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cc to Director - Tony Hall - Baron Hall of Birkenhead. + Mel Stride MP

The BBC - motto  'Nation Shall Speak Peace unto Nation'

Dear Editor - BBC Spotlight - Seymour Road, Plymouth.  ( I have been to your studios on about 6 occasions - Dove and Dolphin - Palestine, Community Hospital closures by diktat- etc)

Some questions for you

ONE   The broadcast -  emphasis on 'outbreak' of C19 at Exeter University -

Intro - "There has been a big increase in corona virus cases in Cornwall and Exeter in the last week ....  ... now self-isolating"

4.54 Dr Tina Joshi  Microbiologist  University of Plymouth.  Responding as an automaton to Ms Graham.  Biography from 'Uni' of Plymouth -

Quote - intro:

"There are many beginnings to the tale of Tina Joshi.

An unsettled childhood that forged a deep determination to prove that she could have value in the world. A love of science fiction and comics that inspired her to aim for the stars in creating innovative technologies to fight antibiotic resistance. A fascination, even love, of microbes and their potential to cause disease. Dustin Hoffman, in a hazmat suit.

For Tina, however, there is but one.  "I work on infectious diseases and do cool stuff in the lab” she suggests, with a laughter that is in itself dangerously catching. “That is the easiest way that people can relate to me. I find my title can become a barrier, so if anyone asks me what I do, I tell them that. That’s how you communicate with people.”

I have read this.  I had first opened the GMC Medical Register assuming that she was medically qualified.  No entry.  I learn from the biography above that she has BSc and PhD degrees, related to microbiology.  At no point is epidemiology included as a basic subject.  To the lay viewer she is assumed to be medically qualified.  It will also be assumed that she has a senior position in the field of microbiology.  I was interested incidentally in her work on Clostridium difficile - a 'super' infection of the gut which can kill frail elderly people who are ingesting broad spectrum antibiotics.  She was an inappropriate choice, both in her specialisms and clinical knowledge, to be put up as an 'expert'.  I assume that no more senior person could be dredged up.

TWO   I e-mailed Ms Rebecca Ricks who reported from the 'uni'.  Attached.  I wish to have answers to the questions I posed her.

THREE   I have had a mostly sterile correspondence with your 'health' correspondent, Ms Jenny Walrond.  She is often on your programmes.  I believe she has a degree in English.  I recall that when the propaganda for the closure of our vital Community Hospitals was being broadcast, I was interviewed by her at my home.  A doctor/surgeon who qualified in 1964. and who had had the deepest experience serving in OUR NHS until 2003, was given 20 seconds of air time.  I still sometimes attempt to inform your station. 

Last to Spotlight 27-04-20:

.. speak to the relevant experts to address these on the programme.   Which experts?  You only broadcast those that support 'lockdown' etc  No dissenting voices.  Try Mumsnet:

Licence fee payers are not paying you to lie to us.

Your stuff is full of contradictions - nurses happy clapping - no 'social distancing'.

Last week - a 6 yr old girl singing in her Dorset garden.  About 9 coppers lined up together there - clapping - of course.

Returning Britons - your national BBC transport correspondent, Tom Burridge, reported that inward domestic flights 10% of normal.  'Returnees' from 'pandemic' countries advised to 'self isolate' IF they had Covid-19 symptoms - yet - also told many do not know they have got it/had it.  And in prodrome - 3-5 day possible transmission BEFORE any symptoms.

Same correspondent showed graphs of transport use.  'National Rail' - as opposed to British Rail - about 2% of normal.  Please investigate how GWR and about 10 other franchisees will deal with their bankruptcy.   More tinsel money from that money tree?   (added - )


David Halpin FRCS

On 22/04/2020 2:59 pm, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. wrote:

Thank you for emailing BBC Spotlight.

If you are writing with a question about coronavirus please be assured we are reading all the emails we are sent and while we are not able to answer every question on air, we are doing what we can to identify the most common themes and concerns and speak to the relevant experts to address these on the programme.
In addition to this, all BBC local radio stations are broadcasting special updates twice an hour between 6am and 6pm.
And the BBC News website will continue to have the very latest as it happens on
If you are contacting Spotlight about another news story, if we are going to be able to cover it we will get back in touch with you.
Thank you

The BBC Spotlight Team

FOUR    I have done my very best to question the central output re C19 by the BBC, the State Broadcaster.  Several are on my web site  - google   david halpin  or here


FIVE   Looking back I easily recall how Spotlight 'pushed' vaccination of adolescent girls with supposed antigens derived from the Human Papilloma Virus.  Ms Mountjoy respected me but had to toe the line in her responses

I wrote to Spotlight this year, suggesting that the dire side effects, as exposed especially in the USA be studied - re Gardasil and Cervarix.  The BBC has added propaganda for the same vaccination of boys assuming risk from homosexual contact and 'fellatio'.

SIX  In the broadcast last night Ms Walrond reported from a court on the examination of a death of a very elderly lady who had an oesophagoscopy in Derriford Hospital in 2017.  The gullet had been pierced - a real risk, especially in those with bent spines, and added to by bony spikes from 'arthritis' of the thoracic spine.  She died the same day.  I assume therefore that the case of death was not mediastinitis, but something even more acute.

It is apt here to raise the death of a good friend, Brian Spencer.  He had served in a senior position in the Land Registry in Plymouth - a native with three brothers from Salcombe.  He had a very good brain and was a good analyst.  He was working in our group which still pleads for an inquest into the death of Dr David Kelly MD CMG  17/18-07-2003.  That unnatural death has never been subject to an inquest - uniquely.  Brian was analysing parts of the Hutton whitewash - very well, and coming to some disturbing conclusions

Brian was admitted as an emergency to Derriford hospital.  He died within 24 hours.  A most unusual diagnosis of the cause of his death was recorded - "incarcerated hiatus hernia".
Myself and a good colleague (bcc) requested that his body should be subject to an autopsy and the rapid death to a coroner's inquest.  I tried especially hard and met with the chairman of the Derriford Hospital Trust and the Acting Medical Director.  Of several letters, this might be the best summary - attached.  Ms Walrond to investigate.

For truth  - among the most terrible lies.

David Halpin MB BS FRCS