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Letters to the Media

ref:    16-01-20

Very good web site.

Dear News Editor of the Morning Star,

First - a slight apology for the length of this.  My deep concern for the Palestinians, and for our nation and world grows daily.  As I say - 'Palestine is the hinge of our humanity'.  An elemental fight between good and evil,  expressed often as 'public good against capital with open talons'.  Furthermore, this will be the first page of an 'uplifted' Dove and Dolphin web site, first set up in hours before we left on the Voyage of the Dove and Dolphin by our then neighbour Simon Milton.  His team at Thinkology  kindly offered their skills in bringing the very factual    up to date.  I have been headed in this for too long.  That the site was sabotaged within hours by a Zionist sayanim who overlooked the quay is symbolic of the fight for our humanity.    

You did not reply, but whoever wrote it, and I imagine it was 'off the wire', put a euphemism in the title.  'Pummeling'.  It also included a reference to the shooting by the Israelis of the fishing boats, from their 'gunboats', as if this was unusual.  I used to hear the rattle of machine guns and see the flashes out at sea. It occurs on every night. Every one in the tiny strip can hear the blasts and vibrations of any Israeli missile or bomb.  That is why my late friend and psychiatrist Eyad Serraj reported frequent bed wetting in adolescents.  My friend in Gaza, Dr Khamis Elessi, told me how his little daughters were scared in the concrete stair wells during bombardments as in Operation Dreidel.  They feared Israeli soldiers.  And with only a few hours of electric current, most night hours are dark.

To Michael Buchanan & James Melley BBC ‘News’

Dear Michael and James, 

I have corresponded with you before Michael - re the use of opiates in a 'geriatric warehouse' in Gosport and on another matter.

I saw your broadcast last night, and heard your additions on 'Today' today.

As a doctor, and later orthopaedic and trauma surgeon, who started training at St Mary's in 1958, I cannot lie quiet.  For this reason I stood as an independent candidate in Newton Abbot in the recent 'snap' election in which the BBC very obviously helped the eventual winner.

The NHS is in free fall and it has been planned, as you both probably know, for a long time.  In the annexe to my web site
I quote third down Nicholas Ridley -

Conservative Party’s Economic Reconstruction Group

In his report to the Conservative Party’s Economic Reconstruction Group in 1977, Nicholas Ridley wrote that:
"...denationalisation should not be attempted by frontal attack but by preparation for return to the private sector by stealth. We should first pass legislation to destroy the public sector monopolies. We might also need to take power to sell assets. Secondly, we should fragment the industries as far as possible and set up the units as separate profit centres."

Senior journalists + editors at Spotlight  BBC SW

Dear Jenny Walrond and Justin Leigh,

I noted your broadcast 6-01-19 -  A&E at RCH overwhelmed.  12 hour waits for some.  A DGH not able to take acute admissions so looking at DGHs elsewhere.  Consider the youngster with symptoms and sign of acute appendicitis.  In the ambulance **.  Prompt diagnosis - saved from peritonitis.  (Female - risk of infertility)  Whilst there are urgent 'phone calls out of the county.  Consider the despair of any one with real physical or mental illness waiting, waiting.

And last night 7-01-19  ?all SW DGHs on '''opal four''' !!- in place of the more obvious 'black alert'.

Last week - patients at Plympton - difficulty in registering with GP, and Sherford 'new town' no glitsy surgery yet.   The CCG, responsible for the provision and standards of the medical services failing but 'considering' options - after the families had moved into often shoddily built homes - your report.

You greyed out Independent candidates, as did ITV.  On my election annexe -

Audio for Radio Devon via journalist Sophie Pierce whom I like, and who has interviewed me several times 11.30 10-12-19

Dear Sophie,

Campaigning hard as an Independent man and mind in the constituency of Newton Abbot.  Back from the woods, I had a message about 10 days ago to contact you.  You have interviewed me several times, first and way back to do with the Voyage of The Dove and the Dolphin - 1-02-03.  Again re my fight with good others for the life of our Community Hospitals and their vital in-patient beds.  Lost - hence the third world chaos in OUR DGHs.  Every day I hear stories of gross negligence.

I 'phoned the Plymouth BBC, and James recorded about 7 minutes of my forth right responses to about 6 set questions. He said 'great'.  I trust he will stay in post.  He said you were unsure when the whole piece would be broadcast.  I have not heard.  I have watched a few minutes of the Boris/Jeremy Punch and Judy show which central BBC 'editors' are keen to flog to infinity.  I have seen a few excruciating clips from the third form debating society - Mrs Swinson.  Britain has been lowered mostly by our politicians but ably helped by the 'media'.

BBC  Sunday    5th May 2019  7.30 am  via  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Dear Mr Stourton,

I am addressing you in your journalistic role on this most beautiful day in AD 2019.  I have in mind your need for the oft quoted 'balance' and for corroboration by a second.  Sue and me are fortunate, on this edge of Dartmoor, to have helped Nature grow a garden in keeping with this day.  The sun is lighting the beeches and, on the spur of the moment, we are opening it to passing humans. 

Our brothers and sisters in Gaza, where I have been ten times, live under the same sun but are on the cross.  Although now just 79, but with the same energy, I am barred by the Zionist entity from standing at the foot of that cross, some 80 miles from the original, in Gaza.  **  Barred because I was one of sixteen humans without one bullet between us on MV Dignity ** which was rammed (attached) by one of three gun boats 66 miles off Haifa in the dark and in stiff seas 30-12-08.  Just a speck of its destructive urge.  The intention (I always look to the intention) was to drown every one of us - 'Muslim', 'Christian', atheist or Christian Atheist like me.  The first words of the ramming captain over the FM radio (another was responsible for focusing a search light on our hull) -  'You are Terrorists'.   We had enough spirit to want to join our fellows suffering yet another convulsion of killing by the unlawful entity.  Unlawful by UNGA Resolution 194 and by its relentless, pitiless and lethal treatment of the native people.  Thus I cannot continue the Voyage of the Dove and the Dolphin ** which, with the same spirit, began 1-02-03.

I have digressed but with reason.  I cannot check the facts because, although I 'registered' with the BBC months ago, I cannot enter the BBC web site.  I get only Mr Graham Norton but not his dirty innuendos you broadcast.