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Presently destabilise (as with OUR NHS over years) other countries. Vicious sanctions, acts of war, against Iran and Syria – joined with the EU. Why? Are not the 90 milllion Iranians friends and humans. A large fleet – lead by USS Abraham Lincoln and HMS Queen Elizabeth are waiting in the Persian Gulf for a false flag to attack Iran, as Netanyahu has been urging for 10 year. Syria – a united and ancient people – growth rate 10% just before the terrorists were inserted by Saudi and the US.

Then attack. Iraq notably. Libya later, and much else. Aggressive war - ‘from which all other crimes flow’. Nuremberg – 1946. Germans hung. No hanging of President Johnson, Blair, Bush, Cameron etc etc.

Symbols – HMS Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles. Attack weapons only. Illegal by Nuremberg and UN Charter. Never said. £5 billion each (pull the other one). F35Bs - £80 million each.

TURN each into hospital ships, surgeons – some retired or part retired. One to Iraq, Basra – later Libya >> Help with local staff to heal the thousands WE have maimed. Psychiatry as well. One to deal around British ports the very many waiting, waiting for treatment. DIAGNOSIS AND SELECTION OF TREATMENT AT THE FORE.