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Every day there is a ‘news’ conference at No 10, the nerve centre of a people numbering 69 million. The previous spokespersons, PM Johnson, Chief Medical Officer Whitty and Chief Scientific Adviser Vallance are ‘self isolated’, presumed living and substituted by a succession. This includes Rishi Sunak, the diminutive Chancellor of the Exchequer, with big promises of grants, loans etc to millions of the worried stiff. His title goes back to medieval times appropriately. Three persons come to three lecterns and each has in three colours - Stay at Home Save Lives Protect the NHS. The words would have been approved by the ‘Nudge Unit’, formerly within No 10 but still in Whitehall now. This is lead by a David Halpern. A large team of graduates examine the obedience and gullibility of the ‘great British public’ and tweek its mind where it can find it.

To be brief, Her Majesty’s Government has created mass hysteria through fear and with constant reference to the ‘science’. The draconian directions, especially ‘staying at home’ is slaying the economy; many millions have no income and government promises are pie in the sky. Any recovery will depend on ingenuity and grit, and little on politicians, mostly with their pink, smooth hands which have never done honest work in most.

The people have been drilled, distracted and disempowered little by little for years. Milton Mayer described it in ‘The Germans: They Thought They were Free. 1938-45’(3) The NHS, which has been subject to 40 years of neo-liberal blood taking, is now being lionised, in fact, beatified. It has been subject to a strategy of destabilisation > demoralisation > dismantling. As in the US, hospital beds have been drastically cut in numbers. In GB they have been halved over 30 years. There are great difficulties in discharging the elderly who often have several pathologies, and 40% live alone. The author has fought hard for the retention of Community Hospitals in Devon. These performed several vital functions including as a step from the District General Hospitals. About 70% have been closed after sham ‘consultations’ against wide public and professional opinion thus limiting elective surgery in particular. All this, and more, was to shove Britain into the maw of the massive US medical insurance companies. Underlying is the shift from a concern for the whole population, including the public health arena, to a transactional relationship between the professional arms and the patient – or client/customer as they prefer it. So, with no leeway in this ‘crisis’, in an exhibition centre in East London where lethal weapons are traded, 4000 beds are being created. This adds to the many frightening images.

The media, and especially the BBC (4), are pumping out the propagandere nero(5). They recite the number of Covid-19 cases as tested but the tests are never defined, nor their reliability. The deaths are highlighted and graphs shown. South Korea’s ‘lock down’ is shown to have been beneficial. Early on they would add that there were ‘other medical issues’ in the victims reported. More recently they infer a direct cause and effect ie death. ‘Yesterday 1073 patients died withcorona virus’. ‘With’ A large majority will be elderly and close to natural death with other disease before this virus quickly affected their bronchi and alveoli, and then their whole. How many autopsies with viral studies of the tissues are being done? It is of great concern that only 1 to 2% of hospital deaths go on to autopsy now in Britain. Pre-mortem diagnoses have been shown to be wrong in at least 40% of cases. So ignorance is a virus. Knowledge of pathology lends the doctor X ray eyes for his or her patients.

Last Saturday, and possibly in the face of greater public resistance, the BBC pumped out the worst of the nero. The son of a psychiatrist who had died ‘with’ corona virus showed his distress via video link but with the picture cropped so that his face filled the screen. A funeral in Northern Ireland by the grave – priest centre and two mourners two metres each away. A long line of coffins in a church in Northern Italy with a priest sprinkling disinfected holy water. A big fork lift putting a coffin with corpse into a lorry in NY.

The State Broadcaster with its motto of ‘Nation shall Speak Peace unto Nation’ promoted the war on a disarmed Iraq, and especially with a train of Zio-Cons in the autumn of 2002. Since 2011 and the insertion of a rag tag of lethal and pitiless salafists into Syria, the BBC has done its very worst at attempting to ‘topple’ Assad and destroy its ancient people. One example among the false flags of gassing was the image of over a hundred children in shrouds within an open mass grave. It inferred this was a Syrian government crime. An Italian photo-journalist came forward to say he had taken this photograph in Iraq in 2004! But such calumnies are never admitted by the broadcasters nor broadcast.

We come downwards to the bona fidesof the leaders padlocking the houses in our lands. The Prime Minister was as a youth at Eton and a member of the Bullingdon Club, dicky bows and all. When they had trashed a restaurant for fun, the Daddies wrote the cheque. And speaking of cheques, there was a black tie fund raising dinner for the Tories about two months ago. David Ross, (6) who was said to have arranged the accommodation of our Prime Minister and his girl friend in Mustique over Christmas, was a central organiser of the bash. Over £5 million was raised in that one night. When he was Foreign Secretary of our lowered nation he spoke in the Middle East of his governments determination to ‘topple Assad’. The Charter of the UN was cast aside and his words were a war crime. At the same time he said that £90 million of our taxes were going to the ‘rebels’, the names of which decapitating gangs transmuted weekly.

But the memories of the public are generally microsecond long and the very title ‘Prime Minister’ demands obeisance, especially when fear is current in the vessels. What is it all about? This engineered crisis in which the world economy has been exploded with all intention by the ‘tactical’ nuclear war head of W76-2 (7) be it only 8 times the megatonnage of the Hiroshima shoah! An apocalyptic atmosphere has been engendered, an ‘End Times’ so desired by those 40 million oxymoronic “Christian’’ Zionists who shriek in support of the POTUS.

I am afraid that whilst the people are distracted and addled by fear, and locked down, the pretext will be snatched from thin air to justify an all attack on Iran. Study the US 6thfleet. Note the demand by Netanyahu and his psychopathic cabal for the US to destroy Iran. Why is an amphibious arm of the US now in the Persian Gulf?(8). I recorded my fears 14thof June 2019 here in Global Research (9).

David Halpin FRCS



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