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Tears - 1 Cornwall 2 - Devon, Dorset and parts of Somerset. Solution - take the filthy masks off, and reject totalitarian diktats that have no basis in medical science. 27-11-2020 11.24 pm

Dear Spotlight, and Mr Connett, Leader of Teignbridge District Council,

I watched, to take the sickly pulse, tonight's Spotlight Evening News

Mr Connett  'There is no need for Teignbridge to be in Tier 2."   Spotlight - 'The 'infection rate' in Teignbridge is the lowest in the SW.  I write from Haytor in Teignbridge. 

Mr Johnson, the philanderer and present Prime Minister, followed speaking of the need for 'clarity and simplicity'!

There were the usual, selected vox pops, of the usual shallow analysis.

It was obvious from the broadcast that the natives are getting restless - at last, and that further businesses will be joining those like the boarded up Ridgeways, Peacocks etc in Newton Abbot.


I have written to Mr Pym the Health Editor for the BBC, and to yourselves at Spotlight, attempting with my knowledge of immunology, virology and epidemiology, to say  that there is no basis in medical science for the 'policies' instilling fear in this nation, and in many others.  The predicted effects are disastrous in every respect.  I have analysed this 'crisis' with others since March.

There are 26 pieces by me on my web site

There are 5 on my web site with Pym and BBC in the search engine

I have received only auto responses.  This is in keeping with the most ruthless and near immediate censorship of truthful experts such as Professors Wittkowski and Ioaniddis, and many others - Yeadon et al.

Mr Connett.  To play 'divide and rule' will change nothing until the public, the plebiscite, - now, reject the nonsense.  The fact is this - if Britain was in 1939 as it is now in 2020, when it was alone against fascism then, Hitler would have walked straight in.  Fortunately, many of the men and women who do proper jobs know it all rings hollow.  Within days there will be widespread 'disobedience' to a corrupt cabal in Westminster.

BUT you say - there are C19 cases crowding into the Royal Devon and Exeter where I used to serve in its Princess Elizabeth Orthopaedic Centre **, the actual hospital having been bulldozed in 1996 - for a housing estate.

Dr Robert Dyer (bcc) in front of the Exeter 'Nightingale' (traducing the name of a remarkable woman) told us last evening on Spotlight that about a third of the C19 cases - c.28 would be treated there, but the other two thirds of 'cases' would continue to be treated in the ICUs (given that artificial respiration is bad news for C19 victims). or elsewhere in the DGHs

Important news has come in today - a whistle blower from 111, and no doubt based on a fresh 'algorithm', tells that patients expressing C19 symptoms are advised to go straight to 'hospital'.  Now the 'flu and coryza season is upon us, what a fine way to add to the panic, especially given the fear generated last March, and added to ever since.

eg Tonight's Spotlight   at 11 minutes - the decorative Ms Jenny Walrond, the Health and Science Correspondent  - the rules.  Comedy  (Last night - those suffering domestic abuse can breach Tier 2/3 rules.  Oh good.) 

'Virus spreading - another 5 have died 'with Covid'.  May we see the case notes, hear the relatives, hear what the viral load was in the deceased's tissues? ***

'Cases' half the previous week -  'cases' = the toss a coin RT-PCR 'test'  *0 in Teignbridge in the last week.  'Lockdown' is working. 

Finally, a demonstration of incompetence at best, and trickery at worst.  My wife Sue was enrolled by the Gates Foundation funded Imperial College in a C19 random testing.  She withdrew shortly before the courier arrived with 3 kits from this parish of 2,400 souls in his polystyrene box.  The sealed, unused double ended swab in its plastic tube was handed to the courier in a plastic bag.  Sue was very pleased to get an e-mail from Imperial telling her the COVID-19 test was negative.  There have of course been many confounding 'results' since this plandemic was started with the original title of the bill being 'The 2019/2020 Corona Virus Bill'!  I recall the president of Tanzania telling how the swab of a paupau had tested +ve!

Perhaps Mr Johnson, seen in the clip blustering in a white coat with 'Public Health England' embroidered on the pocket, is personally involved in one of the Serco laboratories.  The SERCO outfit that was caught fiddling the figures in its supervision of the Out of Hours Doctor Service in Cornwall.

David Halpin MB BS FRCS 

** The ridiculous video of the gymnast with the hip replacement.  The 'Exeter' hip was developed by my tutor and later colleague Robin Ling, with Clive Lee.  As orthopaedic surgeons we knew Clive well.  When training he taught us in biomechanics.  All this was in the the Princess Elizabeth Orthopaedic Hospital.  Well down Orwell's memory hole I see.

***  The internet records that of ALL hospital deaths in the UK, only between 1-2% come to autopsy.  What chance of a 'Covid' death being examined scientifically?  


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Thank you for the email Mr Halpin 28-11-2020 9.31 am

I see no reason for your discourteous and unnecessary descriptive reference to the BBC reporter Jenny Walrond. 

I note your other comments and thank you for them. 

Regards  Cllr Alan Connett