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I wrote to local publicans and hoteliers 17-1-2021 encouraging them to open as the restaurants were doing in their thousands in Italy - posted on my web site now:

I included the Chief Constable of the Devon and Cornwall Police Force to whom I have written previously. As always there has been an automatic message saying that senior officers read all e-mails to the chief. I respect this courtesy, and the fact that the CC has an open e-mail address. It underlines the fact that in taking their oath to defend our laws, and thus ourselves, they are governing us by consent. They are citizens too, and they will see relatives losing their livelihoods, and sometimes their physical and mental health.

But I have had no words back from my friends in the local pubs and hotels. Sue and I share in the loss of being able to have a bite and moderate drink in a local, to associate with others, to have a joke and to inform each other, and get to know the name of a good local plumber builder or whatever.

These owners or licensees will be afraid of the “law” and the threat of large fines. Happily the police in Devon and Cornwall have been reticent I believe in enforcing a stream of often contradictory guidance, rules and actual ‘statutes’. Read A Spotlight BBC presenter haranguing our Chief Constable – for not being STASI like.

But what of our law-abiding rulers, who a majority of a timid and obedient public continue to obey?

Mr Boris Johnson when serving the UK as Foreign Secretary said in 2013 that Britain was to ‘topple’ Assad, the President of Syria, a sovereign country with an ancient history – like Iraq. This was a crime under the Charter of the UN. He compounded his crime with the donation of £90 million of our taxes to several ‘rebel’ groups whose names transmuted weekly whilst they shelled civilians and decapitated some, including a boy of 13 years who refused to serve one coffee in a soukh.

Ms Priti Patel who is presently adding to her fascist **credentials by a ridiculous quarantine of all non-British persons coming into Britain, served OUR government as International Development Secretary. In 2017 it was reported that, following meetings in Israel, a criminal and genocidal regime, Patel had recommended that the Department for International Development give international aid money to field hospitals run by the Israeli army in the Golan Heights. She was recommending that our taxes should go to these field hospitals (often treating ‘rebels’ from Syria) in a land occupied by military force in 1973. and still held against international law. She did not inform the Foreign Office, and thus broke the ‘ministerial code’. After a slap on the wrist from Mrs May she was evenually forced to resign whilst exhibiting appropriate chutzpah.

Mr Matt Hancock pretends to be our Secretary of State for Health and Social Care. He has no knowledge of medicine and comes from a family that makes money from the ubiquitous IT. I am told, but not seen the sure evidence, that a publican in his area contacted him on Whatsapp seeking a contract for ‘PPE’. He had no facility then for producing or wholesaling such a commodity which is keeping the incinerators busy. He gained the contract. The deepest corruption of this junta is confirmed by other examples regarding PPE, ‘test and trace’ and all other aspects of this ‘overweening’ state – which remains completely unaccountable yet in power because it has induced lunacy by fear.

The fact is this – the restaurants in other countries are opening up eg the Czech Republic and Poland, France is seething, and the Dutch are in revolt. The torching of a jabbing centre there is reported so a few might have been saved the inoculation of an unnecessay and experimental “vaccine”. And by the way the Astra Zeneca one contains material from a chimpanzee and the kidney cells, appropriately genetically modified, of an aborted human foetus.

Personal experiences. The author was labelled ‘clinically extremely vulnerable’ should he contract Covid_19 back in April and was told to ‘shield’. He is very fit in his 81styear and enjoys often working 8 hours twice a week in the 28 acres of woods he planted in 1986 >. The general practice has not told him why he has been so categorised. He has received SIX letters from HMG and one from the County Council repeating this in the last 2 months. The last letter, including an invitation to be jabbed with the junk, ran to seven pages. His wife succumbed to the pressure from HMG and the general practice, and had the chimpanzee/foetal cocktail a week ago. She has since had a letter from HMG inviting her to be vaccinated! The induced lunacy, and the billions of pounds being spent on this and the incessant and inane black propaganda, extends from the Westminster mire right down the dear children, many of whom are being damaged – some perrnanently, by it all.

A few Conservative MPs have broken ranks like Richard Drax South Dorset’s MP. Take this -

“ Senior Government minister blasts Tory MP who urged anti-vaxxers to “persist” in their struggle, and who suggested NHS Covid-19 figures are being manipulated.” MP Sir Desmond Swayne told Sky News he would not be making any such apology. He made the comments in November in an interview with Save our Rights UK.

“ It seems to be a manageable risk, particularly as figures have been manipulated . . . We’re told there is a deathly, deadly pandemic proceeding at the moment”

“As the last Speaker used to say, “persist, persist”; that’s my advice – persist.”

“Labour”, in the shape of Oberlieutenent Starmer wants even more of the ‘lockdown’/jabbery.

But many people are ‘wising up’ and standing up. Many shops will open this Saturday. See the poster attached.

And see this and most should be ashamed

When I say ‘if Britain was in 1939 like it is today, Hitler would have walked straight in’, no one person disagrees.

Societal disintegration was advanced in the UK pre-C19. It has accelerated greatly since. Police call outs nationally were 55% ‘domestics’ before. We can guess an even higher percentage now with poverty, isolation, incessant propaganda, and already established depression with anxiety being further heightened.

We need to get off our knees, and rebuild our nation with energy, ingenuity – and above all with our common sense – under properly scrutinised laws.

A mountain has to be scaled – of debt. Britain has been bankrupted, starting with the bail out of the banks in 2008 by OUR Exchequer of £540 billion post Lehman Bros (Google >> sub-prime) and all that. This was an amount of taxes equivalent to 5 years of the budget for OUR NHS. Now the UK National Debt equals the UK Annual Gross Domestic Product as billions are spent on propangandare nero,‘PPE’, unused “Nightingales”, junk vaccines etc. It was announced overnight that the PM has ‘purchased’ 60 million doses of Novavax to be manufactured in Stockton upon Tees. (A nod to the north). The masked appear unaware of this economic cataclysm.

However, after Britain lead WW2 with later and crucial Russian and American support, against previous fascism, it was bankrupted then for years. The Marshall plan helped that. In spite of that, the exquisite perception of an NHS was realised. And the author, born 14-04-1940, was one of millions who was educated at school and university without charge, by the British State. So there is hope, if there is determination and the use of all skills of the mind and hand in a lawful Britain.

David Halpin MB BS FRCS


** My definition of fascism - “the subjugation of the individual's will and freedom by an overweening state. Humanity withers, freedom of speech is stifled and the soul dies. Self preservationbecomes a dominant drive.”

Bona fides.David cares deeply about most things. He has healed thousands with the best of teams, showed his common humanity with the Palestinian people by leading the Voyage of the Dove and The Dolphin to Palestine 1-02-2003 which also stood against the looming illegal bombardment and invasion of Iraq. He fights for OUR NHS, for the vital Community Hospitals, and with a small group for an inquest on the death of David Kelly CMG DSc 17/18-07-2003, a death which has never been subject to an inquest, (Search his web site ‘Kelly’ - 51 refs)