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Note the chief officer, his gut, and his hands in his pockets.  The same mentalities that enjoyed shooting the native people in their own land - on a Sunday.  And do not forget, a close ally of the US Empire and the Old and and cunning country. .

Coming down the line folks.  Do read Milton Mayer again - on my home page but easier attached.  Down the line.  Fall in or - resist, in every way you can.

An update on that which I reported on my web site 8-04-20

and this was published in our good local paper, the Mid Devon Advertiser 10 days later, as an Opinion piece.  I missed a deadline pre-Easter. (Previous ones on Community Hospitals etc)

Not long.  Forgive typos.  The cuckoo was first heard here 22-04-20 - a 4000 mile journey.  Note the bold, and the final sentence

Is this why its original title was ‘The 2019/2020 Corona Virus Bill??

The moor above our wood has been silent for the fifth week.  No voices of children.  No child to hear the lark.  Sue and I gave support to the Ten Tors Orchestra.  For those five concerts we supported, I wrote a piece for each programme.  Vaughan Williams 'The Lark Ascending' was in that one.  Attached

He rises and begins to round,
He drops the silver chain of sound
Of many links without a break,
In chirrup, whistle, slur and shake

... so says George Meredith's poem that inspired Vaughan Williams' pastoral masterpiece.

The picture of the 'primroses' - I planted cowslip plants from seed we gathered on a cycling holiday in France.  They have crossed and mutated - no cowslips there but varieties of of oxlips.

So the lark, and the gold of the gorse, and the stonechat, are not to be sensed in this glorious spring.  Suppressed by a statute over 300 pages long, passed in less than 3 days, and not read I bet by a single 'legislator'.  My gentle Mum - I was the first born of four 14-04-40, used the word 'wicked' now and again.  Messrs Johnson, Cummings, Raab, Ferguson etc etc are 'wicked'.  All the evidence from independent epidemiologists and virologists gives no support for house arrest.

for truth


I wrote this before 11pm last night, but saved it lest a bleep on a 'smart' 'phone disturbed you.  I woke at 4.20 for an urgent pee - renal damage arising out of ignorance, and indeed arrogance, within my calling.  This combines with lack of moral courage as seen now in this 'pandemic'.

The first note was the blackbird's at 4.41 am.  The many wonderful descendants of the pterodactyl have been singing for aeons before homo non-sapiens ruled this earth.  Will they still be singing when the newly deployed 'tactical nuclear weapon' of the US of A has done its worst on Iran

Quote Trump’s NPR says the US could use nuclear weapons in response to “significant non-nuclear strategic attacks”, including but not limited to “attacks on US, allied or partner civilian population or infrastructure”.

That large and beautiful country, a home to 90 million humans, which Hillary Clinton, one of the many leading psychopaths, spoke of 'obliterating'.  There are eight W76-2 warheads in each Trident MIRV missile -  and  THe blast is a third of that caused by Little Boy on Hiroshima 

Quote  After being selected in April 1945, Hiroshima was spared conventional bombing to serve as a pristine target, where the effects of a nuclear bomb on an undamaged city could be observed.[43] While damage could be studied later, the energy yield of the untested Little Boy design could be determined only at the moment of detonation, using instruments dropped by parachute from a plane flying in formation with the one that dropped the bomb. Radio-transmitted data from these instruments indicated a yield of about 15 kilotons.[40]
Will the birds still be singing when Homo tyrannicus holds sway.  Sub-species Homo tyrannicus gatesii.
David (Halpin MB BS FRCS)


An elderly lady, Brenda Banks, who got our annual newsletter from the Dove and Dolphin which had a hand on the shoulder of the Palestinian people sent this with her donation

Say not the struggle naught availeth
The labour and the wounds are vain
The enemy faints not, nor faileth
And as things have been, things remain

For while the tired waves, vainly breaking
Seem here no painful inch to gain
Far back through creeks and inlets making
Comes silent, flooding in, the main

thought they were William Blake's words.  In fact they are A.E. Clough's (she penned the name in), and they make me weep.

 'Never give up .....' she said. The post card was of Hampstead Heath by Constable.  Amidst the evil and the filth there are good and gentle souls.


Introduction in the programme for the Ten Tors Concert of the 5thof February 2005:-

The Spirit of Freedom.

Skylark – Alauda arvensis. ‘Song (end of January to end July, and September to November) profuse, unpremeditated art, delivered soaring almost vertically to 1000 ft, with pauses, changing tone when sailing down.’

Unpremeditated? Such sureness of the earthbound human mind. And why that rest from song in August from nowhere in the sky above?

We have just returned from a stimulating holiday in Cuba. Man made, beguiling music was almost everywhere. When that was silent, some of the three hundred bird species could be heard in farm and bush. Some song came from within the many bamboo bird cages seen throughout the long, large island.

We passed near some cages in Guantanamo Bay. There were no voices to be heard and no trial has let those beings speak.

The music reaches round our blue orb from a thousand feet in its clarity and sureness. That reach is out of all proportion to the little creature that swells its breast to make it.

We hear the swelling sounds of string and celebrate the human minds and hands that write and make the music. Would that we capture the spirit of freedom in our friend the lark, and use our voices as powerfully as his to speak for freedom, when justice has been served.

David Halpin FRCS