Dear Ms Godfrey,

Good morning.  Time passes.  I have taken preliminary advice from a lady barrister who specialises in ''planning'' with a possible judicial review in mind.  I had heard from local people as to how ''prior approval'' can be revoked, and then read it up.

Given that TDC was given 'false information' (euphemism) after Ms Kelly Grunnill  Senior Planning Officer asked a clear/unambiguous question - No 2, it would seem to this layman that revocation of the 'prior approval' is the way out of this mire for TDC.

Perhaps TDC is worried the appeal will stay live.  I would hope that an inspector would kick it out quickly given the travesty of this most recent application.

FAO  Mr Nicholas Davies
Business Manager  Strategic Place  Teignbridge District Planning Department

Ref:  15/01296/MPA   Charlecombe Mill Top Farm  Mr King  


Dear Mr Davies,

I understand that TDC gave its assent to the construction of a large timber barn to be used for agricultural purposes on this site in about 2010 even though it would serve only 48 acres.  Indeed,
the assent then was for a barn that could have been 30 ft longer.  There is a view in the parish that the applicant wanted a dwelling at this site from the start and that perhaps he had wind of the relaxation of the planning rules blowing his way.  

As a layman, but with some knowledge of our law, I believe that a judicial review is probably indicated in regard both to process and the respect given to statutory declarations.

I should be grateful for your answering the most salient questions coming out of my study of the records.  I will try to give context.  The questions/requests will be in bold and numbered.  I have concentrated on the latter communications – the 'flurry'.