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This by Kevin Corbett RN whose address is on the video below. We must all be as fearless as as Senior Nurse Corbett. ‘A dark is falling over our still beautiful world’.

The organisation of it was fraught but we got there in the end. What a day!

I thought it best to wear my uniform [even though just retired] as people should see health professionals speaking out.

Thousands in Trafalgar Square [estimate 33k] and moving down Whitehall to Parliament Square.  Joyous sight to behold.

Special mention for Kate Shemirani the MC who is a RN and natural therapist suspended by the nursing regulator for speaking out. Without her skills of fluidly working the mic between speakers and all the hiccups it would've fallen flat.

The police tried to stop it at every point.

Their interference started with the unloading of the stage equipment from the vans. This was right at the outset before the cameras arrived. We had to mobilize the crowd and push past the police officers to get the stage equipment out of the vans and onto Trafalgar Square.

Both myself, the volunteers Elle and Linda plus Professor Dolores Cahill (from Ireland) were lending a hand and distracting the police who were zealous, like gestapo in the films, going through the speakers on the vans like inspecting contraband. But we asked ordinary people to just push past the police and help us get the equipment off the vans and there were more of us and them.

Real fascism in action. But we just pushed it through by sheer numbers of people; they just couldn't stop us in the end and by the time we had all the equipment off the vans we looked around to see the Square almost full so we knew the police had lost it in terms of stopping it going. We were in business and the glamorous MC Mis Kate Shemirani arrived and took the stage and completely enraptured the audience with her charm and knowledge.

Message to everyone in terms of taking back control : we need the numbers of people on the day on the streets to win. We have to take to the Streets to overcome this sort of fascism (Icke is very right on that).

Our strategy was always to up the numbers and so the police would be thwarted. Having Icke/Cahill there was the key. I doubt that without David Icke or Professor Cahill the numbers would've been fewer. This strategy worked.

Senator Dr Scott Jensen's slot from the USA was stopped as the police interfered with the tech.

We were moving to go down to Whitehall when Piers Corbyn was arrested. I was trying to get Piers to ignore the police as they were asking him for our names. Piers was ‘obfuscating’ as I passed him and so I just grabbed Dolores' hand and we got out. Piers got a £10k fine.

Kate (MC) could see what was going on, and that the police were coming for her, but she got away in time. Piers was released overnight. So we'll have to raise the money.

This is a coverage of the full event - it should be 5hrs 50mins long:

We're doing it again on 19th September.

All the very best. Kevin (Corbett RN PGCE BA(Hons) MSc)