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Motto  'Nation shall Speak Peace unto Nation'. Narrator re Gaza - Chief Diplomatic Correspondent Paul Adams

This broadcast was presented by Ms Katya Adler, formerly correspondent in Brussels, the guts of the European Union. Ursula Gertrud von der Leyen is its ever smiling non-elected president and physician. (1). It was she who in e-mail correspondence with Bourla of Pfizer ordered 1.8 billion coronavirus vaccine doses in May 2021. The chain of e-mails about this toxic junk went missing, like the natural immunity of the victims receiving this RNA 'vaccine'. The cost of this 'contract' if completed would be 35 billion euros. (2)

It starts with a 4-12 minute segment reporting heavy snowfall in Scotland and Cumbria, the reporter one Yunus Mulla. "Chaos - drivers trapped in their vehicles 'without food and water' - 2,500 without electricity - not 2.2 million - a generous citizen had provided a bed for the night for a stranded motorist - a Christian church community centre in Ambleside opened for others stranded - government warning not to drive unless necessary."

The next segment - the 'chaos' in Gaza, but with the other occupied territories omitted, starts at 5-30 minutes. We are warned of potential distress being caused by images - so some will switch off. Paul Adams narrates the next 3-16 minutes.

News from Israel of a ground operation starting. Hamas designated by the UK government as a terrorist organisation. (The BBC omitting as usual that Hamas is a resistance movement and political party that gained 43% of votes in a scrupulous election across Palestine in 2006, excepting the million plus Palestinians within the formal boundaries of the Jewish State - as defined by the Knesset.)  Lloyd Austin quoted - always feeds from the US dominating BBC news - requiring the Zionist entity to minimise casualties of civilians not connected to Hamas, thus including the bombardment and crushing of those many in Gaza who support Hamas and its leader Ishmail Haniyeh who was born in the Beach Camp by Gaza City. (3) I met him twice in my ten medically focused and humanitarian visits to the people of Gaza. The Dove and Dolphin charity I set up there for the welfare of the children after the voyage of the same name (4) needed supervision. The website records some of the criminal acts of the occupying power, as well as the humane striving of others.(5)

Lloyd Austin is part of the sham concern of the American empire for humans, especially of brown skin and of Muslim belief. He did not echo Blinken's urging to use smaller bombs, just as the empire was delivering 2000lb JDAMS to penetrate down to 'those tunnels under the now largely destroyed hospitals'. He did not refer to thermobaric guided missiles which come with varied contents for slicing and penetrating but of fixed explosive charge. Adams referred to the south of this 25 mile by 5 mile strip of a concentration camp as being 'overcrowded'. Khan Younis was an Hamas stronghold as defined by the IOF. 'Now the Israelis are closing in on Jabaliyah'. 'A generation in despair'. Which generation - those grandparents being blown out of their homes for at least the second time? James Elder of UNICEF - still living unlike the the 70 + journalists already killed in Gaza, spoke truth and in despair. Adams - ''The battle for Gaza rages in the north and south' - the battle a word inferring equivalence. This is between guerilla units of several names with AK 47s, some anti-tank weapons and perhaps the odd sniper rifle, against vast force with high explosive coming from F16s, drones, the navy off the Gazan shore, and artillery with howitzers on the eastern border. The latter have been there for the tormenting, killing and maiming for the last two decades. I sat in Dr Khamis Elessi's office in the then present El Wafa hospital in 2005, its corners cracked by previous blasts, as shells exploded in 'gardens' close by.

There was no mention of 'allied' military manpower but US army uniform flashes have been reported in Gaza. RAF transports have been reported flying from the colonial base in Cyprus to Lodd airport but the British tax payers are being kept in the dark as usual in its illusory democracy with DSMA notices (6). Hamas was defined by Adams as a determined 'enemy' but as always this cipher of the BBC omits the right in international law for the oppressed to use military means in resisting a military occupation. And the military occupation - extending back to the 1930s when the British government was aiding and training Zionist terrorists, is the most vicious and unlawful. The exception being the mountainous crimes of the Nazis in Operation Barbarossa. Alan Clark. The imprisonment and frequent torture of Palestinians under British Mandate 'administrative detention', including children down to age 12 shows the absolute denial of law and human empathy by Israel.

The 3-16 minutes covering this current holocaust finishes of course with Israeli loss. The girlfriend of an IOF staff sergeant is shown weeping over his grave with the Star of David flag across her shoulder. She is heard saying he died bravely defending the State of Israel. She did not weep when a grandmother was shot at one of the hundreds of checkpoints bordering the 'Occupied Territories' (every square inch of Palestine is effectively occupied). As she lay bleeding, the Red Crescent ambulance and its paramedics were kept back at gunpoint, whilst the 'most moral army' in the world watched her bleed to death. Since the October 7th break out from the prison with recorded 'blue on blue' killing and burning in the kibbutz close by, the State Broadcaster has always ended its Israeli 'news' with the weeping relatives of those taken hostage, along with elaborate vacant seating and dining places.

The facts are these.  When Reith - later ennobled, set up a private broadcasting company he wrote the texts for Government propaganda against the General Strike. Propagandare nero has been both its strength for the semi-conscious for decades since, and its weakness for those with some powers of independent analysis. It fed war fever for the first big strike of the Oded Yinon policy (7), the war on Iraq, with the demonising of Saddam Hussein who the west fed. In the autumn of 2002 the BBC 'news' included a succession of US Zionists, all signatories of PNAC - the Project of the New American Century. The Wolfowitz's dominated for the later unending killing and starvation of our fellow humans, and destruction of the 'temples of the family' - the homes as in 'Ghan' etc.

The Zionists will shortly be leaving the Palestine. The BBC is already asunder.

Ilan Pappe in his 'The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine' 2006 Oneworld Publications Ltd showed what a people from 'the dark side of a dark planet' was doing, and were bound to complete, as they now intend, - but will fail.

The father of Paul Adams, Michael, and with Mayhew wrote a courageous book in the 60s titled 'Publish it Not'. That showed too that the Zionists had no 'Reverence for All Life'- Albert Schweitzer.

In having healed thousands with good teams at my side, I say 'that child is my child' and 'no mother and child should be in the least harmed anywhere in our still beautiful world'.

Most humans are innately good, especially the humble.

David Halpin MB BS FRCS  Haytor, Devon

1.  See 'Plagiarism'