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I reckoned that 'George Antoniou' was genuine.  This is is reply to me below.  I have seen the video - and my responses are better than I thought,and should be shared.  Not easy to collect so many thoughts - and sift them.  I had done as Tony Gosling had asked, and after a wonderful day in the woods felling 33 year old ashes for next winter's homes, I had listed ten points with details. (Attached) (I sell fine logs - ash, sweet chestnut, oak and field maple.)  Connectivity with Tony, who is ensconced in NZ with his family there, was difficult - line broke twice    12.30 minutes
Do consider sending this link on.  Note the clip after this video - Porton Down pretends to be purely for DEFENCE against bio-weapons.  All research on 'bugs' should be under scrupulous world surveillance.

Where are we?  The Gadarene swine are being stampeded to the precipice.  The objects are a.  more war, without mass resistance, and  b.  more control.

A.   Before you consider sending the link on read this -  click   down on the right, A Little Food for Thought - Milton Mayer.  "They Thought THey Were Free":  The Germans, 1938-45   (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1955)  A cultured nation, with the best scientific base, was changed by fear, nationalism, racism and 'God' - the strategy of the psychopath Hitler over SIX years after the false flag of the burning of the Reichstag.  The parallel now is exact.  The belts on the Wehrmacht had 'God is with Us'.  The C of E backed the 'war' on a disarmed Iraq.

B.  Join with me and say, in your hearts - 'No mother and child should be in the least harmed anywhere in our still beautiful world'.  People have the shortest memories. They are listening to a PM leading HMG who is also psychopathic.  (My mild definition is - a human with an unusual response to loss or suffering in others.  One man to read is Robert Hare.)
When Foreign Secretary under the racist Mrs May, he said HMG's aim was to 'topple Assad'.  This was a war crime under the Charter of the UN which GB signed up to in 1946.  At the same time he said that GB had given £90 million pounds to aid the salafist terrorists infiltrated by Saudi Arabia to destroy the ancient people of Syria.  Johnson's hand is on every mother and child who drowned in terror from those inflatables in the Middle Sea.  5 million refugees abroad, 4 million IDs (internally displaced - UN lingo).  Over 100,000 civilians dead.  Endless black prop from the State Broadcaster - the BBC.  It does not tell you that a de facto state, Israel, has bombed Syria over 200 times.  Its ability to lie infinite.  An image of children, in shrouds, in a mass grave.  Imputed that this was in Syria, and a result of 'gas'.  An Italian journalist came forward; he had taken the image in Iraq in 2004!

C.  A book I read slowly 'Political Ponerology' - ponerology - the study of evil Greek - poneros.  Andrew M. Lobaczewski - a brave Polish psychologist. Red Pill Press.  ISBN-13:978-1897244470  Resonates in every page.  149  "I shall accept the denomination of pathocrac for a system of government thus created, wherein a small pathological minority takes control over a society of normal people'.  In a footnote on the previous page, he quotes Postel -  BUT FEAR IS THE GREATEST ALLY OF TYRANNY' 
I thank George, a fellow of the mind and the net, this latter being the last bastion of our freedoms.  I imagine he is based in the US of A (the evil empire as I call it) whose central concern is for the truth and for our humanity.  A revolution of the mind is urgently needed, after people reflect, inform themselves and then, as my father said 'Stand up and Speak out'.

David Halpin MB BS FRCS  

The corporate grip on opinion in the United States is one of the wonders of the Western world. No First World country has ever managed to eliminate so entirely from its media all objectivity - much less dissent: Gore Vidal   Add GB - DSH

Dear Dr Halpin,
thank you very much for your reply.
This was the most enlightening message I could have.
I've been investigating corruption within medicine for some years and have concluded that we should rename it now.
Prescription industry I think is a more appropriate title.
I'm currently reading a book by Michael Fitzpatrick GP called The Tyranny of Health. The mind boggles.

I've corrected the audio (attached) as best as I could and discovered that you actually said the home of penicillin describing St. Mary's Hospital. Also I made up a video of your interview and uploaded it for all to watch and share as far and wide as possible.
Please let me know if you'd prefer a different title and/or description, I can update both with yours.
Thanks for the links and guidance Sir, I'll keep reading and letting people know about your website.
Best wishes


Dear George,

Please give me the link to my short and intermittent interview on Friday night with Tony Gosling. bcc  I cannot extract it from his blog.  He was speaking from NZ via Skype, and me on a land line here in Devon. 

Paddington - St Mary's Hospital where I qualified.  Nothing to do with paedophilia!  The staff who taught me were very principled and talented people, with the best of human spirit.  Like Prof Stan Peart a less formal obituary, but it holds the character as I knew it. I studied under him and was honoured to have served under him as a house physician on St Mary's Medical Unit.  That was a second time round.  I had started the 'job' in April 1964 within a week of passing 'finals'

...............   My own medical history and record of service in OUR NHS

I hope I said in the interview that the national responses to this epidemic have been engineered and for ulterior motives.  That it is probably a man made virus but whether introduced by malign purpose will only emerge later - as say with the anthrax bacillus in ?2002 in the USA.  (I was active then in wishing to see it investigated urgently by bacteriologists, epidemiologists and scientists, as a team from Europe - very urgently.  A letter to the BMA, and ?to the BMJ did not get aired.  You will recall that a whistle blower confirmed that it had come from Fort Detrick -I believe.  I did say that an apocalyptic atmosphere had been purposely generated that made one think of the ''''Christian''''' Zionist hope for 'End Times' - the Armageddon.  I said at the end that an attack on Iran was in the offing. *** The assassination of the loved Iranian General was the
goading plus the draconian sanctions, and the pretext was being planned - as say the Gulf of Tonkin for the genocidal war on the people of Vietnam.

I make no apology for length - one e-mail to one person who wanted to connect with me.  Truth and determination, not cowing, is the need.

for truth George, reason and justice

David (Halpin MB BS FRCS)   01364 661115   closed 2011, but shortly will be relit


 ** I searching for an obituary of Dr Weir, I came to one re Dr Brinton, Dean of St Mary's 1945 to 50.   It captures the spirit of some of the doctors I had the great fortune to learn my trade and my principles from - the most recent being Robin Ling

***  I could send you my summary of the weapons 'deployed' in the Persian Gulf and world wide if you wish.  There is no depth of evil to which psychopaths sink eg Blair

On 29/03/2020 11:45 am, David Halpin wrote:

This is an enquiry email via from: George Antoniou

Dear Dr. Halpin, thank you Sir. That was the most informative talk I've heard in years. In the first few moments of the interview with Tony Gosling I think I got that correctly though the sound isn't very clear, did you say, Paddington, the home of paedophilia? I'd be very grateful if you could let me know more about it please. Best wishes George Antoniou