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Dear Janet, Jo, John and other bccs and Mid Devon Advertiser + two BBC journalists without medical qualification, - Hugh Pym and Ben Woolvin Spotlight Home Affairs Correspondent.

Andrew our son, and Izzy and Nel meet many people through Andrew's building supply firm, Smart Build, which continues to flourish ** - men doing work in their homes and gardens whilst off work, the complacent MCs using their 'savings' for new kitchens, loft extensions etc, and most importantly, the freedom for construction workers to be 'allowed' to work 'socially distanced'!!  As you know the latter policy - part of the 'great reset', is to stimulate box building, ''electric'' cars, etc so everyone is in insurmountable debt. The more people buy into 'never never' ''financing'', the more they become never never minds and of course, can never have freedom of thought and DISSENT after analysis of the avalanche of lies and corruption racing down upon them.

Workers told Andrew in ?April that a temporary mortuary had been built on an industrial estate in Exeter (Marsh Barton or Sowton - massive.  See the car showrooms in the former).  At the same time a permanent one was being built at Greenway, a large almost submerged estate in open country owned by a ? 'mafia' family - Carter.


I wrote of wonderful steeping and tree surgery by the McKay brothers, Magnus and Aidan, on the southern/westerly hedge high up above the wood pasture.  I wanted A&I to see this.  An ancient winding path - centuries old, up which our forebears, some like the Tolpuddle Martyrs (Issy - do read them up and be inspired), would drive their few cows and sheep up into spring pastures.  And later for A&I to see the 5 acre coppice of ash and sweet chestnut we planted 33 years ago (with a catch crop of 12,000 Norway Spruce).  I am handing that to Andrew and his family as a tribute to the family's stand in the worst AND best of times.  The wood pasture and Celia's Wood (named after my Mum) - altogether 30 acres, will be that mouthful - an Incorporated Charitable Organization, so it will be held in trust 'for ever' - unless the psychopaths let loose 'tactical' nuclear weapons on Iran first of all    May 14th 2019

OUR NHS -  May 7th 2019

I have all sorts of plans for the wood pasture - already coming to fruit.  But healing, and the passing on of skills and knowledge foremost.

Andrew and Issy joined Sue and me in the Shepherd's Hut I built with Richard 5 years ago, in rain yesterday, they having finished at the Torquay branch.  The White Faced Dartmoor sheep of Hilary Bond's were grazing nearby.  We had to walk up, the ground too sodden.  (Good word 'sodden'.)  We had Sue's good tomato soup from last summer and my salmon and cucumber sandwiches.  Good fun, away from the primordial slime of psychopathic planning.  We learned more things together, which all the 'advice/rules/threats/""statutes"" (some nodded 'retrospectively') are designed to prevent.

I reminded us of the rolled over car on the shore road in Torquay with closure of the road.  The driver was said to have had a 'jab' 10 minutes before at the English 'Riviera' Centre owned by the terrible and corrupt Torbay Council.  NO REPORTS of that.  Same witness - a young wife, said her grandad had died of a ruptured aneurysm at Torbay.  A dramatic and painful end.  (Stories by me abound re this cause of death going right back to student days at St Mary's 1960-4) C19 was on the death certificate.  Her family were angry at this lie.

Issy spoke of a man who took his life (?Facebook) by hanging.  C19 on his DC. Wife very angry.  (Me - look at Johnson's 'arrangements' for certification for cremation.  Good cover for murder, including state murder.  The Dr Kelly case as one past example will not lie down. ( Search Kelly -   51 refs)

A fisherman in Brixham had word from a lady who, on maternity leave from a London ministry, told of 'bounties' being paid for the inclusion of C19 on death certificates. As in the US of A. In such deaths via hospitals, bounty in excess of £1000 being paid to local 'health authorities'.  General practices receive fees to the practice account for certain screening procedures - eg 'Healthy Heart for Women' etc, and for 'flu jabs I believe.  Statins? - 7 million on them in GB.  Question - are they getting a fee for the toxic junk - one AstraZeneca - modified retro-virus of a chimpanzee + GMO'ed kidney cells from an aborted human foetus?  As part of the lawful obligation to ensure 'informed consent' - are the shuffling elderly, masked or in wheelchairs with attendant carers, do they even mention the two key junks - like lemon in a G&T?  Not on your nelly.

I could tell how an 85yr old friend in Shaldon - quadrivalent junk in September, first PfizerBiontech 'jab' 6 weeks ago, was suddenly ill, pale and stiff 5 days afterwards.  Good paramedics quickly on the scene.  Fever, PR 140.  >> To Torbay - some very good doctors and surgeons but historic, terrible and corrupt administration going well back to my fight against it in the 1980s.  In 2 days - IV antibiotics.  Diagnosis 'infection' - ?? urinary.  Was it or wasn't it?  As an HP in the Medical Unit under Peart in 1964 (att) - every patient admitted had to have an MSU tested chemically and after spinning, examined under the microscope in the lab above Victoria Ward.  Then cultured.  Likely diagnosis - reaction to part of an artificial allergen primed by the Quad Junk I declined.  I learned immunology under Prof Ken Porter in 2nd MB.  A wonderful teacher.  Leader in the field and later a deserved Nobel Prize.

Finally - corroboration.  A very brief video on a dash board camcorder by a lay vicar on her way back from yet another funeral -   (thank you Miriam)

Truth = Christianity, and Islam, and Buddhism -  a widespread Asian religion or philosophy, founded by Siddartha Gautama in north-eastern India in the 5th century BC., and others.

for truth    and in hope that 'no mother and child should be in the least harmed anywhere in our still beautiful world' dsh

David     Friends - feel free to pass this mail on.  Myself, and Andrew and these two of his and Rachel's girls seek no anonymity.  This is an elemental fight.

** A lot to do with Andrew's, the two eldest, and the employees determination, and knowledge, of the biggest lie and the most evil ever.


On 31/01/2021 9:05 am, J wrote:

Is that why they built all those mortuaries last year? And are the 'Nightingale Hospitals' actually for 'quarantine' purposes (ie dissenters)?

(Me - DSH.  Do not forget the gulags, nor the eugenic killers in the US of A after WW2 eg


On 30/01/2021 21:25, David Halpin wrote:
Jo -

     -and John told me something very interesting;

A lady we both know, who lost her job in a bar/restaurant because it has closed due to lockdown, has had to find work in a small care home. She’s not a nurse, but she is perfectly intelligent and sensible. John takes her to work every day. Over the last few weeks, all the residents of the home have been vaccinated. Within days of the vaccinations, two residents, who had been relatively healthy up until then, died unexpectedly. I don’t know what they are supposed to have died of, but it’s clearly not Covid as none of the staff are being forced to self- isolate. I’ll try to find out when I see her - she clearly said to John that they were killed by the vaccine, but I doubt if that is the official cause of death.

Janet - 
From 10 minutes. "Nursing home residents dying like flies from vax. Only 5 had 'covid' in 2020 and none died. But 2 weeks after cv vax (Pfiz) - residents crippled, dysarthric, confused, dying. Taboo to speak about it.  Overwhelming silence".

What's going on in the UK? How do we find out? My neighbour died in her sleep 2 weeks after the quadrivalent flu vax (may have been GMO - I don't know). She was fine before the jab. 4 members of my other neighbour's family died within weeks of each other. I'm told many have died in the village recently who were ok last year.

Above assistant pastor - used to giving sermons?  Certified Nursing Assistant his job.   Long.    Truthful.  The silence around him.  A 'super spreader' the cause - all three floors of the NH   

John -

Just thought that this might be of interest The USA Adverse Reaction Website is updated every Friday

I checked today and deaths are now in 41st place (of the most common adverse reactions to the CV19 vaccine) reported in the USA with 232 deaths reported (Not all will necessarily be from the vaccine) and representing 2.37% of all adverse reactions (up from 1.55% last week).

I ran the same search for the flu vaccines and death is 0.33% of all adverse reactions reported for them

Thus, at present, death is being reported as an adverse reaction in case of the Covid19 vaccines 7 times more frequently than in the case of the flu vaccines

Excess Deaths Operational Plan   (DSH  Had you heard of this?)

eg Note the slovenly text -