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Firstly we all should discuss this very important subject with as many established facts on the table and without the hysteria ** and actual lawlessness. XR is an example. Ms Gail Bradbrook, being one of the two founders of XR, was on Youtube having been interviewed by Russell Brand. No logic, no facts, no link to it for some days.

Measuring ‘global’ heating and coming to a true conclusion is very difficult but must take place. Oft repeated anecdotes of the frequent extreme weather events do not prove ‘climate change’. Look at the very large boulders in the brecchia in Combe parish – tumbled to smoothness in the Ice Ages.

Note the +ve feedback mechanism – small rise in CO2 level > spurs vegetative growth.

Example via BBC Farming Today – Lea Valley market gardens. Boilers turned on IN SUMMER, to produce CO2 which is trickled, being heavier than air, into the peppers, cucumber vines etc.

Note Prof David Bellamy - ‘banned’ by the BBC after he voiced a contrary opinion.

C C first promoted world wide by Bliar and Gore, the latter with dodgy data.

I observe the ‘precautionary principle’. Examples -

Gardened whenever we could – as an SHO in Bristol I dug two private ‘allotments’

Always frugal with the earth’s resources – always re-cycling

Compost all green waste – from the kitchen, wood chips from our forestry

Farmed in a small way organically but without £75 membership fee

Planted/had planted 28 acres of broad leafed woods at Combe.

Included 7 acres of pasture

Not ‘flown’ for at least 10 years, and then always to be in Gaza/Palestine with a crucified native people. Cf with Helen Chessum and her recent letter in the MDA. (To be scanned later – cutting not found)

There is much shallow thought. eg When there is a high, a drift from the east. Often with haar, that can last for several weeks – say in Feb. Very cold, leaden skies, NO wind and NO sun. Relying then on fossil fuel and a bit of hydro. AND nuclear power. With the latter – NO solution for disposal/storage of waste isotopes. NO absolute exclusion of the risk of >critical>fire> dospersal world wide of germ cell, somatic cell damage by long lived or even very short half-life isotopes.

Three Mile Island, Windscale (I 131) – RENAMED SELLAFIELD, Chernobyl, Fukushima. Latter still being quenched with sea water. All facts played right down by the lovely BBC/ZBC.

See letter below in the MDA.

Strike price for juice from Hinkley – French EDF – twice present cost. Slow building, poor ground! Of course – estuarial. Workers suffering mental illness - ?from oppressive foremen/’managers’.

I call for well informed RATIONAL discussion by all interested citizens AND observation of the ‘precautionary principle’.

for truth

David Halpin MB BS FRCS

** the ridiculous TDC’s ‘Climate Emergency’


Title Global Warming. 27-06-17

Dear Letters Editor, MDA

I respond to Helen Chessum's letter in last week's MDA which made a plea for us to react to climate change, because I am sceptical.

However, I believe in the precautionary principle.  We have had a wood burner for 40 years, planted many trees on poor ground and supply logs.  We do not 'fly', and use the train for longer journeys.  This whilst there are more cars than ever, plus more air and ship miles.

The early proponents of climate change included Al Gore and Blair!  The former used dodgy graphs to make his case.

The focus is on carbon dioxide although methane is a much more potent atmospheric blanket.  People might not know that small increases in atmospheric carbon dioxide stimulates  vegetative growth.  In those vast greenhouse in the Lea Valley, the boilers are turned on in summer in order to produce this gas.  This is trickled over the salad crops to spur growth.  (BBC Farming Today.)

Question.  5000 years ago our forebears were harvesting einkorn, spelt and millet here on the uplands of Dartmoor.  You can still see the walls - reves now.  Was this cycle of warming local regional or global?  It was not due to the burning of fossil fuel !  Was it related to sun spot activity, a possible factor in any warming now?

Lies are masked within the fully justified debate on warming.  The government is calling the energy that will come from the massive Hinkley Point C, "clean energy'.  This when the disposal of nuclear waste is insoluble and medium level waste is leaking from the tanks at Sellafield.  Windscale, Three Mile Island, Chernobyl are down the memory hole, whilst at Fukushima they are still quenching the nuclear fires there.  Very potent isotopes have washed into the Pacific ever since two reactors blew up.