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Has there been a big protest meeting by the clock tower in response to this reckless cruelty? No.

When serving as an orthopaedic and trauma surgeon at Torbay up to 1992, I had to care for a few patients who came in with a fractured hip and hypothermia. They had fallen in their cold homes and could not call for help. They lay in pain, often in night clothes as their bodies cooled. Gradually they became unconscious as their core temperature fell. An essential low reading thermometer would record that.

The victim would be rewarmed gradually after the limb was put on traction. Examination and blood tests might have revealed low thyroid function thus making our elderly human more susceptible to unsteadiness and hypothermia. I recall an old lady whom I diagnosed with this who was on Ainslie ward for weeks, ‘geriatric’ beds being many but full. Some would die of bronchopneumona.

And what of our neighbour Agnes and her little Yorkie Tia? I presume that EDF was able to cut off her electricity remotely – twice, because she had been inveigled into having a ‘smart’ meter. Our ‘government’ has spent £12 billion propagandising this nonsense. Older readers will remember we had a Central Electricity Generating Board, and regional boards supplying this most wonderful invention of mankind – SWEB here in the SW. Then we had privatisation - ‘Don’t Tell Sid’ about the North Sea Gas sell off, and all the rest. That wonderful bounty found right by our sceptred isle, when fossil fuel, used wisely, was producing CO2 - the stuff of all vegetation, and which gives us back the oxygen.I recall a Brixham lady whose son was a senior in the CEGB. He was over in the US learning how, in madness, a market was made every 30 minutes for purchasing electricity. The engineers there said that the UK had the best system and why were we ditching it. The answers of course were several but private profit was at the top. As with OUR NHS – public is bad, private is good. And so we have this disgusting story of dear Agnes who has one seeing eye, but with only 20% of normal.

This is the blind insanity as of 2022. Quotes - According to Ofgem, there are 24 active energy suppliers in the UK market after over 62 of them ceased trading. We have pulled together a full list of the 62 energy companies that have gone bust.

The company that took third spot last year - Ebico - ceased trading when Robin Hood Energy went bust. The warning signs were there last year, when Robin Hood Energy dropped from second place in 2019 to 20th place this last year, following the financial troubles that saw it rescued by a £25.5 million taxpayer loan.

The blind complacent say ‘it is as it is’. I think, with knowledge, of the thousands of Agnes in cold homes. Of their suffering and actual terror, as Europe shoots itself in its foot by sanctioning (an act of war) plentiful supplies of cheap gas and oil from Russia. 40% of Europe’s diesel fuel comes from there – or did.

This is fact. Britain is bankrupt having spent £400 billion on ‘covid’. Hunt’s ‘black hole’ of £50 billion is yet another lie. It is also, for the time being, bankrupt of common sense – and of care.

Me - ‘to care is the most important characteristic of any worthwhile society’.

Instead we distract ourselves by praising an arrangement of smaller shoe boxes instead of a revolting pink lump for the showing of Hollywood junk to thin audiences – the capital cost for this nonsense funded by us the council tax payers.

David Halpin 5-12-2022

Reproduced by kind permission of the Mid Devon Advertiser