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A kite via PA under 'World News' WMN? Professor Adam Finn Bristol Uni

Professors’ have been cloned it seems.

Merriam-Webster b: an individual grown from a single somatic cell or cell nucleus and genetically identical to it. Science and logic out the window. Shame on them. No replies from Finn because he has no answers.


Dear Professor Finn, 7-04-2021

I heard overnight that the AZ/OVG inoculation trial on children 6-17 years has been 'paused' whilst there is further investigation of clotting and thromcocytopenia as reported in some adults.  I have not had time to find the details but wish you to note that many experts had forecast this and that there was evidence early on of this particular 'adverse' effect. An anecdote from the US of a fit 50 yr old scuba diving physician who suffered thrombocytopenia, clotting and death, and there were others.  A variant of 'consumption coagulopathy' one might surmise.  'Variants' much in the fear machine.  

In searching  'oxford childrens vaccine  trial' I saw first this Al Jazeera report of 10 hours ago

I read you are quoted -

"Adam Finn, professor of paediatrics at Britain’s University of Bristol, said that the benefits continued to outweigh the risks.

We need to know more about the people affected and we need to understand exactly how the illnesses came about,” he said.

If you are currently being offered a dose of Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine, your chances of remaining alive and well will go up if you take the vaccine and will go down if you don’t,” he added."

What is your evidence based on sciences within medicine, and on scientific method, for the latter statement by you?

I have not yet received a response to my letter to yourself as yet.

for truth

David Halpin MB BS FRCS

cc to Chief Constable of the Thames Valley Police who has not responded in any way to my letter of concern of the 4th of March 2021

Professor Adam Finn  B.M.,B.Ch.(Oxon.), M.A.(Cantab.), Ph.D.(Lond.), F.R.C.P., F.R.C.P.C.H.  Fields - Paediatrics Vaccinology Infectious diseases


Dear Professor Finn, 2-04-2021

I was prompted to 'read you up' because a professional gardener friend had read the article referring to you on page 11 of the regional Western Morning News. bcc  A press Association report by Jane Kirby cc.  This friend is part of an informal group that is critical of the draconian reaction of 'HMG's response to 'Covid_19', of the designation 'pandemic' by the WHO when there were then only dozens of clinically diagnosed cases leading to death, and especially critical - based on facts, of the rapid roll out of 'vaccines'.  You will agree that the latter title is inaccurate for those being inoculated in UK citizens. 

I was well educated at St Mary's 1958 to 64 in the relevant subjects, especially in immunology with the inspiring teaching of Professor Ken Porter.  Thus I have been active in publishing my analysis of a picture skewed through the incitement of fear by all outlets, especially that of the BBC.  You will acknowledge that the media has received many millions of 'funny money' by being part of what I regard as a wicked purpose - to instill fear.

This is relevant  -    This was asked of Mr Stride, 'our' MP in June of last year.  There is still no figure as to what will be part of added taxation, pension raids etc.  Being chairman of the HoC Treasury Select Committee, a 'phone call last June from him to the 'DoH' would have provided the answer for me.

Altogether I have published - often through our local paper the Mid Devon Advertiser, once through the WMN, and via three interviews, my well informed analysis of the created maelstrom - massive loss of livelihoods, a National Debt now exceeding UK GDP, a rising toll of suicides and mental ill health etc etc.  'Do no harm'!

BUT, I write to you about our dear children.  Aside from the necessity of 'vaccination' in this respiratory disease in adults, its inoculation in children is certainly very open to question, given its expression in them, if ever found.  You are reported as saying 'We desperately want to keep schools open into the next academic year and avoid any further disruption to education.'  On scientific grounds you must surely have questioned the need for any child, aside from say those with mucoviscidosis, to be excluded from school, from contact with other children, and to be 'masked'.

Professors John Ioaniddis of Stanhope, and Professor Knut Wittkowski said in cogent interviews that children should go on going to school etc **, workers should go on working, but the frail elderly should be protected.  You know HMG and the NHS failed in the latter, and thousands of old folk died frightening deaths - alone.  The ruthless and unprecedented censorship saw Youtube 'taking down' these expert views, along with many others.  The death certificates for these elderly were based on 'phone calls and not on clinical observation by their GPs, and the cremation certificates on one signature - by statute.  I know of NO PM studies, but did call on the BBC to find some.

I have opposed the OVG 'trial' of the AZ 'vaccine' on children aged 6 to 17.  These posts refer, and follow direct correspondence with Ms Heather House and Professor Pollard of the OVG ccs.  I understand 4 NHS hospitals are involved in this trial involving if I recall correctly the Royal Free and KCH.  I hope their respective ethics committees have scrutinised the protocol and examined the necessity. 

(I am writing to the Chief Constable of Devon and Cornwall regarding the investigation of these deaths, which include others in at least 3 other care homes in the SW.)
Reflecting a lowered Britain and a lawlessness with government by diktat, the Chief Constable has not acknowledged my conscientious letter from a doctor, nor replied with substance.  This in spite of being urged twice to do so.  I am yet to remind him that Dame Janet Smith in her inquiry into the mass murder by Dr Shipman that all people with knowledge of potential crimes should step forward.  You will know well how this lethal and addicted doctor worked below officialdom's 'radar' for years, as with Mr Saville.

I am asking you in your privileged position for your view of this trial of the Astra Zeneca/Oxford vaccine - now Vaxzevria in Germany, on children, especially looking at the protocol and whether consent when given, is informed.  This will include the extraordinary ''placebo'' of a meningococcal vaccine with its own well documented adverse effects. 

Be sure I acknowledge the value of immunization with tetanus toxoid, smallpox, rubella (best natural) etc.  I have shunned 'flu vaccination for about 15 years and cannot recall ever being given informed consent.  My wife of 80 years has had the AZ first dose against my advice.  I am seeing first hand a few of the many adverse effects of both agents used in the UK (see the MHRA log up to March 14 for both, and agree that adverse effects are often grossly under-reported - Harvard study 1-10% to CDC)

for truth

David Halpin MB BS FRCS  0044 1364 661115

**  Our very fit 12 yr old third grandchild, who loves hockey, has not played it for months, along with other outdoor activity with fellows.

I add that a Dr Finn from Rhodesia, as it was, anaesthetised some of my elective orthopaedic patients at the Princess Elizabeth Orthopaedic Hospital - bulldosed by diktat with its 120 beds, 4 modern theatres etc in 1996.