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Dear Mr Halpin – Thank you for your message.  The Archbishop is not I am afraid going to engage with you, one to one by email, on the complex issues in the Middle East.  He has made a number of public statements over the years about the Middle East, and visited the region.  Anything he says that is public is available on his website. 

Yours sincerely

Mr Andrew Nunn | Correspondence Secretary to the Archbishop of Canterbury


From: David Halpin   Sent: 28 June 2015 18:59
To: Lambeth Palace

Subject: Re: 23590 Persecution of Christians

Dear Canon Nunn,

I did not receive a reply to my courteous e-mail below of 5 May, conveying my outrage, and pleading for truth and complete recognition of the sanctity of all life.

My sister, who lives within the Guildford Diocese, and who shares my very deep concerns **, has just sent me this

My sister - 'Imprison them, abuse them, and then steal their property.'

'Israeli newspaper Haaretz last month leaked details of the seizure of Beit al-Baraka hospital by a Jewish billionaire, the sale having been allegedly made through a fake Norwegian real estate company. Days after publication of this illegal seizure, the sale process halted, however Israeli Defense Minister, Moshe Ya’alon, subsequently decided that there was no legal impediment to the sale of the building.'

 It's an American, Moskowitz. See this from Juan Cole.

Israeli forces suppress protest over fraudulent purchase of West Bank church
7 June 2015

HEBRON (Ma’an) — Israeli forces on Saturday suppressed a march protesting the recent purchase by Israeli setters of a church compound in the southern West Bank.

The 38 dunam (about 10 acres) compound, known as Beit al-Baraka, is located to the north of al-Arrub refugee camp between Bethlehem and Hebron.

It has been in the spotlight since an investigative report by Israeli newspaper Haaretz last month alleged that an American millionaire, Irving Moskowitz, purchased the site through a Swedish company in 2012 with the intention of turning it into a settlement outpost.

Would you please bring this to the attention of Archbishop Welby.  I will relay the response to the 31 people who are 'copied in'.

For truth

David Halpin

**  'The vortex sucks for ever louder.'     A philanthropist

Re-sent from 29 April

Dear Canon Nunn,

I can imagine you have many letters and e-mails to respond to, as well as your other duties.  However, I am sure that the C of E supports the Nuremberg Protocols in their every letter.  What Archbishop Welby was proposing for 'Isis' ('western' backed terrorists) was outside those protocols, and beyond Christ's teaching.  I should appreciate a reply.

"If certain acts and violations of treaties are crimes, they are crimes whether the United States does them or whether Germany does them.

 We are not prepared to lay down a rule of criminal conduct against others which we would not be willing to have invoked against us.”
 - Justice Robert H. Jackson, Chief Prosecutor, Nuremberg War Crimes Trials

"And so long as they were at war, their power was preserved, but when they had attained empire they fell, for of the arts of peace they knew nothing, and had never engaged in any employment higher than war." Aristotle, Politics

I have been reading the report of the Archbishop's address from the Board of Deputies web site

Please make sure he sees this last report from a NZ friend.  I receive these daily.  I am not asking for missiles to be launched against the I'D'F but for all peoples, including those of Christ, to speak the truth and for the sanctity of all lives.      ONE DAY.  I say often that our Palestinian sisters and brothers are being crucified and that the vinegar soaked sponge is not far away - on the spear.

For truth  and with good wishes

David Halpin FRCS

Dear Canon Nunn,

Thank you.  I know well that the C of E is the established church but it should be absolutely firm in speaking purely for the spiritual unless the UK is faced with having to defend itself.  No killing by the UK in recent decades has had anything to do with defence.

The other day I caught these few minutes at the end of a Today programme.  A friend kindly chased it -

I heard him on this morning's Today talking about the persecution of Christians in the ME: "In the House of Lords last summer, last autumn, I supported the bombing campaign," he told Orla Guerin. A few seconds previously she spoke to the Head of the Coptic Church in Cairo, Pope Tawadros, who told her "We build our relation on love."
@ 2:54:52

"He had backed military action against Islamic State fighters in Iraq."

So Bishop Justin supported the bombing of 'ISIS' last summer.  His words stand in contrast to those of the leader of the Coptic Church which were of Christ.  And what of the back ground to ISIS?  There is clear evidence that these psychopaths have the support of some western nations, US especially, plus 'Israel'.  Is not Bishop Justin aware of this?

For truth

David Halpin FRCS

On 10/04/15 08:42, Lambeth Palace wrote:
Thank you for the feedback Mr Halpin.  You will appreciate that there is so much that he could have spoken about.  For him not to does not mean he is not aware and concerned, and indeed active on behalf of other groups.

Yours sincerely

Andrew Nunn | Correspondence Secretary to the Archbishop of Canterbury

Lambeth Palace, London SE1 7JU
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Sent: 05 April 2015 21:08
To: Lambeth Palace
Subject: 23590 Persecution of Christians
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Name: David S Halpin FRCS
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Message : Having heard BBC Radio 4 News refer to the persecution of Christians abroad - especially Coptic Christians in Libya and those many Christians in Kenya who were put to death most cruelly, I read Archbishop Justin's sermon here.  The paraphrasing by the BBC did not do justice to his words.
However, I wish he had spoken with passion about the million  Muslims who have been killed by a nominally Christian west, and the many more who have fled, been tortured or maimed.  

We agree that there is sanctity in all life and that creed is irrelevant in this.
Finally, Archbishop Justin must insist publicly that all Christians in the holy land must be completely free to worship.  For instance, this link portrays outrageous behaviour by those who occupy (illegally) the Old City of Jerusalem.