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Dear James,

Thank you for forwarding the essay by Godfree Roberts Ed.D.  Education and Politics, University of Massachusetts, Amherst 1973 in the New York Herald Tribune.  This could be regarded as seminal.  I am forwarding this to about 40 friends on my main e-mail list who are all sceptical about the emphasis given by the 'weirdos and misfits', and philanderers in No 10, on the alleged lethality and virulence of Covid-19.  The latter is contradicted by an announcement the other day via the BBC, which has been at the forefront of the propagandere nero (PN), that 6% of the UK population and 20% of those in ?Greater London have had this one of many variants of the coronavirus family - first identified in the 60s. This family is said to be found in 15% of those with the common cold - coryza to give its pompous name.  Given the crowding on public transport, in theatres and cinemas, supermarkets etc in the Wen of Cobbett, one can assume its 'infectivity'/virulence is lower than 'seasonal' influenza of the various Strain A and B types which mutate continuously.  The latter is the reason why the much 'hyped' 'flu vaccination in the UK often fails to protect those submitting to it.  **

The second attachment needs more study.  I cannot find a link to the named Covid-19 virus.  You will be aware incidentally that in PN it is vital to have a dramatic and easily remembered title.  COVID-19 fits the bill, compared say with Strain A 'flu.  Just 'flu', yet with its lethal potential in the frail elderly and those with lung disease.  Odd that the varieties of Novovirus do not grab the headlines in a similar way.  This is said to kill many thousands worldwide, mostly through dehydration.  The deaths include children, as distinct from their resistance to Covid-19.  This has been emphasised by Professors Ioaniddis and Wittkowski, and those two Californian doctors at an A&E coalface.  The Great British Public will not know of their views.  The BBC has not broadcast them at all as far as I know.  Youtube and others, have made sure the videos of their rational views have been taken down, just as those of David Icke and associates have been censored.

I speak here of common sense and basic medicine.  Two good friends have been ill with a gut disease - NOT a respiratory disease.  Sudden onset of diarrhoea with 'griping', vomiting, (not definitely projectile which is a feature of norovirus) headache, fever and malaise.  One was admitted to Torbay Hospital last Tuesday evening - a very fit man of about 48 years.  His wife and son had to stay in their car.  According to her he was admitted to the 'Covid ward'.  He was tested for this virus, which has been blazoned on the susceptible public's mind, dripped and kept overnight.  He was allowed to be picked up by his wife and son the next day.  The result of the 'test' was awaited.  Questions - had he been in contact with the Covid-19 virus in the ward of the same name?  Would he be a 'contact' be traced by the trumpeted, zealous, 'contact tracers'?  Some of the latter are medically qualified.  Have they considered the ethical dimensions?  What is the point when one of the various 'government' voices have spoken of 20% of Londoners having been infected, and thus demonstrating a very low lethality?  Godfree Roberts refers to the likely presence of Covid-19 in Italy in the late autumn.  A strange, rapid and vicious pneumonia in some.  Neither man with the 'flux' was advised the simple treatment to maintain fluid and Na health by taking pints of water with half a teaspoon of salt in each.

I summarise.  We have an engineered 'crisis' riding on an engineered (likely) virus'.  By every intention, the 'government' with its megaphones - especially the BBC with its Rayworths, Miries, Williams, Bruces, have scared the wits out of a gullible and psychologically vulnerable population.  We have seen it in good friends.  I believe that some will never regain their self confidence.  I reckon that there is an ulterior motive given that the response to this virus, with the neglect of the lessons of Cygnet, have created an economic apocalypse which will grow and grow.  I have spoken of the 'End Times' which the oxymoronic ''''Christian'''' Zionists - 40 million in the US madhouse, yearn for.  I wrote of this 14-05-19

The pretext is waited for and being engineered, especially in Tel Aviv.  You told me of the 5 Iranian merchant shipsen passage for Caracas, Venezuela.  Both Iran and Venezuela are subject to US and 'allied' sanctions.  Draconian and unlawful under the UN Charter, and 'acts of war' in themselves.  And US and UK war ships are there in the Caribbean.  Will they light light the fuse for a 'Gulf of Tonkin' so the US can pile into Iran as urged for over 10 years by the Zionist entity?  Will the Conservative, 'Labour' and Liberal '''Democrat'' Friends of Israel be holding the US and UK back?

I finish with this demonstration of HMG dirt, and the way they 'laugh in our faces'.  Porton Biopharm was set up by Public Health England in 2014 - the major shareholder then being the veracious Jeremy Hunt

I had hoped that it would be published in a major newspaper but timidity is rife.  My humble, though now more widely read website, will have to do.

for truth, reason and justice   and with kind regards to a friend who stands up

David (Halpin MB BS FRCS)   01364 661115  Haytor, Devon.
**  Cost about £2 billion a year I recall.  NO informed consent.  No controlled trials of worth regarding its efficacy.  Side effects not stated or played down.  In 2015, I think it was, the efficacy was minus 3%!  And do I hear that the very active Oxford University types are including 5 yr olds in its trial of the 'new' Covid-19 vaccine.  In what medium has the virus been bred, or have they taken parts of its RNA from cultures of this virus?  Has the U of O ''Trust'' Ethics committee given its say so to the inclusion of 5 yr olds?  A Brave New World indeed.  

Given a Corona virus was patented by a US bio-lab in 2007 (see below) and Americans attended the Wuhan Military Games last October (see attachment) and that Vice President Pompeo talks of “War with China” - provocatively sailing warships through the Taiwan Strait, imposing crippling tariffs on Chinese goods and fearful of Chinese economic superiority, is it  possible Covid19 was an act of sabotage we are all suffering collateral damage from, as from most US wars, most recently in the Middle East, and it is an excuse for mass surveillance and vaccination, orchestrated by Bill Gates and drug companies?

James B Thring

Copthorne, Sussex, 07483 219 729

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