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Unimaginable evil - to most of us. NOT imagined.

Friends, 2 'Romans' and countrymen,

There are, as the psychopath Rumsfeld said, 'many known unknowns'.  Or was it the other way round?  There is much unknown re C19 but it is known that Luciferan labs round this world have been splitting, splicing, inserting pieces of the origin of life for many years.

Take lectins.  Take some DNA of the snowdrop - Galanthus - (snowdrop; Greek gála "milk", ánthos "flower")  Insert it having shocked the chromosomes of the potato with an electric current, and you can make it resist or actually kill insects on its leaves.  So aphids will not help spread the potato blight fungus - a species of Phytophora - infestans - another - ramorum responsible for 'Sudden Oak Death'.  Affects many plant species - beech, viburnum, rhodo etc.  Very few oaks affected here in Britain!

Pigs will avoid snowdrops in an orchard.  They 'know' they are poisonous.     Arpad Pusztai.   This great man, working under his fellow Hungarian partner, the professor (married to Dr Susan Bardócz, a colleague he met at the Rowett Institute) studied rats fed with GMO'ed spuds containing this lectin.  He found the gastric mucosa became hyperplastic - very active, threatening change risking cancer.  There were other effects.  He was assassinated intellectually and professionally - Blair and Clinton were involved, and - wait for it, the august but subverted ''Royal Society''.  The power of the Monsantos, Bayers, Smith Klines, 'Big Pharma' is in the kiloton range.

The last I heard was when I met Susan Bardocz at AV2 where I spoke 'The Palestinian holocaust?' by Heathrow airport, silenced by C19.  Thank you Ian Crane.  She had traveled from Budapest.  Arpad had suffered a stroke.  I must get the disc of her speech from AV.

So now we have this 'virus'.  There are strange things about it.  I will shut up now but I have just opened a link sent me by an ex-nurse Susannah Acworth.  Nurses with good brains SEE.  They know when their doctor colleagues do good or harm, and can judge the principles, or lack of them within.


The End Of Times 
Beginning of Time

When the world cries out for evolution and those calling for it are not the ones having run the show for millennia
you know things are serious and at crunch point

Fortunately IT IS up to you
An eternal FACT - You are a Free  and Sovereign Being
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I went into the medicine section and clicked on

'Jewish'. You will judge him truthful and utterly conscientious.  See what you think.  He says there are some things unique about this 'disease' - he likens it to Acute Mountain Sickness which I have treated on Annapurna!  Simple - you send the sufferer quickly down the mountain to a higher pO2. One man says - look at cadmium and its acute toxic effects.  A question.  Is this engineered virus triggering some deleterious and enzymatic degradation of the haemoglobin molecule?  This chemist has asked me this - in short.

This a remarkable website - based in Glastonbury!!  How symbolic.   Thank you Susannah

for truth    and with hope




On 12/08/2020 8:31 am, S wrote:

Apologies - the last email had two addresses with the link which was why it didn't open.

The section on masks I have looked at - Sacha Stone's 5 minute 'rant' on masks I find great.

Best wishes