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A good report from May Ayres, artist and sculptor in East London - 

I was at the mass protest on Saturday, a very moving and inspiring experience.

It was such a huge relief to be amongst real people with friendly, warm animated faces. No masks, no social distancing, wonderful conversations, the first time I’ve enjoyed a commonality with so many others for over six months!

I walked to Trafalgar Square, took me just over an hour and my first stop were the toilets in Charing Cross Station. I joined the long queue waiting  and what a pleasure to find most of those queuing were also on the way to the protest. The most enjoyable wait for a pee I’ve had! Lively discussions and a camaraderie that was food for the soul.

The square was already packed at 11.30am. The most diverse gathering of people I have witnessed since the massive  march against the invasion of Iraq in 2003.
Everyone incredibly friendly and an abundance of home made placards, a sure sign of the grassroots nature of the protest.

Yes, Kevin Corbet was a joy to listen to, as were all the other speakers.

A live stream had been arranged to see and hear from a senator and medics in the US but the screen was confiscated by the police following a hasty ruling passed by the government the previous evening. The police presence tried to be intimidating, plenty of noisy helicopters circling but the atmosphere was so electric you felt the power of the people. I pray this power can be harnessed and strengthened.

But all of this just got better.  When the speeches were over we all walked down Whitehall,  an enormous tide of joyous solidarity.  Many people came out of the shops and cafes clapping and showing their support as we all walked past.

But of course, total silence from the corporate press except to ridicule it. A friend told me that the BBC mentioned it, but only to mock Piers Corbyn who was arrested yet again.

And  another person (sadly, she has been a good friend) told me that they would not support anything that was ‘led by David Ike’. Another deliberate lie spread by the poisonous press. David Ike was spotted in the crowd. He was urged to take the stage but only the collective cheers of the masses could persuade him. His impromptu speech was electrifying, he sure is a talented orator. And he had nothing to do with organising this event.

The Morning Star of course, has also chosen to remain silent. I feel another letter to them,  surfacing from inside me.

I’ve avoided all public transport not relishing confrontations for resolutely remaining muzzle-less (and prefer now to walk or cycle everywhere) but I was pretty exhausted by the end of the day and just could not get my legs to obey. I jumped on a bus and was not challenged. A good ending to a wonderful inspiring day.

Trying to keep the faith despite stepping outside my front door today to see nothing but muzzles, averted eyes and an unnerving silence wrapping around each defeated -looking individual.


This from an e-mail I sent the next day – Sunday.  It was copied to three BBC employees – Messrs Hugh Pym – Health Editor BBC, Ben Woolvin – BBC SW ‘Home Affairs’ Correspondent and Justin Leigh, presenter BBC Spotlight SW -

Good VOICES from Trafalgar Square - for the attention of the 3 BBC employees copied above.  Shame on you.  The MSM audience is shrinking by the day

see some of the 2,300 comments

Just in.  I thank Kevin Corbett who speaks here by the lions, as a lion, in Trafalgar Square.   Before it is censored.  Heil the blonde Fuehrer - 'topple' Assad Johnson who 'gave' £90,000,000 of our taxes to the decapitating 'rebels' in his incompetent spell as 'Foreign Secretary. Note his ‘opinion’ in 2013 -

Title We’ve left it too late to save Syria – this conflict can never be won

“It would be madness to arm the rebels in what has become a brutal religious war”, says Boris Johnson


Kevin Corbett speaks in Trafalgar Square. Note the few ‘Met’ police -

Dear Kevin,

I know your history.  A graduate in art, both parents senior nurses, both of whom worked here in Devon.  Later you served as a nurse, your compassion and intelligence used to the full to serve those with HIV etc.  I thank you for your courage.  Shelley -  The Masque of Anarchy  'We are many, they are few' - not so yet.

The doctors need to get off their knees, their moral courage and scientific analysis is vital.  Many, many people are suffering and yet to suffer.  I salute Dr Adil bcc, and the Surrey consultant who spoke out clearly but whose words were never broadcast by the State Broadcaster.  The BBC 'health' team was given the link by me.   What had happened to him?  GMC deliberating?  Note that there is NO record if you search the GMC website with  ' Mohammad Adil'  Fed down the memory hole of John Pilger bcc

GMC - beyond description.  Google  'david halpin'   search   GMC   (re Dr David Kelly MD CMG)

David (Halpin MB BS FRCS)