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Dear Friends, BBC journalists and local editors,

An A&E Consultant has spoken out.  He or she will need defending later.  I will be there.  We must be there

We must 'say it as it is'.  This is totalitarianism.  That doctors and other professionals are silenced should be beyond belief.  I have seen it happening for years in OUR NHS.  Take our lost fight for the vital Community Hospitals.

But it has been slowly accepted as Milton Mayer described after interviewing Germans after WW2.  An educated and rational nation subverted after terrible suffering during an induced recession, as will happen now in spades.  On the home page of my web site < david halpin >.  I have sent this round for at least 15 years and said - Mayer describes the UK over these last 30 years.  Blair, the paramount psychopath and war criminal, interwoven.

I have also said that Britain is the lab rat in this evil global plan.  If 'they' can cow the British, or at least its latent spirit, they win globally.  And Wales is the internal lab rat.  Some of its spokespeople sound fascist.  That report of a military road block on the way to a reservoir?  Reported.

The fact that the BBC has been the megaphone for this most evil propagandare nero should see its eventual destruction.  Just as it should for promoting the genocidal war on Iraq, and the quick, quick, slow genocide of the native Palestinian people.  And it does not cease.  Take the BBC 'news' surrounding the ratcheting up of the planned war against China, and Iran.  And its obvious policy of rehabilitating Blair - if that were possible.

But the worms are turning, and 'the truth shall set us free. '

for truth

David (Halpin MB BS FRCS)

I add another piece by Geraldi on today's Global Research.  bcc to the editor-in-chief  Professor Michel Chossudovsky thanking him for his devotion

You must read this.  Geraldi is fearless and 'spits it out'.  This shows, as has been said, the massive Trojan horse named Covid_19

Israeli Proxies Profit from U.S. Coronavirus Funding

and my fear re Iran - and OUR NHS