988

3. The agreement – Blair government and the BMA/GPs. The Family Doctor dead- almost

4. The coup de grace – The ‘Health and Social Care Bill’ brought by the Lord Lansley -

to Act April 1st 2022 AD. A Conservative government, supported in this by the ‘Liberal Democrats’

5. Blair’s NHS IT ‘spine’. £12 billion burned. This and most other IT ‘systems > more chaos and staff stress. Endless ‘stats’ in inverse proportion to staff morale and goodwill.

6. Closure nationally of c. 70% of Community Hospital Beds (Cottage Hospitals). Failure of county and local government to stop a train crash – too few DGH beds clogged up.

7. Signs of failure all round – obstetric ‘care’ Morecambe, Shrewsbury, Margate. Queuing ambulances – delayed diagnosis and care > injury and deaths. Given that delayed discharge of DGH patients has been predicted with absolute certainty – actions under that catchphrase ‘gross negligence manslaughter’ will be laid. A massive litigation bill will grow further.

Tomorrow this committee decides whether to refer the closure of Teignmouth Community Hospital back to banker Javid – the ‘Health’ Secretary. This might be symbolic of the start of a ‘revolution of the mind’ in a greatly lowered Britain.
David Halpin MB BS FRCS 1364 661115 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 51 refs on his website

"Attached are the presentations by the five 'members of the public' - pleading primarily for the referring back re closure of Teignmouth Hospital, beds already, and now all its present vital functions - operations, out-patient clinics etc'.  At the end is the paper I sent to the 16 committee members."

Geralyn Arthurs - att 2

Sylvia Russell - att 3

Chris Clarance - att 4

John Smith - att 5

David Halpin: Keypoints - att 6

David Halpin: Statement - att 7

A fuller account sent by e-mail in the week prior to the 21-06 meeting , and copied to all 16 'Scrutiny' committee members -7