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Dear Mr Woolvin,

I avoid the State Broadcaster as you know, and sample your black propaganda just occasionally.  As last evening.

Note - there is no scientific basis for anything you said.  'Cases', and the conflation of the BBC and PHE's figures with clinically diagnosed disease, continues to be the central ways in keeping some people obsessed with Covid_19, and a good many in fear - an aim minuted in a SAGE minute in April 2020.

The figures will have come from a rag bag of 'laboratories' but some from good ones in DGHs, without knowledge of cycles used.  You cite the reduction of cases currently on ventilators as being an indication of the value of 'vaccination' - with 72 % of the GB population, allegedly, having had both inoculations.  Mechanical ventilation is contraindicated for the lung disease of C19.

I will repeat this - an indication of the lack of probity in the whole, and expressed well by the continued lying of the BBC.  My wife Susan was recruited randomly for a swab - probably for an RT-PCR test, by Imperial College - funded in part by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.  (Some said it was to increase the base for the stidy of the human genome.)  She did not open the capsule with its double ended swab within.  2 days later she received an e-mail from Imperial saying she was negative for C19!!

You had Mr Steve Brown  Director of Public Health Devon on for his advice.  I have corresponded with him, after I had a letter from the Devon County Council telling me that I was 'clinically extremely vulnerable' should I contract this virus.  I had 11 letters from Hancock and Jendrick telling me the same, + an e-mail, plus a home worker from Manchester.  I was being encouraged to be inoculated.  If timid, worried, depressed or whatever - I might have succumbed.  He told me that my general practice had designated me thus, but it had not replied.

I turn to Steve Brown.  He has no medical qualification, but learned about 'Public Health' at the College of St Mark and St John - essentially a teacher's training college.

His main messages - 'vaccination' and ''face covering''.

Former - look at the adverse reactions Mr Brown - via the MHRA, and as for face coverings - as used - they are more likely to spread infection eg norovirus, and are no barrier to a 10 micron virus


THIS FROM AN E_MAIL of yesterday

The facts

See below - a few selected.  Who will explain to the 16 yr old who cannot feel or move his legs??
No adverse effects mentioned by the State Broadcaster, NO informed consent - a legal necessity and an ethical duty, no encouragement to report adverse effects after inoculation. no mention of the Yellow card - which is a passive system.  The pharmaceutical companies should have established the sensitivity of the latter - especially given the 'double jabs' 70% of the GB population is the third phase of the trial - in the GB case of the OxfordAstraZeneca agent and the PfizxerBionTech - latter using messenger RNA

Some of these diagnoses will be 'under reported'

Immune thrombocytopenia212  Fatal  1 Thrombocytopenia851   5

Guillain-Barre syndrome372  Fatal  2  (and some will be fatal later)

Noninfectious myocarditis
Myocarditis82   Fatal 1

Noninfectious pericarditis

Pericardial disorders NEC
Cardiac tamponade1  Fatal 1
Pericardial effusion25     0
Pericardial haemorrhage5   Fatal  2

The BBC an other 'media' outlets never refer to adverse effects.  All are part of a criminal assault, but above the parts played by lay people, is the medical 'profession'.  All medically qualified persons will eventually be held to account.  The oath we take - 'above all do no harm'.

for truth

David Halpin MB BS FRCS


I add these - current from Global Research.  And I omitted one very important fact - a good many of our population have acquired natual immunity to C19 - the best.  No account is being taken of this, but it might be crucial - 'pathogenic priming'.   David Halpin   and vaccination is unnecessary in these people.
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