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To the Devon Local Medical Committee, to the Medical Director of Torbay Hospital Mr Ian Currie, to the Chief Medical Officer at the Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital Professor Adrian Harris, and to Dr Paul Johnson  Chairman of the Devon Clinical Commissioning Group,

Yesterday HMG was pleased to record that 27,000 young adults were logging on for the 'jab' in every hour.  I write as a citizen and well educated and experienced doctor against this activity promoted by NHS England and Public Health England with the necessary complicity of NHS doctors in general practice and in the hospitals.  I bear in mind the miniscule mortality rate in the healthy of all ages who have suffered clinically diagnosed Covid_19 illness without significant co-morbidity.

I have already alerted the GMC to the neglect of a friend of mine who suffered definite adverse effects of the Astra Zeneca Vaccine on the 10th March  Previously I wrote to a general practice underlining the ethical and legal duty to ensure informed consent.

Late last year I wrote of grossly inadequate standards of care both at Torbay Hospital - 6 cases, and the Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital - 2 

I added more -

This anecdote prompts me to speak up again and to demand the cessation of all 'vaccination' of those under 30, and indeed in those older persons.  The index patient is an acquaintance whom I met yesterday in our local town and whom I have greeted in passing for many years.  A 72 yr old, a happy man of humble origin.  He knows me, and partly from my having replaced arthritic hips in two of his extended family.

March 2021 - drove to Westpoint 'Vaccination' Centre (normal function the Devon Annual Agricultural Show)  No informed consent.  Both 'jabbed' with the AS 'shot'.  No immediate adverse effects.  2 weeks later he noted sudden blindness of his left eye.  Seen in the opthalmology department of Torbay Hospital.  Not certain what diagnosis was made.  But certainly told the blindness was not an adverse effect of the 'jab'.

More recently, had the second one.  5 days afterwards he became deaf to a severe extent in the left ear.  He has long standing deafness in the right and is thus disabled to an extent, and I had to speak loudly to him.  His wife has suffered no ill effects.

He knew nothing of the Yellow Card system, going for decades in the UK, a passive system.  In the US, the reporting of adverse 'events' to the Centre for Disease Control was studied at Harvard University.  Between 1 to 10% were actually received by the CDC.  Humans receiving these inoculations of an experimental vaccine in the UK are not made aware of the Yellow Card nor of the importance of reporting adverse effects for those who are to follow.

Although there is absolute censorship in the UK of dissenting voices, of reports of adverse effects, and of the clear benefit of the readily available ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine in the acute disease, there is now much information available in the US.

These were received from Peter McCullough MD this am - a senior cardiologist and 'internist', and with a deep knowledge appropriately of epidemiology - Fox News

Tucker and Bopp

Hannity and Makary and Jarrett

Ingraham and McCullough

I add this 15 minute video for wider context - (usual 'social' platforms in the UK censor all dissenting views and experience)

It is clear that there are many 'adverse' effects of these experimental inoculations, and these are far in excess of any potential benefit.  There is certain damage caused to the endothelium of the blood vessels with clotting and thrombocytopenia.  There is a common effect on the ovary with influence on the oestrous cycle (sudden amenorrhoea - ?fertility thereafter).  Myocarditis has emerged as a risk, with some deaths, in young adults and children.

There are nine unexplained and closely related deaths - in time, of residents at the Holmesley Care Home Sidford in East Devon.  At the same time 10 care workers from that home, and a resident were admitted to the Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital.  I asked Chief Constable Sawyer of the Devon and Cornwall Police for publication of anonymised autopsy reports who have died.  A reason under the Freedom of Information rules has lead to refusal.

The MHRA website - Astra Zeneca adverse effects  Lock date 9-06-2021vc

Quotes - selected, and many incidental diagnoses (artificial intelligence logging)  Thrombocytopenia 759  Fatal 5 Myocarditis 34 F 1  Pericarditis 61  Deafness - 274 Unilateral deafness - 42  Tinnitus - 3184 Vertigo - 1725  Eye pain - 3053 Retinal vein occlusion 62 Retinal artery occlusion !8 Diplopia - 274 Vision blurred - 2432  Blindness - 229   See 'Nervous system disorders'

I wrote to the general practice who cares for me 19-12-2020 - attached, especially about risk of harm and informed consent.  No reply.

I plead that the doctors addressed here see to it that 'do no harm' is observed.

David Halpin MB BS FRCS

Nobel Laureate and virologist Professor Luc Montagnier has spoken of “Antibody-Dependent Enhancement” (ADE). Referring to the vaccine program for the coronavirus he said “mass vaccinations are a scientific error as well as a medical error. It is an unacceptable mistake. The history books will show that, because it is the vaccination that is creating the variants.”

I am currently reading journalist Laura Dodsworth's book State of Fear.  I quote " The UK government has secretly used behavioral psychology to control the masses during the ‘pandemic’ crisis through fear-mongering advertisements, social media manipulation, volatile news items and misleading press briefings, all aimed at making the populace compliant with any dictate administered – but in a wholly disproportionate way to any perceived health threat."  I add, -  and with unprecedented censorship plus many millions of our taxes spent on black propaganda.