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To Ms Woodman, presenter of BBC Spotlight 15-03, Mr Ben Woolvin  Home Affairs Correspondent, Mr Hugh Pym  Health Editor BBC, Chief Contable TVP Mr Campbell, Chief Constable Sawyer - Devon and Cornwall Police, Ms Alison Hernandez - Crime Commissioner, Mr Nick Night  Editor Mid Devon Advertiser  and last but not least, Mr Philip Bowern Western Morning News.

Dear Ms Woodman,  usually of Inside Out,

I watched your evening 'news' last night -  (For bcc list - link expunged at 7.30 tonight)

I avoid the BBC mostly, as many do.  I prefer not to hear 'lockdown', covid, Johnson, face coverings etc which are in every minute of BBC broadcasts, but I do enjoy such as Countryfile, the old versions of All Creatures Great and Small, and Monty's Gardening Programme - being a keen gardener and plantsman.

Last night  - 5 deaths at Sidford Care Home, and 9 in one in Exmouth.  But see in my letter to CC TVP, ** reference to deaths in Welsh care home, and in your broadcast 2-03-2021 deaths at Appleby Lodge Care Home Callington.

Ms Jansen was spinning in strict line with the preposterous propagandare nero re Covid_19 that the State Broadcaster has pumped out in every hour since March 2020.  At centre was the proposition that having had the Astra Zeneca 'vaccine' (I presume not the PfizerBionTech variant) those residents and staff will be protected from the disease!

I recommend - before you start more texts to mislead a sentimental and gullible public, that you read this Spectator article by retired NHS pathologist Professor John Lee.  It is a worthwhile adage ' think before you speak'.  In this case, learn the context of the 'virus', so that you can start thinking -

The same eloquent and knowledgeable medical doctor has said clearly that receipt of this Astra junk *** (my description - in fact this is to do with the Pfizer junk mostly) will cause the 'flip a coin' RT-PCR to be reported as positive.  Absorb that.  In these cases, it would seem the temporal relationship between the 'jabs' and the deaths of residents is clear.

Right at the centre is the joint enterprise ( I refer to criminal law) between you, employees and ciphers in the Nation Shall Speak Peace unto Nation broadcaster and HMG - as presently lead by the worst Prime Minister ever.  Read the history of the Tolpuddle Martyrs - and remind yourselves of the psychopaths running Merrye England then.

Does Johnson have a criminal record?  When Foreign Secretary in 2013, he said Britain was intent on 'toppling Assad' of Syria.  An ancient nation, much older than ours.  To conspire in the destruction of a sovereign nation is a crime under the Charter of the United Nations, and under the Nuremberg Principles.  He compounded the crime by donating £90 million of our taxes to the terrorists infiltrated into Syria by Saudi Arabia, at the behest of Israel, US, UK and NATO - causing many thousands of civilian deaths, and an exodus of over 4 million Syrians.  Recall the cries of mothers and children as those inflatable vessels sank.  I do not recall the details but was there not a plan with a fellow ex-Etonian to 'teach a lesson' physically.  Such lower life is respected it seems by a population that has been brainwashed for many years, and the State Broadcaster is an essential part of that 'joint enterprise'.  See you in court eventually.

for truth   and for 'no mother and child should be in the least harmed anywhere in our still beautiful world'.

David Halpin MB BS FRCS   0044 1364 661115   Haytor    



Much else  -

£37 billion on 'test and trace' - another fascist convulsion.  More than a third of the annual NHS budget. Definition below, and the process described Here.

Fascism My definition: The subjugation of the individual's will and freedom by an overweening state. Humanity withers, freedom of speech is stifled and the soul dies. Self preservation becomes a dominant drive.