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Dear Sir,

The firewall on my computer became inactive 5 weeks ago. Therefore I opened the e-mail system for very brief periods only. However, in those few days every one of my 6000 plus e-mail files was erased or removed. This will have been done by a state sponsored agency and not by an amateur acting singly.

Who might wish to cause me great difficulty? I speak and act firmly for justice in Palestine and against an occupation of indescribable brutality. I have asked, with other specialists, for the law to be upheld in the case of the late Dr David Kelly; that there should be a full inquest and not the half one that has taken place. I have spoken, marched and written to stop the war crimes committed against Afghans and Iraqis by our government and its odious leader.

So which agency is the most likely culprit? Only one other associate has lost a mass of e-mail files and that is the lay chairperson of our 'Kelly Investigation Group' - last Autumn. I have made a formal complaint to my MP and also about delayed e-mail transmission. My right to privacy, association and free speech are ostensibly inviolate in this country - pro tempore.

If any one else has lost e-mails in this manner in the last two years, I should be grateful to hear on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Yours faithfully

David S. Halpin, MB BS FRCS