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Part Two - BBC joint enterprise in crimes: Snake Oil - ‘Professor’ Hamden

After Part One -

Please view this clip from the One Show – broadcast after the BBC evening ‘news’. This last night 5-07-2021.  3.30 to 7.30  Available for 29 days

​Via the BBC - Are you interested in learning more about the Covid-19 vaccine?

In addition to many radio and TV appearances as the JCVI spokesperson to discuss the Covid-19 vaccine rollout, Professor Harnden has featured in several in-depth interviews and Q&As, which you can access below:

and this in Part Two

To Mr Hugh Pym  'Health' editor BBC

Dear Hugh

0-9 minutes

Likely perhaps that this will go into your junk box.  I have attempted to encourage you to tell the truth - but failed, as with the BBC in its reporting of slow, slow, quick genocide in Palestine -  (10 and 11 refs pre-covid   - ebola shambles   and  east kent 'maternity'services)

I sample BBC news occasionally - last night to see if the kite flown re jabbing 16 and 17 yr olds.  Confirmed.  No point in proper text.

1.4 million teenagers  All being 'offered' the Covid vaccine - and parental consent NOT required - (even though they are classified under international law as children).

Devolved nations quickly fall into line (each has a separate 'vaccine' group.  Communications immediate including with fascist Sturgeon)

Prospect of over 12s on the cards

Lucy and mother Barbara - 'punching the air' in their car!  Lucy  - C19 twice!  Really.  Anyway - natural immunity in her should be good.  Thus no need for jab.  Reminder that people are not excluded from inoculation of toxic junk even though they have native immunity - the best.  Risk predicted of pathogenic priming.

Prof Wei Lim    leading the 'vulnerable'
to possible  injury  (echoes of Austria 1938)

" benefit for young people themselves"

Van Tam present - search re grand father

Javid - banker  - "absolutely the right thing to do for 16 to 17 yr olds

Pym - "wide spread welcome"  - evidence?  "Reassuring safety data"   Evidence?

Official figures   - 'cases risen' - of course  
29,312  Flip a coin RT-PCR test?  Th  BBC has helped the deliberate instillation of fear by deliberately conflated 'cases' with clinically diagnosed disease.

Cases in point - Christmas 2019 - grand father died of a ruptured aorta.  C19 on the death certificate - a crime.

Same time - car rolled over in Torbay.  Story - driver had jab about 10 minutes before in the English Riviera Centre - no reports

Mr Pym,

I warn you kindly - the BBC is a part of a 'joint enterprise'and will have to face the law in GB

I put these links for you and the 200 + bccs - but this crowns all.  The subject Patrick King - in Alberta.  I have seen him before attempting to stop the closure of work to get oil from the sands - part of the climate change con.

First published at 22:44 UTC on August 3rd, 2021.
via my good friend Miriam this am.


the image of this psychopath is attached

for truth

David Halpin FRCS