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Have written here twice before about this ‘pandemic’ - a respiratory illness due to an unusual virus. A virus that is less infective than the usual Strain A or B winter ‘flu’, but potentially rather more vicious in the frail elderly, those with damaged lungs from smoking mostly, and with other medical conditions that lower immunity. Obesity certainly adds to risk in several ways.

One central message was that there was no risk to families if they were driven up to this most beautiful moor in exceptional weather.

Instead, Government propa-ganda has so cowed a usually sceptical populace that everyone obeyed. So no child heard the arrival of the cuckoo here April 22, some 4,000 miles as the crow flies from the Congo Basin. Nor was the exultant song of the skylark heard above the golden gorse.
Instead, there has been no voice of a child above our wood beside the Bovey to Widecombe road until this last weekend. The public has been scared out of its remaining wits by so called scientific advisers.

A particular adviser, with a record of faulty prognostication going back to ‘foot and mouth’, has been disgraced. For the record, the modeling ‘Professor’ Ferguson of Imperial College had predicted in March that there would be about 500,000 deaths in this United Kingdom.

This was the trigger for the ‘lockdown’ ie virtual house arrest.

The newspapers recorded that he had been visited twice in his home by a 51-year-old married woman. She was a mother of two children, living with their father and mother in an ‘open’ marriage. What do her children think of her ‘openness’? I could write a book on Covid, along with the absence of logic and good public health administration.

In fact I have posted 12 essays on this subject, just Google ‘david halpin’ and the website comes up.

Do not confuse me with Professor David Halpin at the RD&E – a physician who is expert in respiratory medicine. I will concentrate on just a few stark features.

The care of the frail elderly has been negligent. Independent epidemiologists like Professors Ioaniddis and Wittkowski recommended that children should stay at school, fit adults should go on working, and the frail elderly (not me at 80 working for some days for eight hours in my woods!) should be strictly ‘shielded’.

These voices have been ruthlessly censored. Some of the 400,000 humans in care homes and the like have died, without holding the hand of a dear friend or relative, and with great difficulty in breathing and with uncontrolled coughing. Many had not been visited it seems by a doctor.

A telephone call or two has sufficed. Is this true? My youngest brother Peter in west London sent me a scan of a leaflet issued by OUR NHS to patients in hospitals when, as a result of Ferguson, the Government decided to clear the beds ready for the predicted scything. The seven ‘Nightingale’ hospitals was another part of this action by SAGE – a secret sci-entific committee. In the ExCel Centre in East London 3,000 beds were set up but fewer than 40 beds were actually used. Did they have the staff for all these imaginary patients given that there are 110,000 vacancies in OUR NHS, of which 40,000 are for nurses?

This has been the case for at least five years, demoralisation of long serving staff being the major cause.

A ‘Nightingale’ has been constructed in a disused B&Q in Exeter. Dr Rob Dyer, the medical director at Torbay Hospital, was appointed to be the medical director of this facility according to BBC Spotlight.

The leaflet reinforced the verbal advice that was being given to a large majority of elderly patients recovering, or not, from acute medical conditions or surgery.

They were told that they were being discharged within an hour from the ward, and to another area which they would leave within two hours.

They would be taken to their home where they they would be ‘assessed’. Know that 40 per cent of the elderly live alone. It added that they might need to go to two further locations after the ‘assessment’.

Dominic Cummings, a hyper-intelligent adviser to our Prime Minister, is rightly in the dog house. Having called for ‘misfits and weirdos’ to join him in No 10, he will shortly be leaving them there.

I have learned overnight from a PhD in law and a past senior social worker with children, and part of our group looking for truth in the Covid ‘crisis’, that he has his own website. This post was published on March 4, 2019. I quote:

Experiments on viruses that could cause a global pandemic killing many millions were halted but were recently cleared to resume and will be conducted in these “top security” labs. The new Bulletin of Atomic Scientists carries research showing how the supposedly most secure bio-labs have serious security problems and clearly present an unacceptable risk of causing a disastous pandemic.’

I have propagated a beautiful horse chestnut from the foothills of the Himalayas. There is a good specimen at Lindridge. It is called Aesculus Indica. The flower is larger and more beautiful than the usual.

There is a very different tree called Sunak Indica – also of Indian stock.

It has billions of flowers but they wither quickly and have no value. They are but 0000s and 11111s on the myriad of computer screens in the hands of mad magicians.

The powers that be have so preoccupied the minds of the subjects that the economic apocalypse happening NOW is not seen nor felt by many. An analyst at JP Morgan has forecast the worst recession for 300 years.

I fear a war on Iran while we are made to be obsessed by this virus, and banned from any public gathering. I wrote about it on May in this geo-political website A week before I focused on a much vamped meeting of Mrs May and Trump. The dangers to OUR NHS are a ‘real and present danger’ to quote that unmentionable past PM, Blair - uk/21-articles/media/240-our-nhs-and-iran-in-the-cross-hairs-of-the-world-s-greatest-alliance

David Halpin MB BS FRCS is a retired orthopaedic and trauma surgeon, who worked at Torbay Hospital, and the Princess Elizabeth Orthopaedic Hospital, Exeter bulldozed in 1994 – with its ‘four modern theatres and 120 beds, along with its great expertise’.

This article was first published in the Mid-Devon Advertiser, on Thursday, 28th May 2020