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Spotlight BBC SW,   3-10-2021  1.53 pm

Before you pump out more stuff re 'boosters' which will certainly harm more proportionally - or lead to death, I ask you to view this from the US Senate 'Health' Committee.  This sent from Dr Roger Hodkinson in Canada, a British qualified doctor, a GP previously and a pathologist more recently. Hounded by the medical authorities there for dissenting, along with doctors  Stephen Malthouse and Charles Hoffe.  Senator Rand Paul, a qualified doctor and opthalmologist  >

He infers some general benefit from the 'vaccination' which I do not share, but he deals properly with acquired natural immunity.  (See point 3 below)   He refers to over 100 million US C19 infections.  This is likely but some 'statistics' skewed by bounties given for a. diagnosis ? most based on the RT-PCR test b. on death certificates (as common in the UK) c.  a large bounty if C19 diagnosed and on deleterious mechanical ventilation - in general.

Senator Rand's highlighting of the absence of scientific and medical qualifications in the chairman - a lawyer, of this Senate Health Committee, apply to you Mr Woolvin.  But the SW region's BBC choose you to parrot that which P'H'E, the 'NHS', BBC at its centre and No 10 spew forth.

and this from Global Research  An article by a French oncologist and statistician.  Translated from the French, by my friend Professor Michel Chossudovsky Editor-in-Chief of Global Research.  bcc


David Halpin MB BS FRCS


A. I now recall how the BBC 'edited' - grossly, Trump's input re hydrogen peroxide in C19.  Just as the BBC showed a mass grave of dear children in shrouds.  This to infer killing by nerve gas in SYRIA.  (Johnson committing a war crime as 'Foreign Secretary' - UK to 'topple Assad', whilst he gave £90 million of our taxes to the de-capitating 'rebels' ) An Italian photo-journalist came forward saying he took the image in IRAQ in the spring of 2004.  'Dodgy dossiers' are up the BBC street.  I will be part of a mass who will no longer pay licence fees for lies.

B. The BBC promoted 'vaccination' with the Astra Zeneca toxic junk.  This is the rate of reported paraplegia (Guillain-Barré/tranverse myelitis).  Some may be tetraplegic.  A few of these reported cases will be due to other causes.            between04/01/21 and 22/09/21

Acute polyneuropathies

Acute motor axonal neuropathy50
Acute polyneuropathy20
Guillain-Barre syndrome426  Fatal 4  (DSH - more fatal later - some being mechanically ventilated - age and or poor lungs)
Miller Fisher syndrome250 (similar to GBS)
Subacute inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy4

RE:   expires 7pm tonight -  01-10-2021

Separate e-mail to Perran Well Care Home - its residents included in your programme with their 'booster vaccinations' along with cream teas.  This to be posted on   FAO Tom Godwin of CAB

Dear Spotlight editors and Mr Woolvin, Home Affairs Correspondent,

I sampled your evening news last night.  I have e-mailed you before but never received a substantive reply -

You continue to assist HMG in its overwhelming propaganda for the unnecessary inoculation of experimental ''vaccines''.  The latter mostly novel with messenger RNA modifying somatic (body) and germ cell (testes and ovaries) genes in the victims.  You might not be aware - quote from earlier e-mail today -

Note the usual third phase 'trial' of these 'pharmaceutical' products - the rule being to follow the trial cohorts for TWO years, has instead been applied to many millions, but with no adequate surveillance.  The victims are not involved in any proper 'informed consent', are not told in the UK of the the relatively useless (passive) Yellow card scheme, nor encouraged to report adverse events for those that might follow.  If they should suffer 'adverse' effects, they are almost always told they were not caused by the inoculation.  Add that the Johnson cabal has indemnified the pharmaceutical giants against any action for damages.  And under what legal process was that achieved?? 

A few specific points :-

1.  Your discussion re 'furlough'.  You omitted that it is arose from an HMG 'policy' to do with Covid_19, and the instruments within the '2019/2020 Coronavirus Bill' - its first title.  That is - this long and very complex bill was being prepared before the Wuhan news 12-12-2019.  Out of this came 'lockdown' - a word first used in riots in US jails, and with that the first quarantining of the healthy.  Added - no basis in the medical sciences and especially in epidemiology for this, nor masks, nor experimental vaccines.  See Nuremberg below.

Omitted was the UK cost of 'furlough' - probably underestimated  - £70 billion.  The husband with the cap in Bodmin was right and most of the 'common women and men' know this - taxes later, + pension raids etc. 

Note these ONS figures - MARCH the cut off.  106 %  Will be worse 6 months on.  

Table 1: General government gross debt UK, at the end of Quarter 2 (June) 2019 to the end of Quarter 1 (March) 2021

  £ billion¹
Quarter 2019 Q2 2019 Q3 2019 Q4 2020 Q1 2020 Q2 2020 Q3 2020 Q4 2021 Q1
Debt² 1,849.3 1,848.5 1,891.1 1,876.3 2070.1 2,140.0 2,206.1 2,224.5
as % GDP³ 84.9 84.1 85.3 84.4 96.2 100.4 104.5 106.0

Source: Office for National Statistics - UK government debt and deficit

2.  The manager of Perran Well Care home - any relevant qualifications aside from absorbing BBC 'news' and other mass media output?

3.  The lady chosen to promote 'vaccination' was well over the ideal weight, and represents a real pandemic in the UK, and US, of obesity.  Great cost to themselves and to our largely dismantled NHS.  Many of these residents would have been exposed to C19 and have acquired immunity.  Better than any 'jab'.  Were any asked or were there records?  The dangers of 'vaccinating' already immune humans has been forecast by immunologists and pathologists, and their warnings have since been confirmed.

4. Informed consent.  Do not tell me there was any one with the needles who knew enough to tell these elderly and often frail people the pros and cons?  The latter would have a poor understanding even if given all the main ones and required question and answer over many minutes.  FACT  -  The Nuremberg principles established that for any human to be the subject of an experiment, full informed consent was vital and established that in international law.  See Woolvin below.

5. Which doctors have prescribed inoculation of these pharmaceutical products which are bringing extra billions for Pfizer etc.  Or is this a 'generic' prescription via the Public Health England quango?  Will the GPs promoting these inoculations be subject under the Nuremberg Principles?  (I had my fourteenth urging yesterday - the first 12 from Hancock and Jendrick.  This yesterday a mass e-mailing via 'my' general practice.

6.  As usual there was no mention re adverse effects - except from the schoolchildren.  You previously showed a distraught manager of the Appleby Care Home Callington who had seen her residents die following C19 'vaccination'.  You reported the 9 deaths - eventually 11, at the Holmesley Care Home Sidford but there was no report of the autopsy findings.  I asked the Chief Constable to give them to me - anonymised of course. (Search 'sawyer') The ICO officer at Middlemoor refused.  You will know that 1 resident and 10 care workers were taken into the RD&E at the same time.  Question.  Had they been 'vaccinated'.  There were reported deaths in two other care homes in East Devon. 

7.  Mr Woolvin.  There is much I would say to you.  First you are not a doctor but a graduate in 'law'.  In answering Ms Graham you said many untruths.  One was "medicine is all about benefit and risk".  There is much more to medicine than to that mechanistic catch phrase.  In this instance - NEED for the inoculation.  The three secondary schoolchildren asked good questions to which you gave inadequate answers.  Which leads me to this -

8.  As a law graduate, you know the phrase from criminal charges, of 'joint enterprise'.  You, a small cog in the vast propaganda machine of the BBC, often promoting unlawful war as on Iraq, are part of this and will be liable to be charged when the tide turns from black to truth.

9.  As with the millions of utterances by the MSM of the words 'covid' and 'coronavirus' and 'lockdown' to maintain the induced lunacy/mindlessness, you utter 'cases'.  You never define them but these will include so called +ve RT-PCR tests, the reliability of which have been rubbished by even the 'WHO'.  All this to grossly exaggerate and thus perpetuate fear - leading to compliance re 'jabbing', masking with filthy masks, lockdown, travel etc.  Empty buses a good symbol - for many months.

10. There is no case whatever for 'vaccination'' of children.  You will know international law defines the child as being up to its 18th birthday.  An extremely low mortality, acquired immunity in a large majority, their general health being prime reasons.  And when you quote transmission via the child, this has been clearly disproved.

This is not the whole of a rational response to typical BBC 'news' items but it might be sufficient to restrain Spotlight and you Mr Woolvin from speaking untruthfully in a way which is surely causing deaths or injury.  Early on I praised you for emphasising that people had died WITH Covid, and not FROM covid.  Why did you drop that caveat?

for truth

David Halpin MB BS FRCS   0044 1364 661115