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To Hugh Pym,  Health Editor  BBC,  and other BBC journalists - a list gathered from previous correspondence,

I have not had a reply from yourself as Health Editor or from the other BBC journalists I addressed.  I assume that at least a few of you read this anonymous testimony by an NHS consultant in Surrey.

One might ask how free you areto think, to analyse and then put your conclusions to an editor with a view to broadcasting.   I have in mind the book by Kevin Marsh 'Stumbling over the Truth', and all the machinations to conjure up the WMDs that PM Blair required to back the US and Israel in setting upon Iraq 'like wolves'.  A ''war'' the BBC sponsored whilst it ensured that opposing voices were hardly heard.

The same for your coverage re the 'civil war' in ancient Syria.  You put a man, currently and extraordinarily our PM, on our screens daily which many now avoid. As Foreign Secretary he said Britain's purpose was to 'topple Assad'.  This was in ignorance, or wilful, against the Charter of the UN which GB was an early signatory to.  To conspire for the destruction of a sovereign nation is a crime.  Has the BBC reported that?  He went on to say that £90 million of our taxes had been given to several of the 'rebel' groups - mostly terrorists infiltrated with Saudi assistance and bribes.  That money went to criminals, the names of the various gangs transmuting weekly.  One known to de-capitate a 13 year old for refusing to serve coffee to one of their number.

As a broadcaster of pretended high ethical standards, I note no reference to the ruthless censorship of any voice questioning the policies or actions of authority in this epidemic of an URT infecting virus.

This video, just in, has been erased from the Youtube platform, like dozens of others - please view it

And I ask - did I read that the BBC gains financial support from the Gates Foundation?  If so there is surely a conflict of interest.  Just as there might be for Fergus Walsh - also daily featured.  I read that his wife, Bernadette, a former GP, is manager for Smith Kline French in the Benelux countries.  Am I right in this or is this fault of memory?

for truth

David Halpin MB BS FRCS

To Hugh Pym,  Health Editor  BBC,  and other BBC journalists - a list gathered from previous correspondence,

It is fair to say that most of the British public has been scared out of their wits, the latter being variable as to available logic.  Scenes of a Catholic priest sprinkling water over a line of coffins in northern Italy, a fork lift in NY loading a shrouded box onto a lorry, and currently staff in an 'NHS' hospital using respirators have helped the process.

It is fair to ask you all if you have seen this necessarily anonymous account by a consultant in a DGH in Surrey.  A caution precedes it from the OffGuardian website when it was published by the geo-political website Global Research.  The BBC could easily establish if this account was phony.  Or, having seen it, whether there has been any reference to it on any BBC broadcast

You might not know that a consultant surgeon at the Royal Oldham Hospital, Mr Mohammad Iqbal Adil, has been suspended by the GMC, and since removed from the General Medical Register for speaking his mind about the response of HMG to this epidemic.

for truth

David Halpin MB BS FRCS

To the Health Editor Hugh Pym  and Ben Woolvin Home Affairs Correspondent BBC Spotlight SW, and Matthew Hill  BBC SW,

Dear Messrs  Pym, Woolvin and Hill,

I have sent several e-mails to you, of some necessary length,asking that you should read or listen to truly independent experts in this field.  I cited Professors Ioaniddis of Stanhope University, and Professor Wittkowsky, and later a video by two Californian doctors, one ex-Norway, who ran an A&E department in a poor part of California.  I am not aware that the BBC aired even a sentence of their views.  On the net, these voices were ruthlessly censored - and many others.  This part, of a process, was studied after WW2 in Germany by Mayer - quotes attached and on the home page of my web site
Given your crucial place in the information of the public, I humbly ask you to read these two articles before further broadcasts

The author, Beda M Stadler is the former director of the Institute for Immunology at the University of Bern, a biologist and professor emeritus.


The latter is the 8th article in today's Global Research bulletin

The questions posed by 'Greek Reporter' are to the point.  There is clarity in question and answer.

Although I was well trained 1958 to 1964 at St Mary's, and since, in immunology, bacteriology/virology, epidemiology, and above all in pathology, my ability to inform other citizens, as a well informed retired doctor and surgeon, is limited to my web site and the good Mid Devon Advertiser.  I have written 4 opinion pieces in the latter, and altogether there are 15 pieces on my web site.  I attach 2 pdfs of the two most recent in the MDA.  As to pathology I have asked you to find out, as you can and I cannot, how many dying OF/WITH C19 ** have had an autopsy and study of viral load in the tissues.    

As the economic apocalypse gathers pace, those wearing masks now will begin to question the veracity and intentions of the BBC 'Nation shall Speak Peace unto Nation'.

And BTW, Koch's 3 postulates for a live virus remain unfulfilled for 'C19'.

for truth

David Halpin  MB BS FRCS

Kiln Shotts
Newton Abbot
TQ13 9XR
01364 661115

**  That is the 44, 000 + as you reported  last night via Mr Huw Edwards