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To Jemma Woodman, journalist/presenter at BBC Spotlight SW.  Copies to DG etc

Dear Ms Woodman,

I do my best to avoid the BBC except for Monty and Countryfile, but sample the wall to wall propagandare nero occasionally - as tonight at 6.30 pm.  I find, unusually. that there is no I player link yet. Quote - at 9.35pm  via

This programme will be available shortly (sic) after broadcast.   See link below.

Briefly - I was trained in medicine at St Mary's Paddington from 1958 to 1964, and have been learning, and teaching, ever since.  The scientific principles were at the fore in the home of penicillin, and the hospital had a strong focus on infection.  We were taught very well in bacteriology, virology, epidemiology, and especially immunology.  The later by an unusually good teacher - Professor Ken Porter. the son of a railwayman -
Pathology was central in our teaching and I was 'good' at it.  Hence my continued interest in the 'unnatural' death of Dr David Kelly, a death uniquely never having been subject to an inquest - a sign of lawlessness in our dear country.

You unfortunately, along with many BBC commentators, including those on health, are not so well informed.  However, you saw fit to interview the Chief Constable in an unbalanced way.  It was almost an harangue.  You could see the strain on his face.  He is representing the Devon and Cornwall Police.  His force 'picks up the pieces', and that has to do with the lowest media standards.  You were citing several of many e-mails - in general demanding that the police should enforce 'The 2019/2020 Corona Virus Bill' - passed on the nod in just over 48 hours by a generally, morally bankrupt legislature.  And to apocalyptic societal and economic cost.  The BBC has amplified this C19 propaganda in every hour since.

The pieces.  The police, and firemen, and paramedics attend RTAs.  We used to deal with the survivors at Torbay Hospital, well before the worst were air lifted to Derriford.  Sometimes the corpse is headless.  They attend the suicides by hanging, or by shotgun.  You know the suicide rate has risen in line with BBC mendacity.  You do not pick up any pieces, but feel free to question the CC aggressively.  The editor inserts the ridiculous vox pops so carefully chosen from many filmed.

I have written to Hugh Pym several times, with copies to other BBC 'journalists' during this 'plandemic'.  Or 'casedemic'  see Cummins - 9 minutes

Cummings, Whitty, Vallance (ex-CE of Smith Kline and with £600,000 worth of this big pharma shares) Johnson, the ignorant Hancock, and many more, are willfully conflating a +ve RT-PCR test, a multiplication of traces of RNA, with DISEASE.  And there are citizens who relish being controlled, just as they relish controlling/snitching on others.  This process was seen in Hitler's rise to complete power - see here.  It was good to learn that the D&C Police had issued NO FINES bar 2.  Common sense and 'policing by consent' wins out.

You have not broadcast this e-mail - to Spotlight

I got an 'auto' response.  You will need to read it now.  The lies are exploding.

A group of about 30, including 3 doctors + myself, have been researching the C19 scam from the start.  Our efforts have continued against the most ruthless censorship of global experts in the field.  Of course, that never gets a mention on the 'Nation shall Speak Peace unto Nation' channels.

This is one of the latest from Dr Janet - yesterday - in the BMJ.Rapid Response:

Re: Covid-19: What has happened to clinical acumen?

Dear Editor
Do the majority of practicing doctors seriously believe that asymptomatic, healthy individuals need to stay six feet apart and cover their faces in order to avoid spreading a life-threatening disease, which they don't have, to other healthy individuals?
If so, whatever happened to clinical acumen?
If not, why are they colluding with the narrative?

Competing interests: No competing interests

04 October 2020

Janet Menage

GP retired


Wales, UK

for truth

David Halpin MB BS FRCS   Haytor   01364 661115  Always ready to be interviewed

ps  Link now   Expires 7pm, 8th October 2020.